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Join Date: May 16th, 2015
1 Deep Sea Fishing
Hi All, My name is Byron Van Wyk. I have always enjoyed playing poker and started playing online on and off about 7 years ago. I took a long break from poker as life and work went into full swing. In more recent times, I have had some pretty difficult shit to deal with and even though I reached a respectable point in my career, consulting to blue chip organisations on BI architecture, I've ...
Published: Jul 30th, 2015
Join Date: Oct 15th, 2014
1 Business Time - The 1st of many entries - 04/06/15 Down this week 2 buy ins
Everyone in the poker world, I am a newbie at poker blogging, but thank you to the platform that is PocketFives, I am able to record my thoughts and feelings towards my game and the game in general. My name is Adam and I'm 25 (old in the online poker world) but on a personal level I will be setting a goal starting beginning of June 1k - 5k challenge playing 10NL-25NL, with this I look to ...
Published: Jun 4th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 20th, 2014
10 Jackpot to your DREAMS
Hello P5s world. I am on a high of late on these $1-2.50 jackpots over at FT. I was put on to these at the start of the year after my Boy MP always talked about playing these, but I just saw them as luck and just no skill needed. Oh was I wrong *cover face* I started playing them at the end of March and by middle May, I hit my first serious or serious to me jackpot of $250. Which first would ...
Published: May 4th, 2015
Join Date: Feb 5th, 2015
1 Experimental MTT Strategy
So, I am realllllly new to P5's and it seems a really good place to be. Definitely one of the smallest fish in a big pond and certainly aware of my poker limitations in comparison to the vast majority of the guys on this website. I started playing poker about 5 years ago at university and got engrossed early on. I read and learned a lot from my failings and from others around me too. I then took ...
Published: Mar 1st, 2015
Join Date: Nov 11th, 2008
76 Solid Session, Solid Month
**View my full blog at: for additional information and annual profit** **Follow me on Twitter @Adamsapple19** So I played two out of the last three days. On Tuesday (July 28th) I had a session wrought with potential. I finished 5th in the afternoon $27.50 3K Turbo, bubbled the FTs of the $33 10K and one of the late night $16.50 3K Turbos. The whole day was exactly -$6 bucks for 29 MTTs. ...
Published: Jul 31st, 2015
Join Date: Dec 21st, 2012
3 Ranging Villains (Live) based on how they look & dress
TAG's: hoodies & sunglasses LAG's: overweight individuals who order food at the table; all asians esp middle to older aged asian men Nit's: Anyone with nerd glasses, all their buttons buttoned up; broke person on his last buy-in Calling Stations: older middle eastern men who are drinking alcohol; nice old grandpa's; Maniacs: young asian men with lots of jewelry and hi tech ...
Published: Mar 25th, 2015
Join Date: Nov 25th, 2009
2 Running 5 .10 360 mans.
Will add results later 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Published: Apr 16th, 2015
Join Date: Oct 21st, 2010
2 Fortune favors the bold.... or is the mother of stupidity
Well, Decided to challenge myself. Gonna see if I can run $30 into $1,000 by playing whatever I feel like without paying particular attention to bankroll or any other things that make general sense. I will donk it if I have to :) If I get that far, I will post where I'm at 10 games from here. First game is: $30 NL Turbo 9-handed. Yup, 100% of my bankroll. GL GL BingoBoy76
Published: Apr 9th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 19th, 2015
2 Pocket Fives Blog Test
Hey there. Because I'm new to PocketFives I'm playing around on the site. Testing things out. So far, so good. This site looks pretty sweet.
Published: Apr 14th, 2015
Join Date: Feb 17th, 2015
1 Early results in ACR MTT micro stakes
Yesterday was the first day I started to play micro MTTs. I have moved away from the $10 freerolls and now playing $0.10 -$.50 MTTs on America's Cardroom with the goal of increasing stakes $.25 every other month. I am currently reading 'Let There Be Ranges' and I can tell you its and easy and profitable read. My tourneys from yesterday $100GTD - 6 Max PLO buyin .$50 8th place ...
Published: Feb 27th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 3rd, 2015
2 Doing the Little Things Right - Bad Beats
You’ve experienced a bad beat before, we all have. Take pride in your bad beats, walk away with your head held high. A bad beat is an opportunity to become great, an opportunity to grow. Lets start from the beginning. What is a bad beat — to put it simple, a bad beat is when you put your chips in as a massive favorite and end up seeing the pot pushed in the other direction. The second ...
Published: Mar 3rd, 2015