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  1. Giving it a bash this week, looks like a bit of fun with some serious prizes to be had.
    Wish me luck.
    NuttySquirrel - Americas Card Room -

    I have noticed that there is another player that goes by the name of NuttySquirrel on other card rooms -- That is not me !! - The only NuttySquirrel that belongs to me is on Americas Card Room .


  2. It has been a week.

    Trying to recover from my High Five series disgrace, I moved down in stakes and played a lot less tables this week. I put money on Bovada and Carbon and now have a modest bankroll on both.

    I had a deep run in the Carbon $11 7k GTD on Friday but lost a flip late that would have given me heaps. On Saturday, I woke up early to play the 9a.m. $55 Satellite tournament at Rivers Casino. I won one of the seven seats to the monthly $550 without much of a sweat. The $550 started at 12:15, with a 25K starting stack and 40 minute blind levels. This is the perfect structure for my style. Unfortunately we ran into it early (WARNING: BAD BEAT STORY COMING).

    Blinds 75/150

    I don't know exact stack sizes but it was early and everyone was playing tight, so everyone was around 25k.

    UTG: Raise to 400
    Hero: Calls with Jc8c
    SB: Call
    BB: Call

    Pot: 2400

    Flop: J 2 8rainbow

    UTG: bets 1300

    Hero: calls
    SB: calls
    BB: Fold

    Pot: 6300

    Turn: J 2 8 2

    SB: Check
    UTG: Check
    Hero: bets 3000
    SB: Calls
    UTG: Folds

    Pot: 12,300

    River: J 2 8 2 J

    SB: Checks
    Hero: I bet 5k into the pot (my thoughts was that any 'J' is calling and possibly and crying call from a '2'. I thought if I bet more than he could probably find a fold with a '2')

    To my surprise sb does not call but instead...

    SB: Raise 7K More


    I tanked and honestly thought about just calling because he either had a 'J' or he had 22. If it was later in the tournament I think it is an easy jam but this early I don't know if theres any difference in having 35k chips vs 50k+ in chips.

    I ended up jamming and he snap called, I said "do you have quads" and he shook his head yes and I showed the table the sickness. I had 2k left and lost it a few hands later.

    My Redemption

    Since I satellited into the tournament, I was able to re-enter. I was pretty tilted but I was ready to go. Twelve hours later I was at the final table and was one of the chip leaders. 13k up top. I ended up taking 5th for $3,375 after getting bossed around by some old man.

    Updated 2016 Live Results

    Week #1: -$225
    Week #2: +$1690
    Week #3: -$225
    Week #4: NA
    Week #5: +$3,375


    We need to get back to some online results. They are coming! Lots of deep runs in the past week.

    After I get back from Austria, I have decided to play the Hollywood Poker Open Main Event in Toledo, Ohio. The tournament is $150,000 GTD with a $1,115 buyin. It has a great structure and should be a good one to play after coming home from the CAPT.

    I hope all is well. Please let me know what I can do to make this blog more interesting and good luck at the tables.

    Chris Perkins

    Chris Perkins Medium Blog

  3. Hello community!

    January has passed. The month overall was pretty busy because I was sticking to my schedule I had planned for all my off-work days. From the targets I set myself for January I hit 3 out of 4, thus making it 75% success rate. The only thing I could not achieve was poker study time. I wanted to study at least 20 hours in January, but turns out I spent only 18.5hrs.

    I think it is fine as it was the first month of the year and I was testing what I can do and what I can't to see how can I make all my goals more achievable over the year.


    Results wise this wasn't a great start of the year, probably because I was testing quite a lot of things so that I can create perfect structure for my sessions. When was going through my stats on HM2 turned out I was winning around 8bb/100 and EV was sitting at around 9.2bb/100 which is great, because it is an overall 3bb improvement from December. Although it doesn't feel that I was winning much money because I just couldn't win the hands which were the most crucial in the tournaments. Nonetheless I have still keep working on my game, and make sure that my results keep improving. I still keep finding various mistakes when I review my sessions.

    Targets for February

    In February I will have more time for poker, which is great - more sessions, more final tables, more wins etc... I have set a little bit more targets for this month, however they work hand in hand with each other, so I if I start achieving few of them then most likely I will achieve the rest.

    Play 400 MTTs (play 10 tables at a time)
    Study poker for 25 hours
    Hit the gym every day on poker days in the mornings
    Double my bankroll this month
    Increase my bb/100 to 12 EV


    I feel that I could have done it better in January, but as it is the start of the year and the start of my new challenge it had to be expected. I know for sure that I have to give it 110% effort each month with no excuses.

    Also I have started a series of hand analysis on our strategy forum, I have posted only one so far but soon I will posting another hand for breaking down the play. I have in plans few adjustments to the way I post these hands in order to motivate others to put their input.

    Good luck at the tables guys and until the next update,


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