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Poker Players Troubled by Merge Gaming Withdrawal Issues

Earlier this month, the troubled US-facing site Lock Poker abruptly shut down operations while still owing millions to its customers. Now, players are concerned that cashout issues at Merge Gaming sites could mean their balances are in jeopardy there as well. Note that PocketFives does not recommend depositing on Merge sites, which aren't regulated in the US, as we feel your funds could be at ...

LandShark Apr 30th, 2015 53
Chris Christie Blocking PokerStars in New Jersey as a Favor to Sheldon Adelson

In September of last year, New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak hinted that PokerStars' approval to operate in the Garden State was imminent. But as the months pass by, many are wondering just what, exactly, is holding up the process. Speaking to Business Insider, several political insiders place the blame squarely on the shoulders of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and New Jersey Governor ...

LandShark Feb 13th, 2015 37
Allegations of Brian Hastings Multi-Accounting Surface

A little more than a week ago, Brian Stinger885 Hastings (pictured) became the first player to win multiple bracelets during this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) after first winning the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship and subsequently winning the $1,500 Ten-Game Mix. Since then, Hastings has found himself immersed in a multi-accounting controversy after David Bakes Baker shared with ...

wackyJaxon Jun 25th, 2015 36
The "Slowroll" to End All Slowrolls

At the Irish Poker Open over the weekend, Andreas Gann (pictured) of Germany dished out the slowroll to end all slowrolls. Right or wrong, intentional or not, it was a slowroll, but it has certainly gained the attention of our community, so we wanted to highlight what happened. The full video is given at the bottom of this article. When you're done watching the five-minute hand, leave a comment ...

Dan Apr 7th, 2015 32
bigdogpckt5s Banned from Twitch After Mistakenly Streaming Porn

"This just in: I Twitched while checking out porn without realizing it." Those were the words of Casey bigdogpckt5s Jarzabek (pictured), who was promptly banned from Twitch for violating its Terms of Service. The incident came a few months after a poker player was robbed during a live stream and serves as a warning for those of you using Twitch. Read the thread.

Dan Jun 17th, 2015 29
Cheating Alleged in WSOP $10K Heads-Up Event

After facing off against a Moldovan poker player in the WSOP $10K Heads-up No Limit Hold'em Championship, several respected grinders have become suspicious that they were cheated by their opponent.

LandShark Jun 4th, 2015 28
Doyle Brunson Makes Home Page of TMZ for Bruce Jenner Comments

On Sunday, Poker Hall of Famer Doyle Brunson (pictured) made the home page of TMZ for all the wrong reasons. Rather than tout Brunson's accomplishments or talk about his ongoing health battles, TMZ showcased a series of Tweets Brunson sent about former Olympian and current reality TV star Bruce Jenner becoming more like a woman.

Dan Feb 15th, 2015 27
Mike Sexton Questions the Value of WSOP Bracelets

In a blog recently published on PartyPoker's website, World Poker Tour host Mike Sexton (pictured) questioned the value of World Series of Poker bracelets and called out the WSOP for a few other reasons. Sexton is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame and owns one WSOP bracelet, which came in a Stud High-Low event in 1989.

Dan Mar 8th, 2015 26
America's Cardroom: "Tell Your Bank It's for Sporting Goods from China"

If you need a firm case for regulation of online poker in the US, here's an example. Over the weekend, longtime PocketFiver Mike timex McDonald (pictured) posted on Twitter that he was having issues depositing onto America's Cardroom, an offshore US-facing site not licensed by any state. Note that PocketFives does not recommend playing on sites like ACR, which aren't regulated in the US but take ...

Dan Apr 14th, 2015 26
Daniel Negreanu Tells You Who Should Be Barred from the WSOP

In a recent blog that appeared on FullContactPoker, Daniel Negreanu (pictured) ran down a list of six people who some have argued should be forever barred from the World Series of Poker. As he put it, "I've always been of the position that unless people have been found to actually cheat at poker, they should be allowed to attend." That's the main criteria you'll see Negreanu use throughout his ...

Dan Feb 21st, 2015 24
PLO Bot Ring Reportedly Won $1.4 Million on PokerStars

The rumors are true. PokerStars confirmed to PokerNews that it's investigating an alleged bot ring permeating mid-stakes PLO tables. PokerStars explained in an email posted on PokerNews, "We are indeed aware of the online discussions alleging a group of accounts to be operating poker bots."

Dan Jun 11th, 2015 21
Stay Classy: 22 Men Enter EPT Deauville Ladies Event

At the European Poker Tour Deauville stop over the weekend, 22 men entered the €200 + €20 Ladies Event. Before you ask how men could have played in an event designed for women, the simple fact of the matter is they cannot be legally barred from playing. Registration is an "on your honor" thing and casinos expect men to stay out for that one tournament. But every year, we still see men trying ...

