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Join Date: May 10th, 2006
22 Running it Up (Sept Update)
As many of you know I had .73 in my bovy roll 2 months ago and I have embarked on a journey to try and run it up.. I have given up on Carbon until they get their payouts under 2 months and/or I have less than 5 figures locked up there. Let's revisit the Bovada goals I laid in place last month end of august goal: 500$ end of september goal: 1250$ end of october goal: 2500$ end of november goal: ...
Published: Sep 3rd, 2015
Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2015
7 Long time with no updates, going fine
Hey fellow grinders whas up ' Thought i would give a big and nice update here about past 5 weeks grind and some personnal views on how to grind more effectively. Results have been great shipped a lot of mtt's moved up a bit in stakes you can find my recent scores on my profile but the biggest ones where : 1st in the tornado 109$ for 3.x k 1st in the lightning 109$ for 4.x k 2nd in the ...
Published: Sep 23rd, 2015
Join Date: May 16th, 2015
4 Aliens vs. Predators
For a while now I have believed that the perfect micro level tournament player is someone with a good understanding of the game, its mechanics and the numbers but someone who hasn't allowed millions of hands to twist their perception on the value of the play. I recently registered my dad on PokerStars so he could also play and learn the in's and out's of online poker. I started him off on 9 ...
Published: Aug 5th, 2015
Join Date: Oct 15th, 2014
1 Business Time - The 1st of many entries - 04/06/15 Down this week 2 buy ins
Everyone in the poker world, I am a newbie at poker blogging, but thank you to the platform that is PocketFives, I am able to record my thoughts and feelings towards my game and the game in general. My name is Adam and I'm 25 (old in the online poker world) but on a personal level I will be setting a goal starting beginning of June 1k - 5k challenge playing 10NL-25NL, with this I look to ...
Published: Jun 4th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 20th, 2014
11 Sports over Variance
I haven't done this in a minute. Just get right to the meat of the bone. With the sports seasons coming in now, the soccer's, basketball and my favourite, NFL. I am using these avenues to build a br for my poker mtts and the variances that comes with those streets. For me its easier for me to bet $50 on SB than it is for me to play a MTT for the same price. I honestly get way more rush doing SB ...
Published: Sep 23rd, 2015
Join Date: Jul 29th, 2012
15 A last big Push
I had a goal of making ten thousand dollars this summer. Right now I'm in the bottom of the ninth bases loaded 2 outs, down probably about 10 runs... Adding up my poker profit from the past few months of summer, I come to a grand total of $4,103.25. My classes for the fall semester will be starting on Monday Morning, giving me one last Sunday to make it all happen. I plan on playing a ...
Published: Aug 23rd, 2015
Join Date: Jul 23rd, 2014
2 2 weeks into my challenge
Hi guys and girls, 2 weeks on from my first blog post explaining about my plans for the rest of the year I have finally managed to find time to update you folks on my progress. It has been a very slow start on Pokerstars. I have managed 4 sessions which has been mainly cash usually lasting around 3-4 hours. I have been playing with 3 tables of cash at 2nl and usually a $1 MTT on the side. I ...
Published: Sep 5th, 2015
Join Date: Nov 11th, 2008
78 August Results/September
**View my full blog at: for additional information and annual profit** **Follow me on Twitter @Adamsapple19** Been a bit since my last post. I've really been putting in heavy volume and the results weren't such that I much felt like posting. As stated in my last post, I continue to decipher the evolution of the online game since Black Friday. It's been an incredible couple of months, a ...
Published: Sep 5th, 2015
Join Date: Jul 25th, 2005
1 My own worst enemy
This is not an entry to be negative or talk about how good I play only to spew it away with bad bankroll management, but simply a reminder to myself that I can be my own worst enemy. I've run account balances up many times and proceeded to lose it playing on tilt, or running to blackjack after a few too many bad beats....However, like I said this is not about that. I'm simply creating this ...
Published: Aug 3rd, 2015
Join Date: Nov 25th, 2009
2 Running 5 .10 360 mans.
Will add results later 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Published: Apr 16th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 19th, 2015
2 Pocket Fives Blog Test
Hey there. Because I'm new to PocketFives I'm playing around on the site. Testing things out. So far, so good. This site looks pretty sweet.
Published: Apr 14th, 2015
Join Date: Oct 21st, 2010
2 Fortune favors the bold.... or is the mother of stupidity
Well, Decided to challenge myself. Gonna see if I can run $30 into $1,000 by playing whatever I feel like without paying particular attention to bankroll or any other things that make general sense. I will donk it if I have to :) If I get that far, I will post where I'm at 10 games from here. First game is: $30 NL Turbo 9-handed. Yup, 100% of my bankroll. GL GL BingoBoy76
Published: Apr 9th, 2015