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Join Date: May 10th, 2006
21 August Update: New Run It Up Challenge
What's up my friends' Hope life is treating you well on and off the felts. I'll start off by updating with you on the last month and new ventures I undertook. 1. Branching out to coaching - Have started with a student who will remain nameless but I am very excited by his work ethic and willingness to be taught. It has been good for me as well as it lets me look at the game from a fresh ...
Published: Aug 5th, 2015
Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2015
6 3 final tables day
hey guys what up ' so finally running a bit better since sunday I won the swordfish turbo on sunday for 1.4k today I managed to finish 2nd in the breeze 5th in the monsoon and 3rd in a 22$ deepstack very happy with how I played did not actually run all that good on the final tables, lost like 3 all ins in the heads up of the breeze to see myself finish 2nd lost the monsoon on AA vs K10 vs ...
Published: Aug 19th, 2015
Join Date: May 16th, 2015
4 Aliens vs. Predators
For a while now I have believed that the perfect micro level tournament player is someone with a good understanding of the game, its mechanics and the numbers but someone who hasn't allowed millions of hands to twist their perception on the value of the play. I recently registered my dad on PokerStars so he could also play and learn the in's and out's of online poker. I started him off on 9 ...
Published: Aug 5th, 2015
Join Date: Oct 15th, 2014
1 Business Time - The 1st of many entries - 04/06/15 Down this week 2 buy ins
Everyone in the poker world, I am a newbie at poker blogging, but thank you to the platform that is PocketFives, I am able to record my thoughts and feelings towards my game and the game in general. My name is Adam and I'm 25 (old in the online poker world) but on a personal level I will be setting a goal starting beginning of June 1k - 5k challenge playing 10NL-25NL, with this I look to ...
Published: Jun 4th, 2015
Join Date: Jul 29th, 2012
15 A last big Push
I had a goal of making ten thousand dollars this summer. Right now I'm in the bottom of the ninth bases loaded 2 outs, down probably about 10 runs... Adding up my poker profit from the past few months of summer, I come to a grand total of $4,103.25. My classes for the fall semester will be starting on Monday Morning, giving me one last Sunday to make it all happen. I plan on playing a ...
Published: Aug 23rd, 2015
Join Date: Mar 20th, 2014
10 Jackpot to your DREAMS
Hello P5s world. I am on a high of late on these $1-2.50 jackpots over at FT. I was put on to these at the start of the year after my Boy MP always talked about playing these, but I just saw them as luck and just no skill needed. Oh was I wrong *cover face* I started playing them at the end of March and by middle May, I hit my first serious or serious to me jackpot of $250. Which first would ...
Published: May 4th, 2015
Join Date: Feb 5th, 2015
1 Experimental MTT Strategy
So, I am realllllly new to P5's and it seems a really good place to be. Definitely one of the smallest fish in a big pond and certainly aware of my poker limitations in comparison to the vast majority of the guys on this website. I started playing poker about 5 years ago at university and got engrossed early on. I read and learned a lot from my failings and from others around me too. I then took ...
Published: Mar 1st, 2015
Join Date: Nov 11th, 2008
77 August Update
**View my full blog at: for additional information and annual profit** **Follow me on Twitter @Adamsapple19** So I've been putting in an obscene amount of volume. I've played 407 MTTs so far in August. Volume = Good. Downswing = Bad. Unfortunately I've been losing a ridiculous frequency of key situations late in tourneys resulting in finishing at the final two tables or making ...
Published: Aug 14th, 2015
Join Date: Jul 23rd, 2014
1 Starting From $100!
Hi Guys, First time I have ever really done a blog so here goes! I'm fairly new to pocket fives and haven't really posted since joining. It was more to check my tournament winnings. I have played poker since 17 albeit not to a high standard. Don't get me wrong I can definitely play poker and understand the game however I never really focused on getting better and reading forums or speaking ...
Published: Aug 25th, 2015
Join Date: Nov 25th, 2009
2 Running 5 .10 360 mans.
Will add results later 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Published: Apr 16th, 2015
Join Date: Dec 21st, 2012
3 Ranging Villains (Live) based on how they look & dress
TAG's: hoodies & sunglasses LAG's: overweight individuals who order food at the table; all asians esp middle to older aged asian men Nit's: Anyone with nerd glasses, all their buttons buttoned up; broke person on his last buy-in Calling Stations: older middle eastern men who are drinking alcohol; nice old grandpa's; Maniacs: young asian men with lots of jewelry and hi tech ...
Published: Mar 25th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 19th, 2015
2 Pocket Fives Blog Test
Hey there. Because I'm new to PocketFives I'm playing around on the site. Testing things out. So far, so good. This site looks pretty sweet.
Published: Apr 14th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 3rd, 2015
2 Doing the Little Things Right - Bad Beats
You’ve experienced a bad beat before, we all have. Take pride in your bad beats, walk away with your head held high. A bad beat is an opportunity to become great, an opportunity to grow. Lets start from the beginning. What is a bad beat — to put it simple, a bad beat is when you put your chips in as a massive favorite and end up seeing the pot pushed in the other direction. The second ...
Published: Mar 3rd, 2015
Join Date: Jul 25th, 2005
1 My own worst enemy
This is not an entry to be negative or talk about how good I play only to spew it away with bad bankroll management, but simply a reminder to myself that I can be my own worst enemy. I've run account balances up many times and proceeded to lose it playing on tilt, or running to blackjack after a few too many bad beats....However, like I said this is not about that. I'm simply creating this ...
Published: Aug 3rd, 2015
Join Date: Oct 21st, 2010
2 Fortune favors the bold.... or is the mother of stupidity
Well, Decided to challenge myself. Gonna see if I can run $30 into $1,000 by playing whatever I feel like without paying particular attention to bankroll or any other things that make general sense. I will donk it if I have to :) If I get that far, I will post where I'm at 10 games from here. First game is: $30 NL Turbo 9-handed. Yup, 100% of my bankroll. GL GL BingoBoy76
Published: Apr 9th, 2015