Dan Katz Feb 3rd, 2015 20
The Difference Between Confidence and Self-Belief

Playing poker for a living or even taking it seriously as a way to make money recreationally puts a lot of strain on your mental processes. It forces you to examine in great detail the way you think and behave and allows you to get to know your own brain better than you ever have before. This can be both a blessing and a curse at times.

theginger45 Feb 5th, 2015 20
DaMatrix Cashes in 70+ Tournaments on February 18

On February 19, London's DaMatrix (pictured) posted on Twitter, "Cashed in over 70 tournaments yesterday to break the record of 58 by @MidEGambler1 @PocketFives. Only 1 today tho." We counted 76 MTT cashes for DaMatrix on February 18 that made it to his profile and the feat is pretty astounding.

Dan Feb 20th, 2015 20
Ivan Demidov on 2008 WSOP Main Event Cash: "My Backer Did Not Pay Me"

The year 2008 was a turning point in the history of the World Series of Poker, as it was the first in which the final table of the Main Event was delayed until November. The winner of that year's WSOP Main Event was Peter Eastgate, who nabbed a first prize of over $9 million. The runner-up in a fantastic heads-up match was Russia's Ivan Demidov (pictured), who despite likely being disappointed ...

Dan Katz May 26th, 2015 20
GoFundMe Account Established for Bryan Micon's Defense in Nevada

On the heels of an arrest warrant filed against him in a Las Vegas court, friends and acquaintances of embattled poker player Bryan Micon (pictured) are supporting a GoFundMe account that Micon started in an attempt to raise money for his legal defense.

Earl Burton Apr 29th, 2015 19
The End of Sheldon Adelson? Graft Accusations to Be Heard in the US

Those of you rooting for the demise of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured) might have finally gotten your wish. On Friday, the Guardian published an article saying that Adelson will soon face graft accusations in a US court of law.

Dan May 23rd, 2015 19
Poker Community Upset at WSOP Colossus Payouts

The final numbers for the 2015 World Series of Poker Colossus were unveiled on Sunday night and, although the tournament broke records across the board, a chunk of the community was outraged over the 5.7% of the prize pool allocated to first place. Meanwhile, 2,241 entrants of the 22,374 who entered will finish in the money, with a minimum cash of $1,096.

Dan May 31st, 2015 19
German Online Gamblers Concerned after Bank Freezes Online Player's $60K Win

Imagine the feeling of hitting a big tournament score with your last few dollars, only to have your bank refuse to cash out your winnings. That's exactly what happened to poker player RuiDeck, who has been put through a roller coaster of emotions since taking third place in the PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event for $59,480. This according to a few sites, including PokerNews.

LandShark Apr 24th, 2015 18
James Obst Blasts Brian Hastings' Response to PokerStars VPN Revelations

Just days after winning his second 2015 WSOP bracelet, high-stakes pro Brian Stinger885 Hastings began to receive some unwelcome media attention. The 27-year-old was accused by fellow poker pros of violating PokerStars' terms of service by using a virtual private network (VPN) to obfuscate his location and play on the site from the United States.

LandShark Jul 2nd, 2015 18
HustlerGrune's Life-Changing Story

Earlier this month, Zachary HustlerGrune Gruneberg (pictured) was part of a four-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $47,000. More so than the money, a chop in one of the biggest tournaments of the week marked another milestone in his courageous journey from the depths of addiction.

Dan Feb 12th, 2015 17
PPA Calls New US Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill "Crony Capitalism"

On Wednesday, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT, pictured) reintroduced legislation to ban internet gambling in the United States, presumably at the behest of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson. A press conference was held at 11:00am Eastern Time for Chaffetz to trumpet his latest attack on our industry.

Dan Feb 4th, 2015 16
rtinnion Wins Second Sunday Million in Five Months

On the final day of August, Rob rtinnion Tinnion won the PokerStars Sunday Million outright for $213,000. It was his largest cash to date and, just over five months later, he did it again, capturing the Sunday Million title for $200,000 and a colossal 1,147 PLB Points. All told, he has earned well over $400,000 from the tournament in the last half-year.

Dan Feb 9th, 2015 16
Former Lock Poker Rep: "Player Balances Won't Be Honored"

In an interview with Pokerfuse that was published on Monday, former Lock Poker rep Shane Bridges claimed it was unlikely that players would be paid out any time soon: "I never had access to any real financials," Bridges said, "but with no significant movement on cashouts and promises of the big turnaround now being 12 months old, it would be my assumption that player balances won't be honored ...

