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Join Date: Jan 5th, 2013
13 August review
Hey guys, The time of the month once again. Hopefully you all had great August and summer overall. It's September... oh nooo... no more summer time. Well, as if there was any summer this year anyway. Don't know about other parts of the world, but in Latvia there almost was no summer at all. Cloudy all the time, lots of rain, and barely any sun at all. I am glad that I did spend a month in ...
Published: Sep 1st, 2016
Join Date: Dec 16th, 2013
2 5 Reasons to Start a Twitch Poker Stream
I once read a book, in which Doyle said that he caught a lot of flack for publishing Super Systems. Players didn't like the fact that he was selling the secrets of the game. I heard the same thing about Twitch as well. I myself was skeptical but just like all technology and knowledge, it's all out there, and either your ahead of the learning curve , or your behind. I've compiled 5 reasons that I ...
Published: Jun 8th, 2016
Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2011
12 100k Club/WSOPc New Orleans Trip Report
Hello P5ers! As of last month, I'm officially a member of the 100k club! I'm proud to say that most of the cashes that contributed to this achievement are from tourneys with buy-ins ranging from $1-$33. My Skype group really helped me evolved my game so props to all of them, especially AJ "UncleDrew4MVP" Yowler, Gid "Necks03" Rash, and Thomas "Clutch352" McDaniel for giving me advice and helping ...
Published: May 20th, 2016
Join Date: May 10th, 2006
23 2016 Update
Haven't written one of these in forever, so I figured I would update you with my life. Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of me shipping the Cardplayer tourney in Oklahoma for 30k so what better time than now' Unfortunately, Cardplayer isn't running the tourney this year but Poker Night in America is doing a similar tourney ($125 200k guarantee the week of Apr 15-17) that I will play. It's ...
Published: Apr 4th, 2016
Join Date: Jan 18th, 2016
2 Things that held me back when I started to play - Part One
After the mortification of discovering my stupid first blog post ended up on the front page I wondered how I might redeem myself. I have a list of the top ten things that have been most detrimental to my play. Here are the first five. The second five will come in another post. 1: SnG Starting Hand Charts. While starting hand charts may be a good thing for the beginner/novice in my personal ...
Published: Apr 17th, 2016
Join Date: Mar 17th, 2015
15 Entry 15 : From 0 TO 10K WSOP Razz Championship Event 2017
Entry 15 : From 0 TO 10K WSOP Razz Championship Event 2017 Date Tourney name Tourney ID Buy In Tourney fee Wins Tournament Profit 9/12/2016 1:01:05 PM $0.25 PLO R/A 6-Max 6071348 0.25 0.02 0.00 -0.27 9/8/2016 7:03:36 PM $100 GTD 6035585 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 9/6/2016 8:41:53 PM $1.50 Turbo 9-Max 6033932 1.50 0.09 0.00 -1.59 9/6/2016 8:18:21 PM $100 GTD 6014346 0.10 0.01 0.00 -0.11 9/5/2016 8:49:12 ...
Published: Sep 13th, 2016
Join Date: Jul 13th, 2016
1 ACR feels like a Total Scam.
You know how you just have a gut feeling about Something. Well as soon as i started playing at Americas Card Room i knew something wasn't right. Immediately i felt i was playing against Bots and i have read their security with this is lacking. The CEO of the Company even did a interview that he knew they had tons of Bots and were fixing the Problem. The Random Card Generator is by Far the ...
Published: Aug 7th, 2016
Join Date: Dec 16th, 2014
2 It's Official - I Can Not Lose at Poker
Today is an amazing day for my poker game, I will put some stats at the end for anyone interested. I literally can not lose a hand today and the cards keep coming one after the other. Today I have been playing micro-stakes cash tables and low stakes SnGs on ACR (WPN) and it was the second time a very strange thing happened while I was playing. This happened once before for about 30 minutes only, ...
Published: Jul 1st, 2016
Join Date: Aug 8th, 2015
1 Hi, I'm New: A Brief Reflection
Hi all, and welcome to my first ever blog entry. Very exciting. Now, above all, let's meet: my name is Katrina, I'm coming from Latvia, though currently studying, running my company and living at the heart of England. I love it. The choice to move was about as impulsive as everything is do in life – and there's the challenge. Patience. I love cards, taking risks and the good old ...
Published: Apr 7th, 2016