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Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2015
7 Long time with no updates, going fine
Hey fellow grinders whas up ' Thought i would give a big and nice update here about past 5 weeks grind and some personnal views on how to grind more effectively. Results have been great shipped a lot of mtt's moved up a bit in stakes you can find my recent scores on my profile but the biggest ones where : 1st in the tornado 109$ for 3.x k 1st in the lightning 109$ for 4.x k 2nd in the ...
Published: Sep 23rd, 2015
Join Date: May 10th, 2006
22 Running it Up (Sept Update)
As many of you know I had .73 in my bovy roll 2 months ago and I have embarked on a journey to try and run it up.. I have given up on Carbon until they get their payouts under 2 months and/or I have less than 5 figures locked up there. Let's revisit the Bovada goals I laid in place last month end of august goal: 500$ end of september goal: 1250$ end of october goal: 2500$ end of november goal: ...
Published: Sep 3rd, 2015
Join Date: Apr 17th, 2015
1 2016 Winamax.fr New Bankroll
I will try to make me the biggest bankroll can never cash out before December 31, 2016 on Winamax.fr I will start with 200 Euros
Published: Dec 28th, 2015
Join Date: Jan 5th, 2013
6 January review
Hello community! January has passed. The month overall was pretty busy because I was sticking to my schedule I had planned for all my off-work days. From the targets I set myself for January I hit 3 out of 4, thus making it 75% success rate. The only thing I could not achieve was poker study time. I wanted to study at least 20 hours in January, but turns out I spent only 18.5hrs. I think it is ...
Published: Feb 2nd, 2016
Join Date: Oct 19th, 2015
1 ACR Big 30 10K GTD Final table death!
Just finished up the big $33 on ACR. 5th place feels like a loss as always, but this one hurt a little more. 482 Entrants: 2,410,000 Chips in play. 5 Players left. Clementebomba69 - 850k Mjbern23 - 380k 4babyface - 269K me (Onlinesavings5) - 530K lazumbera1 - 333K Blinds are 5 and 10K. Action folds to me on the button with KK. I raise to 22,873 expecting action from the BB, Clementebomba69. ...
Published: Dec 24th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 21st, 2014
1 Time to start a journey...
Hi everyone. I want to start a blog to see if it helps me improve my game and get me where i want to be with poker. A little history about myself first. Started playing poker when i was 18 which was ten years ago, usual home game kind of stuff then onto the casino's. I've had a few good scores in my time, good to me anyway but nothing too big or impressive. I am currently marked down as a ...
Published: Dec 15th, 2015
Join Date: Jan 20th, 2007
67 Diary of a Low Volume Grinder part-11 "2016"
It's been some time since ive actually sat down and took the time to sit down to blog. What really gets to me is how fast the time has past since i blogged last. Today it's Sunday December the 20th; Five days away from the most exciting day of my life as a kid. Those days are very long and gone for me now; And i am no longer as young as i used to be as well. One day i hope to write some kind of ...
Published: Dec 20th, 2015
Join Date: Jan 10th, 2016
1 ACR - On-Demand FreeRoll Challenge
Giving it a bash this week, looks like a bit of fun with some serious prizes to be had. Wish me luck. NuttySquirrel - Americas Card Room - I have noticed that there is another player that goes by the name of NuttySquirrel on other card rooms -- That is not me !! - The only NuttySquirrel that belongs to me is on Americas Card Room . TY.
Published: Feb 7th, 2016
Join Date: Jun 29th, 2007
5 the term "good" in poker
It's been awhile since i had much to say on here. Last update was my goals for 2015. While I don't remember what was mentioned there. Some goals have been met I'm sure. While others probably haven't. That's the nature of goals. You set them high and in a good year you'll be right in the middle. Those that know me know that I'm a very huge Texas Rangers fan. Ive been following them closely ...
Published: Oct 5th, 2015
Join Date: Mar 20th, 2014
17 Pokerstars: The modern day PIMPs
Hello young world. Its been a minute since I have done one of these thang. I hope the new year found you guys in good health and spirit, oh and not broke. Let me just dive into the deep blue called "POKERSTARS." After announcing its rape on the "highrollers" I have noticed a ton of BS promotions running on PIMPstars, that will not only distract, but try to make it seem as if they are doing ...
Published: Jan 9th, 2016
Join Date: Nov 16th, 2012
1 Changing the direction: from downswing to up
First of all, let me introduce myself and what is this my new blog all about. I am Kenad, from a small town called Bijelo Polje in a small country called Montenegro. At the moment I am working as a waiter on the coast in a nice touristic town for a full-time job, and for years I have been engaged in poker. My dream is to become a successful poker player, and eventually to quit ...
Published: Jan 16th, 2016
Join Date: Jul 23rd, 2014
3 Previous Tournament Plus an Unreal Saturday
As 2-3 weeks have passed since I last had chance to sit down and update my blog, I thought I would take the opportune moment this evening. Unfortunately have had some family problems which has stopped me from playing recently and other than work I've not exactly done much. Previously around 3 weeks ago I had one Thursday off work due to working the weekend. This meant I could finally sit down and ...
Published: Oct 17th, 2015
Join Date: Jul 29th, 2012
15 A last big Push
I had a goal of making ten thousand dollars this summer. Right now I'm in the bottom of the ninth bases loaded 2 outs, down probably about 10 runs... Adding up my poker profit from the past few months of summer, I come to a grand total of $4,103.25. My classes for the fall semester will be starting on Monday Morning, giving me one last Sunday to make it all happen. I plan on playing a ...
Published: Aug 23rd, 2015
Join Date: May 8th, 2006
1 The Premium Pair Predicament
A Quick Introduction Recently I have begun my attempt to return to the online tables successfully as a grinder. Sticking with an initial $50 bankroll and playing $2NL full ring, I am going to attempt to slowly replace my outside income with poker over the coming years. Living in Cambodia with a guaranteed monthly check from the U.S. government, I have nothing but time on my hands to accomplish ...
Published: Dec 23rd, 2015
Join Date: Nov 11th, 2008
78 August Results/September
**View my full blog at: for additional information and annual profit** **Follow me on Twitter @Adamsapple19** Been a bit since my last post. I've really been putting in heavy volume and the results weren't such that I much felt like posting. As stated in my last post, I continue to decipher the evolution of the online game since Black Friday. It's been an incredible couple of months, a ...
Published: Sep 5th, 2015