Dan Feb 23rd, 2015 14
Dutch Player Gets Supernova Elite in Less Than Two Months

After coming off what he calls a "lazy" 2014, Dutch grinder Martijn "'Quadchrazs" Ardon (pictured) has become the first to hit Supernova Elite at PokerStars this year, and at the same time, has broken the all-time record for the fastest to ever achieve the status. He officially achieved the milestone on February 21.

LandShark Mar 6th, 2015 14
Heads-Up with New Jersey Poker Player Ben Laves (JudgeBen)

PocketFives had the opportunity to catch up Ben JudgeBen Laves (pictured, ranked 78th in New Jersey), who calls Somerset home. Mostly a lower stakes online poker player, Laves has accumulated over $53,000 in tracked online cashes to date. An attorney by trade, when he is not practicing law, you can find JudgeBen in just about any tournament that is running day or night. Visit PocketFives' New ...

Dlorican Mar 17th, 2015 14
Heads-Up with New Jersey Poker Player Joe Kerins (Joey Gloves)

PocketFives caught up with Joe Joey Gloves Kerins, (pictured, ranked 143rd in New Jersey), who plays under the handle itwasalladrm across all sites. On his return trip from Canada when he was 18, he got caught up in the Moneymaker boom and started playing poker at home games, then online poker.

Dlorican Mar 24th, 2015 14
Poker Players Troubled by Merge Gaming Withdrawal Issues: Part 2

One day after we reported on the ongoing withdrawal issues taking place at US-facing Merge Gaming sites, several users have reported having their long-standing cashout requests processed. Note that PocketFives does not recommend depositing on Merge sites, which aren't regulated in the US, as we feel your funds could be at risk.

LandShark May 1st, 2015 14
apestyles on "A Massive Heater with Very Little Volume"

Over the weekend, you may have noticed a very familiar name atop the leaderboard in the Full Tilt Sunday Major: Jon apestyles Van Fleet (pictured). After undergoing a few life changes as of late, he's on what he calls "a massive heater with very little volume."

Dan Feb 6th, 2015 13
Dzmitry Urbanovich Becomes First Person to Win Four Events at an EPT Festival

Here's something you don't see every day. Poland's Dzmitry Urbanovich (pictured, image courtesy EPT) became the first person ever to win four events at a single European Poker Tour festival. Four! It all went down at EPT Malta, where he won a €200 Crazy Pineapple event to secure his fourth title.

Dan Mar 27th, 2015 13
"What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger"

Perhaps Kelly Clarkson (pictured) put it best: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Or maybe it was actually Friedrich Nietzsche. Or maybe it was Shak Kaz, who is known on PocketFives as HAHALIVEPROS. Either way, Kaz won the PokerStars Sunday Million a couple of weeks ago after a heads-up chop and banked a healthy $183,000.

Dan Apr 26th, 2015 13
Chris Moorman Wins PokerStars Sunday 500

Over the weekend, Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured) continued to dominate the online poker community, winning the PokerStars Sunday 500 outright for $87,000. He Tweeted shortly after the tournament ended, "Oi Oi won the @PokerStars Sunday 500 outright with no deals."

Dan May 18th, 2015 13
MIT Offers Free Online Class in Winning Poker Strategy

The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made a course available called Poker Theory and Analytics that can be taken by anyone for free on its website.

LandShark Jul 24th, 2015 13
Shared Poker Liquidity Between Nevada and Delaware "Imminent"

According to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, poker liquidity sharing between Nevada and Delaware should go live in four to six weeks, meaning we're dangerously close to the first regulated multi-state compact coming to fruition.

Dan Feb 24th, 2015 12
Heads-Up with New Jersey Poker Player Dale Holzer (GratefulD3ad)

Recently, WSOP in New Jersey ran the Mini Fest of Poker, which featured a variety of small buy-in tournaments. A leaderboard competition was part of this series, which awarded the top ten players WSOP gear and tournament tickets. When all was said and done, Dale GratefulD3ad Holzer (pictured, ranked 73rd in New Jersey) won the competition, accumulating 114 points, which he earned by cashing in ...

Dlorican Mar 4th, 2015 12
lasagnaaammm Wins SCOOP Main Event Outright for $1.3 Million

Overnight, Mustapha lasagnaaammm Kanit (pictured) hit the jackpot in the high-stakes Main Event of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, taking the tournament down outright for $1.3 million. It was his second SCOOP title and marked the sixth largest online cash ever by a member of PocketFives.

Dan May 26th, 2015 12
Phil Ivey Countersues Borgata Over Baccarat Winnings

In April 2014, Borgata in Atlantic City sued Phil Ivey for $9.6 million after the latter went on an epic winning streak in baccarat. The casino claimed Ivey (pictured), a 10-time bracelet winner, edge-sorted in order to gain an unfair advantage over the house and therefore shouldn't be able to retain his winnings. Now, Ivey is countersuing.

