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Join Date: Jun 29th, 2007
3 2008, greatness, and shittiness.
2008 started off great, on New years day, I finished 7th in the $11r 45k for $1,900. Just 6 short days later, I finished 5th in the same tournament for $2,800. Solid start to the year already. At this point, I was beginning to really feel good about my play. I remember thinking how good I felt I was. In all actuality, I was probably better then than I am now. But, I think alot of that has to ...
Published: May 25th, 2014
Join Date: May 10th, 2006
15 Keep the dream alive
So many of you know that I built a roll out of 50 bucks a few months ago.. Through hard work, dedication, and a lot of luck I grinded a roll out of it. Tonight was the culmination of all the sweat, tears, and heartache that I've poured into the game. Nothing but doubters and people thinking I'm a degenerate along the way. Without the support of many of you I wouldn't be where I am today. I ...
Published: Sep 12th, 2014
Join Date: Jan 20th, 2007
65 Diary of a Low Volume Grinder Part-9 $48.00 Needed for $100K Badge
Not much time to actually blog about my OPS Series ATM. But really looking forward to reaching $100K in tracked cashes tonight. For the entire 7 years I've been a member here, I never really actually thought I'd ever get it. I mean when I registered here pre-black Friday, Poker was just something to pass the time. I was still very much into other things at the time as well. Obviously the part I ...
Published: Sep 22nd, 2014
Join Date: Aug 6th, 2007
12 World Series of Poker Part Deux
After a decent first half of the WSOP (managed a cash in the Millionaire Maker) I headed home to North Carolina to spend a bit of time with the family and drink a few beers by the pool. It has been a great week of rest and relaxation, but it is time to get back to the Vegas house and get back on the grind. I head back tomorrow morning and will be there throughout the Main Event. I have 3 events ...
Published: Jun 23rd, 2014
Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2011
10 Chasing That First Big Live Score
I will be headed to Winstar later this month to play in River Series Event #1 ($350 - 300k Guarantee). I grind micro/low stakes tourneys online and have had some success in recent months thanks to studying the game via P5s, 2p2, and . I'm a decent live player with final table appearances on many daily tourneys and a 2nd place finish at a Beau Rivage event last year on top of a few thousand in ...
Published: Aug 4th, 2014
Join Date: Sep 16th, 2014
2 Update- Running Worse, Improving play
Been two months since I last updated my blog, quite a bit has changed in the past two months for me. My volume has been decreasing due to my workload, and other life issues, therefore making variance higher since I don't play much else but turbo/hyper-turbo MTTs/SNGs. My poker grind was limited this month. I opted for studying postflop play more, an aspect of poker I feel I am strong at, however ...
Published: Nov 22nd, 2014
Join Date: Jan 30th, 2012
1 Ship it and ship it again
I wanted to share a new personal best. I shipped 2 mtts today! This is a first, I've never won two in one day and until recently was struggling to even make the final table. My previous results have been pretty average so I'm super excited to continue this good run and turn things around. My last few years have been largely unprofitable so it's great to finally be in the black with some great ...
Published: Jun 18th, 2014
Join Date: Sep 29th, 2008
1 Motivation
What's up guys! Recently, I've found some new motivation. I have to admit, first, that I really enjoy playing with you all (Carbon/Sportsbook). When I first started playing poker on Stars, years ago, I always wanted to have like people at my table that I see as a rival -- but in a good way. I always wanted to say, "damn, why did they move (insert your name) to my left". As of the last few ...
Published: Sep 2nd, 2014
Join Date: Aug 10th, 2012
1 The working man's schedule
Like a lot of people, I have a day job. I love the game of poker and try to reserve time to play certain evenings or even on the weekends (especially sunday) all the while trying to make time for my girlfriend, who has been supporting of my passion for the game for the most part, understand my compulsion to play. I am not a professional so it is not easy to convince her that its more than just of ...
Published: Sep 9th, 2014
Join Date: Oct 6th, 2014
1 Getting back to the grind in 12 days !
Hi everyone, I have just join pocketfives after being a fan of the site for the past 2 weeks. I am from Montreal Canada but now located in Detroit Michigan for the past 4 months. I was here for a job training in electronics. That experience is the worst I ever had in my life. For the past 4 months I had to stop playing poker cause Pokerstars is closed in USA. I have played 3 tourneys on ...
Published: Oct 6th, 2014
Join Date: Mar 20th, 2014
When it comes to playing poker head should be in the "right" place. Since lately my personal life has been up and down. I feel emotionally drained, and I am now feeling it physically. My job is so stressful and it's taking a significant toll on my life on the felts. My drive to win a big tourney has now consumed me to the point where I HATE MY JOB. Just the thought of going there is a task ...
Published: Nov 18th, 2014
Join Date: Sep 9th, 2008
93 2014 Year in Review
I haven't blogged since last year's relatively early exit from the WSOP Seniors event. Not much else happened poker-wise in 2013. I played a NLH Cash game, along with my older brother, at Parx Casino in Philly. Both of us managed to lose our entire $150 Buy-Ins without winning a hand. I lost my bankroll on a single hand when my Pocket Queens were cracked by a 75o straight. This year was a bit ...
Published: Nov 22nd, 2014
Join Date: Sep 2nd, 2014
1 Plan to make a living playing poker. I need the secret recipe for building a roll.
I guess I should tell a little about myself first. From around 2005 to 2008ish I made the majority of my living playing poker. I was very profitable, but had a problem with addiction that absorbed my profits. A good friend of mine gave me great advice that I should leave the game of poker for a while, get a college degree and then come back to play the game when I was more mentally prepared ...
Published: Sep 2nd, 2014
manila re
Join Date: Feb 27th, 2010
5 If you need poker friends join with me...don't be scared to be ,just be.Except mjw006
Hello everybody, I am really happy to be your friend I have been very busy lately meeting up with some other people I know , important people too. My friend from the fruit market said that a lot of people have a computer inside their house and there is no need for me to stand at the fruit market all day just to meet up with and make new friends , all I have to do is get myself a ...
Published: Nov 1st, 2014