Dan Jul 25th, 2015 12
veeea Wins 10 Tournaments, 2 Triple Crowns in 10 Days

The last 10 days of March were mighty kind to veeea, who won 10 tournaments and a pair of PocketFives Triple Crowns. No joke. He reentered his screen names in recent days and has quickly climbed to #30 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings.

Dan Apr 1st, 2015 11
Researchers Mathematically Determine Poker is a Game of Skill

Researchers have analyzed a huge database of hand histories in the hopes of determining conclusively whether skill dominates luck in poker, or vice-versa.

LandShark Apr 3rd, 2015 11
Harry Reid "Going to Look Closely" into Banning All Internet Gambling

After being at the forefront of the regulatory efforts in Congress for several years, former Senate Majority Leader and current Nevada Senator Harry Reid (pictured) has now firmly aligned himself with billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson in his fight against online gambling in the US.

Earl Burton May 13th, 2015 11
"It Was Kind of an Old School Final Table"

Earlier this month, Jon apestyles Van Fleet (pictured) ran away with the win in the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl and took home $22,000. In the process, he defeated a field of 533 entrants and a final table loaded with former World Series of Poker bracelet winners and European Poker Tour champions.

Dan May 19th, 2015 11
Daniel Negreanu Ruffles Feathers in Speech to TDA

Daniel Negreanu (pictured) has never been shy about speaking his mind, especially when he believes changes can be made to improve the tournament poker experience. Due to his high profile and outspoken views, the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) recently invited the six-time bracelet winner to speak at its industry summit in front of the organization's Board of Directors and attending ...

LandShark Jul 3rd, 2015 11
Super Bowl's Effect on Online Poker Traffic

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that last weekend was the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Packed with sharks dancing off-key, depressing insurance commercials about kids dying, and some of the strangest play calls you'll ever see, this year's Super Bowl had it all.

Dan Feb 7th, 2015 10
Caesars, PokerStars Teaming Up Against Sheldon Adelson

Late last week, Caesars Entertainment reversed its long-held stance that PokerStars should not be permitted access to the United States online poker market, a change that has been lauded by the industry. This week, the company took the next step, telling Chris Krafcik of Gambling Compliance that it was time to not only support PokerStars, but also to team up with the internet poker behemoth.

Dan Katz Feb 17th, 2015 10
pleno1 Final Tables Every PokerStars Sunday Major

Over the weekend, Patrick pleno1 Leonard (pictured) took down the PokerStars Sunday $100 Rebuy outright for $52,000. Impressively, he has now final tabled every Sunday Major that PokerStars offers: the Sunday Million, Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday $100 Rebuy, Sunday 500, and Sunday Second Chance. It's no wonder that Leonard is ranked #6 worldwide on our site.

Dan Feb 18th, 2015 10
How Do You Follow Up a Second Place TLB Finish?

Back in 2013, New Zealand's asjbaaaf (pictured) won the PokerStars Sunday $100 Rebuy for almost $80,000. That score jump-started what, two years later, is still a lucrative poker career. In fact, just a couple of months into 2015, he has already won the PokerStars Big $162 for $18,000 and final tabled the 888 Poker Whale for $13,000.

Dan Feb 28th, 2015 10
Lawmaker Trying to Outlaw Online Gambling Has Never Sent an E-Mail

This author went out and had a great evening stuffing his face with local foods and planned to sleep off his coma when he came home. But, any time we can point out the fallacies of those who are crusading against internet gambling in the United States, we're going to do so. We're like a mini-Rich Muny. Therefore, we present Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC, pictured), who despite taking such a ...

Dan Mar 8th, 2015 10
There Have Been No Lock Poker Payments in One Year

April 2 was an anniversary of sorts. No, not for marriage or some sort of heroics. Instead, it had been exactly one year since Lock Poker paid anyone, according to US Poker and Two Plus Two. And yet the site is still dealing cards.

Dan Apr 5th, 2015 10
Changes in Third-Party Software Coming to PokerStars

In response to some well publicized issues, PokerStars recently proposed changes to its terms of service for third-party software. These proposed changes were announced by PokerStars Steve on TwoPlusTwo and include prohibiting many programs that reduce the requirements of a person playing, services that facilitate hole card sharing, and tools that provide real-time advice based on the current ...

wackyJaxon Jun 15th, 2015 10
Sheldon Adelson's Venetian Poker Room Unfazed by His Anti-Online Poker Stance

In June 2013, Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson solidified his anti-online gambling stance in a Forbes editorial, calling the industry "fools gold." Needless to say, the poker community was outraged at the blatant hypocrisy of the billionaire's message and searched for ways to make their opinions known

LandShark Jun 26th, 2015 10
"You Never Know What's Next in Poker"

On the seventh day of January, Dan onel4play Onel (pictured) captured a PocketFives Triple Crown. It was the first time he has won the award and his tournament wins came on PokerStars.fr, Full Tilt, and PokerStars, totaling 550 PLB Points. He lodged the 12th Triple Crown for his home country of Romania.

Dan Feb 4th, 2015 9
Rampant Ticket Scalping at WPT Fallsview

Scalping is pretty commonplace at sporting events. Scalping, though, is not something you typically see at poker tournaments, but lo and behold, that is exactly what was going on this weekend for the first event at the World Poker Tour Fallsview stop in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Dan Katz Feb 10th, 2015 9
It's Time to Dumb Down Poker TV

Remember the early World Poker Tour broadcasts on Travel Channel' Each of them opened with an explanation of how to play poker and WPT host Mike Sexton's signature "it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master." All it takes is 60 seconds for me to be able to play No Limit Hold'em' Sign me up.

Dan Mar 1st, 2015 9
PocketFives Rankings Update: CrownUpGuy New #1

For the second time in his career, CrownUpGuy (pictured) is the #1 ranked player on PocketFives. This time, he moved up four spots on the week thanks to a final table in the PokerStars Sunday Supersonic that was worth $15,000 and 207 PLB Points, the metric used to determine the Rankings.

Dan Mar 11th, 2015 9
The Ongoing Debate Over Tanking in Poker

Never too shy to speak his mind, Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu recently got caught up in another Twitter spat, this time with poker pro Jordan Cristos (pictured), who Negreanu believes slows tournament play by “tanking,” or taking an excessive amount of time before each decision.

LandShark Mar 20th, 2015 9
"Unfortunately, I'm a Massive Life Nit"

Late last month, England's Jonathan Gil3000 Gill (pictured) took fourth place in the PokerStars Sunday Million and put away $74,000. It was his largest online tournament score to date and he outlasted over 7,000 other entrants to get it. Gill has since shot up to the top 500 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings and gave us the run-down of his big hit.

Dan Mar 22nd, 2015 9
Controversy Erupts as Check Shove Poker Tour Offers to Buy Players' Action

The organizers of a nascent poker tour engaged in a practice that, while not necessarily against the rules or an all-out poker crime, was certainly off-putting to many poker players.

Dan Katz Apr 7th, 2015 9
Rand Paul: "I'm Opposed to Restrictions on Online Gambling"

Republican Presidential hopeful Rand Paul (pictured), who announced his candidacy on Tuesday, has come out against Sheldon Adelson's Restoring America's Wire Act, or RAWA. The bill would ban internet gambling in the United States, even in the three states where it's already regulated: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

Dan Apr 9th, 2015 9
Daniel Negreanu Documentary to Be Released

A two-and-a-half minute YouTube video from PokerStars teases a soon-to-be-released documentary about Daniel Negreanu (pictured) called "Kid Poker." "I'm not surprised where I am," Negreanu narrates on the opening scene. "I always felt like I was going to be successful at whatever it was I did."

Dan May 9th, 2015 9
#BeastMode: Moorman1 Wins Triple Crown #25

Seriously' This author came home from a delicious Mexican lunch only to see an e-mail from the agent of Chris Moorman1 Moorman (pictured) saying he had won his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. I think it's safe to say that Moorman is not human.

Dan May 15th, 2015 9
dragonwarior Wins 2 SCOOP Titles in 1 Day

Winning one SCOOP title is impressive enough. Winning two in a lifetime is pretty impressive. Winning two in a single day is almost unheard of, but that's exactly what happened to Canada's dragonwarior this week.

Dan May 21st, 2015 9
Settling for the Right Answer

Consider the following scenario: You're a new poker player who is invested in a strategy coach to get you on the track to making steady income at the tables. You end up in a hand with Kh2h on a board of AsTh9h4c and your opponent accidentally flashes you his hand of Ac6d.

theweatherman Jun 1st, 2015 9
Phil Hellmuth Wins WSOP Bracelet #14

On Monday night, Phil Hellmuth (pictured) won his record-extending 14th World Series of Poker bracelet. He triumphantly Tweeted when the $10,000 Razz event was over, "BOOOM!! Won my 14th @WSOP Bracelet!!! Dedicated it to a friend I lost recently: Dave Goldberg. Giving my bracelet to Goldies family."

Dan Jun 9th, 2015 9
Virtual Reality Coming to Online Poker?

One complaint poker "purists" have about online poker is that it doesn't feel like real poker. You can't stare into your opponent's soul to see if he really has the goods, you can't count out your chips, and you can't see and hear the poker room's atmosphere all around you. According to , some of that could change in the next few years thanks to rapidly developing virtual reality technology.

Dan Katz Jul 21st, 2015 9
Drama at Slovakian Poker Event, Players Sit Out Final Table

According to a poster named "Scarmaker" on Two Plus Two, there was a controversy surrounding the guaranteed prize pool of a €300 Slovakian Poker Sport event held at the Golden Vegas Poker Club in Bratislava over the weekend.

Dan Katz Jul 28th, 2015 9
TheSquid on Triple Crown #9: "Following in the Footsteps of the Master"

Earlier this month, Sam TheSquid Grafton (pictured) earned his ninth PocketFives Triple Crown. The award requires a person to take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days. As he put it, "I'm following in the footsteps of the master, moorman1," who has a record-setting two-dozen Triple Crowns, 12 more than the next ...

Dan Feb 15th, 2015 8
US Attorney General Nominee: Address Internet Gambling Through Legislation

In January, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) hijacked a critical Attorney General confirmation hearing to spread the gospel of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson. The latter, whose properties include the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas, has pledged to spend "whatever it takes" to rid the US of online gambling and online poker. Now, the Attorney General nominee has responded after Graham ...

Dan Feb 16th, 2015 8
Self-Awareness: Poker's Invisible Edge

Spend five minutes in the company of a group of poker players and you're almost guaranteed to hear the word 'edge' used once or twice. It's undoubtedly one of the most common words in today's poker vernacular since it represents such a broad concept – it simply refers to any situation where one player possesses some kind of advantage over another. Players might refer to a skill edge, ...

theginger45 Feb 17th, 2015 8
PocketFives Rankings Update: norfair18 Up 23 Spots to #6

It's Wednesday, which means the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings have been recalculated. Up 23 spots this week to settle at #6, his highest position ever, is norfair18 (pictured). In the last eight days, this Mexico-based poker player has won the PokerStars Super Tuesday and PartyPoker $100,000 Guaranteed for a healthy $140,000 combined.

Dan Feb 25th, 2015 8
High Stakes Poker: Biggest Loser in 2015 is Phil Ivey, Down $1.5 Million

According to HighStakesDB, Phil Ivey (pictured) is the biggest loser at the high-stakes tables so far in 2015, and it's not even close. In 74 sessions and 12,642 hands, Ivey, who plays under the user name Polarizing on Full Tilt, is down $1.5 million, three-and-a-half times the next closest person.

Dan Apr 19th, 2015 8
First Female WSOP Circuit Main Event Winner Crowned

It might be hard to believe, but up until this week, no female had ever won a World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event. That all changed on Monday when Michelle Chin (pictured, image courtesy WSOP) took down the Council Bluffs Main Event for $88,000 and a coveted gold ring.

Dan Apr 21st, 2015 8
Jason Koon (JAKoon1985) Wins Super Tuesday, LAPC High Roller

We're pretty sure Jason JAKoon1985 Koon's favorite day of the week is officially Tuesday. Koon (pictured) has made the last two Tuesdays count, winning the PokerStars Super Tuesday and LA Poker Classic Turbo High Roller on back-to-back weeks for a combined $550,000.

Dan Mar 5th, 2015 8
Is RAWA All About the Money?

In the last couple of weeks, we've learned that the main man in the US Senate championing Sheldon Adelson's (pictured) legislation to ban internet gambling, Lindsey Graham, has never sent an e-mail. We've also learned that Adelson's camp was a no-show at the Conservative Political Action Conference to debate the merits of i-gaming. Are those championing Adelson's Restoring America's Wire Act, or ...

Dan Mar 10th, 2015 8
PPA Anticipates Mark-Up of RAWA

A week ago, a hearing in a House Subcommittee discussed the merits of the Sheldon Adelson-backed Restoring America's Wire Act, or RAWA, which would ban online gambling in the US, including in the three states where it's already regulated. There have been several legislation-related headlines in recent days, so to get caught up on them and discuss the possibility of RAWA advancing, we sat down ...

Dan Apr 2nd, 2015 8
Poker Pros Beat Carnegie Mellon Computer in NLHE

After two weeks and 80,000 total hands, four of the world's top online heads-up cash game players emerged victorious against an artificial intelligence program specifically designed to beat humans at No Limit Hold'em.

Dan Katz May 12th, 2015 8
ludovi333, ender555 Top Three in Chips After Day 1 of WSOP $5K NLHE

The 2015 World Series of Poker kicked off on Wednesday with two events: the $500 Casino Employees Event and a $5,000 No Limit Hold'em tournament. The latter had a field of 422 and, after one day of play, Ludovic ludovi333 Geilich and Joe ender555 Ebanks (pictured) sat in second and third, respectively, behind chip leader Darryl Ronconi.

Dan May 28th, 2015 8
2015 WSOP November Nine Set, dude904 Has Commanding Lead

After a grueling 10 days, the World Series of Poker Main Event November Nine has been determined. Much to everyone's chagrin, the group does not include six-time bracelet winner and Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu, who busted in 11th place. However, the November Nine does have six Americans, two Europeans, and one Israeli.

Dan Jul 15th, 2015 8
Report: Bill to Halt Expansion of Online Poker Coming in US

According to the Poker Players Alliance, the main lobbying voice for poker players on Capitol Hill, a bill could be introduced in the US Congress that "would block new states from licensing online poker while a federal study is conducted."

Dan Jul 17th, 2015 8
Daniel Negreanu Reflects on Two of His Biggest WSOP Main Event Mistakes

Six-time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu (pictured) navigated through a massive field of 6,420 World Series of Poker Main Event entrants only to be knocked out just two spaces shy of locking up a spot as a November Nine finalist. When his pair of aces fell victim to poker pro Joe dude904 McKeehan's rivered straight, the Canadian grinder fell to his knees in anguish before collecting himself and ...

LandShark Jul 17th, 2015 8
Greg Merson Talks About Going Smoke-Free

Following the World Series of Poker this year, Greg Merson (pictured), who won the Main Event in 2012, decided to go smoke-free. He has overcome several obstacles in his life already, but can he successfully squash smoking' PocketFives caught up with the two-time bracelet winner to talk about his challenge in hopes that it might inspire other poker players to follow suit.

Dan Jul 22nd, 2015 8
Full Tilt Makes Drastic Changes to Ring Games

On Tuesday, Full Tilt announced on its blog and via an email to its players that it has introduced radical changes to its ring games. The announcement boldly promised "big changes at Full Tilt to improve the playing experience by making the game more accessible and exciting."

wackyJaxon Jul 28th, 2015 8
Heads-Up with New Jersey Poker Player Tom Schafer (The Caretaker)

PocketFives had the opportunity to catch up with one of its members, Tom The Caretaker Schafer (pictured, ranked #12 in New Jersey), who plays under the handles Docnoss on WSOP, Building 7 on Borgata Poker, and EdgarCayce on 888 Poker. Coming from a sports background, his desire for being competitive drew him to poker and contributed to his overall success in the game.

Dlorican Feb 12th, 2015 7
The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Triple Crowns

Watch "The Sound of Music," which is set in Austria, if the title of this article is confusing. On January 11, a little more than a week into the new year, Austria's neverfoldQ5 (pictured) took down a $33 No Limit Hold'em Cap tournament on PokerStars. He scooped $2,800 and, perhaps more importantly, registered the first leg of a PocketFives Triple Crown.

Dan Feb 8th, 2015 7
How Many Friends Can You Fly to Uganda for $75,000?

Late last month, xtheWall (pictured), who calls Sweden home, was part of a four-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up. His reward was the largest amount given out in the chop, $75,000, which also was his largest online tournament cash to date. "I feel great about it," the Swede told us in an exclusive interview. "I was inspired by ImDoneCallin, who reached the final table the week before."

Dan Feb 13th, 2015 7
GCG Confirms Some Disputed Full Tilt Claims Will Be Paid This Month

The Garden City Group (GCG), the Full Tilt Claims Administrator authorized by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, posted an update on its site on Monday with information about the next round of payments.

Dan Katz Mar 17th, 2015 7
New Jersey Player Mario Cerrito Creates Deadly Gamble Movie

If you enjoy watching a good thriller and enjoy the game of poker, then Deadly Gamble may be a good fit for you. Deadly Gamble is an independent film produced, written, and directed by New Jersey native Mario Cerrito and brings the story of a degenerate gambler who loses his job and thinks he can play poker for a living and be able to sustain his current lifestyle.

Dlorican Mar 24th, 2015 7
Can Anyone Stop CrownUpGuy?

Over the weekend, Fedor CrownUpGuy Holz (pictured) won the Full Tilt Sunday Major for $41,000. The feat itself is impressive, as Holz defeated a field of 664 entrants and a top ten that featured four members of the PocketFives community. What's more impressive is the fact that Sunday marked the second time Holz had won the tournament in the last six months. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Dan Apr 6th, 2015 7
Devil's Advocate: Learning to Exploit Yourself

Poker is, for the most part, a game of exploitation. The profitability – or lack thereof – of any given poker player is directly related to his ability to ascertain the strategies of opponents and identify the most profitable responses to those strategies. This is part and parcel of being a poker player and most players who reach a certain level are able to comfortably shift their mindset ...

theginger45 Mar 14th, 2015 7
Out of the Hospital, Into the 888 Mega Deep Winner's Circle

Last weekend was a whirlwind one for Rick TheClaimeer Trigg (pictured), who checked into the hospital for a gallbladder problem, only to be discharged and win the 888 Poker Mega Deep. No, we can't make this stuff up. "I pleaded with the doc to let me out on Sunday," Trigg told us. Yes, that's impressive. "They gave me antibiotics by tablet and sent me on my way." The result: a win in the Mega ...

Dan Apr 4th, 2015 7
Former Poker Pro Alex Jacob Tearing Up Jeopardy

Demonstrating an impressive overall knowledge of trivia, former poker pro Alex Jacob (pictured) is currently in the middle of a run on the game show "Jeopardy." His run began on Friday, where he was introduced as a "commodities trader" from Chicago, Illinois. Poker fans may have not identified Jacob when he first appeared on the small screen, as he has shed the fabulous afro that would ...

Earl Burton Apr 15th, 2015 7
Heads-Up with Finland's European

Over the weekend, Finland's European added to his already impressive poker resume with a win in the PokerStars Sunday $109 Rebuy for $48,000. He defeated almost 1,000 entrants in the process and notched his fifth largest score to date. "I feel amazing," he told PocketFives on Monday. "It's motivating to get such a nice score right before the biggest two weeks of my poker career kick off."

Dan Apr 28th, 2015 7
Asher Conniff (misclick) Wins WPT Championship for $973,000

"The last month of my life has been the craziest month of my life. The last week of my life has been the craziest week of my life. Today has been the craziest day. Everything is just so surreal. I'm happy my dad got to be here. I couldn't have ever imagined this." Those were the words of Asher Conniff (pictured), who is known in the New Jersey poker world as misclick, after taking down the World ...

Dan Apr 30th, 2015 7
Jason Mercier Wins Two SCOOP Events in Two Days

The start of the annual PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker has been mighty kind to PocketFiver Jason treysfull21 Mercier (pictured). He managed to score two SCOOP wins in the first eight events.

Dan May 13th, 2015 7
plplaya Becomes 8th Person to Win Multiple SCOOP Events in 2015

To close out the week, Woody CrazedZach Deck (pictured), who is known on PokerStars as plplaya, became the eighth person to win more than one SCOOP event this year. Overall, he earned his third career SCOOP title; he is the 14th person to have won at least three SCOOP tournaments.

Dan May 23rd, 2015 7
California Online Poker Bill Passes Committee

On Thursday, history was made in California, as AB 431, a shell bill calling for licensing and regulating online poker, passed the California Assembly Appropriations Committee. Gambling Compliance's Chris Krafcik pointed out that it might sit idle for the foreseeable future, however, Tweeting, "Bill heads to Assembly floor, where it will remain inactive until after upcoming hearings."

Dan May 28th, 2015 7
Alleged WSOP $10K Heads-Up Cheater Calls Allegations a "Fantasy"

On Thursday, Twitter erupted over allegations that Valeriu Coca (pictured) may have cheated during the World Series of Poker's $10,000 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em event. Connor blanconegro Drinan spoke on behalf of several players charging that Coca was possibly using invisible ink to mark the cards while wearing special sunglasses that would allow him to see it.

Dan Jun 5th, 2015 7
Could Documents Alleging Criminal Activity By Sheldon Adelson Be Unsealed?

What started as a relatively mundane wrongful termination lawsuit against Las Vegas Sands Macau has spiraled into something much more serious after possible links to organized crime groups were brought to light during trial. Now, a nonprofit arm of the Guardian news publication has filed a motion to unseal a document compiled by a former Hong Kong police chief that is believed to spell out ...

LandShark Jun 13th, 2015 7
Jack Salter Accuses Melanie Weisner and Dylan Wilkerson of Collusion

British poker pro Jack Salter has accused fellow pros Melanie Callisto 5 Weisner (pictured) and Dylan Wilkerson of collusion and soft-playing each other during sit and gos at the World Series of Poker. Through his Twitter account, Salter told his 2,400 followers that he was sure that the pair were "working together as a team in the WSOP SNGs" and urged others to re-Tweet the posts "for ...

LandShark Jul 10th, 2015 7
Gags30 to Debut on PocketFives TV Tuesday

Online poker tournament specialist Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano (currently ranked #1 in the state of New Jersey) will make his debut on PocketFives TV Tuesday with a live stream from 7:00-9:00pm EST. The two-hour program will feature online tournament play on either PartyPoker/Borgata Poker or and will focus on real-time viewer feedback as Gagliano competes at the virtual tables.

dhubermex Feb 3rd, 2015 6
Two Sunday Million Final Tables, One Win for JimyJamonas

On Super Bowl Sunday, JimyJamonas, from Israel, headed up a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million. He cashed for $170,000 and officially took first place, telling us, "I'm really happy! I know there's a lot of luck involved regardless of how well I played, so it was a really nice turn of events." It was his second time final tabling the large-field tournament.

Dan Feb 20th, 2015 6