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  1. Hello everybody, I am really happy to be your friend I have been very busy lately meeting up with some

    other people I know , important people too. My friend from the fruit market said that a lot of people

    have a computer inside their house and there is no need for me to stand at the fruit market all day just to

    meet up with and make new friends , all I have to do is get myself a computer and write nice things and

    talk about kittens . This seemed like a perfect opportunity for me because kitten talking is what I do all

    the time and I am not shy to say I do it best. The rest of the people I ran into and all the shop owners in

    the supermarket told me the same thing , I think Garry had already told them what he had got me

    thinking about because even before I got to say a word they were all telling me go home even some of

    the teenagers knew and they knew about the kittens too because they were calling out go home you

    When I got onto the computer my twitter friend Howard L who goes by the cat inspired handle Led rar

    as in the cat goes raar or roar I'm not exactly sure which one because we have never met or exchanged

    messages so I haven't asked him what the rar means or if it is actually lederer and I just read it as a pussy

    roar. With each reference to pussy roar I saw people also say he was on tilt and your a donkey and a thief and some other nasty

    things too.Not being familiar with these terms I typed them into Ask Jeeves to see what they meant, aside from the reference to

    sexual favours with his family and pets there was always references to poker and stealing. Being that he

    is my twitter friend I refuse to believe that he is really a lying cheat he is just a liar who was cheating so I

    looked more at the poker stuff and saw a lot of good things mentioned about this Pocket Fives site or

    Pocket 5's for short.
    The rumours were true Pocket 5's is a lovely site with threads about kittens a few about those donkeys

    that keep popping up and even a few posts about me where people joke about me being a pea brain and

    a Dhead .This is why after writing a blog for a competition on a lesser site I needed help and I knew that I

    had to tell all my friends at the Pocket5's community what I needed , I'll pay you back anytime you like

    and if there is anything any of you need in the future contact me ,I don't care what it is I will always help

    a friend whether you want help moving furniture , or a new recipe for squashed possum and beans ice

    cream or if you need me to hurt myself I'll do it.
    Look I submitted the blog thinking if I was just able to get something down maybe somebody would

    read it like it and then maybe like me.How it actually works is people read the posts and vote for their

    favourite, or you just get your friends and family to vote for you over and over again.This seems flawed

    and easily manipulated and goes totally against my own sense of pride and fairplay ,which outrages me

    because for the first time I was ready to beg steal and cheat my way into the record books but the

    problem still remains,ah I can feel a song coming on...ah yeah sorry about that usually I am very focused

    and straight to the point none of this long winded TLDR type of stuff that would probably signify an

    egomaniac or a socially awkward reject , as I was about to reveal the issue I have is not with exposing

    myself to the scrutiny of the judges or being ostracised from the federal association of blogging

    championships and fun committee 2014 or FAOBCAFC2014 for short of which I am a founding member

    but with the fact that after all these years of being a great person I still struggle to find a way to get people

    to sit on the couch when I want them to or get Garry from the shop on the corner to call me Mr Manila re

    , basically I have no friends to tell to vote for me. Then comes a beacon of light and understanding that is

    Pocket Fives or Pocket5's for short ,sure I don't know what Pocket5's stands for but I am sure that the

    people on it seem real and nice or at least I don't think they will mumble abuse under their breath every

    time they see or hear my name, oh maybe mjw006 does and Nur1ck should start that pretty soon too. So please if you can or if you have the time please vote for MANILA RE

    as it is a matter of life and death "if you want it to be " call me and we can do some yoga or Jenga,yeah

    Jenga is good , hang on I'll just reach over and get my phone I've never needed to give out my number so I don't know it off by heart ,almost got it, I'm in the bath and the phone

    is just in front of the hair dryer , if I just pull the cord on the dryer and drag them both closer I should be

    able to just reach... here it comes... SIZZLE SIZZLE
    You sado masochists.
    Read my shit you sick &%cks if I get some more views maybe I can keep spamming this stuff more often then we can all have something to laugh about, or cry in the process we surely will learn to love ...yes I am crying now.

  2. Anybody familiar with the capabilities of software will understand that it's what the 21'st century runs on.
    Without it the world would grind to a halt.
    Accordingly, it might not be such a bad idea to keep the barest minimum amount of money in your gambling account.
    Word is there is a groundswell from dozens of countries that due to a build up of thousands of complaints from around the world as to one particular online poker site that is raising red flags in regard to signs that their game and players cards are being manipulated by extremely cleverly written software, Interpol are considering obtaining some sort of international warrant to seize and impound the servers to examine every line of code to see if there are any basis for those complaints and to possibly obtain evidence to support money laundering and proceeds of crime charges, as well as player fraud.
    The FBI has had a go at it years ago but so far is still struggling. And this company operates outside their jurisdiction anyway.
    Interpol is the only lawful agency that can gain legal access to their equipment.
    Someone said it would never happen because the online poker moguls have plenty of money to buy them off as well as it being such a monumental task to examine the code. But Interpol, as we know, is incorruptible and like the taxman, once they get ahold of a suspect they're like a dog with a bone.
    Will be interesting to see the outcome here as this particular poker establishment has been trying for years to get a foothold in the States, but maybe that's just their smokescreen to divert attention away from other things.
    Poker being the psychological game that it is, lends itself and software writers to all manner of trickery.
    Stay tuned ....

  3. Hi everyone,

    I have just join pocketfives after being a fan of the site for the past 2 weeks.

    I am from Montreal Canada but now located in Detroit Michigan for the past 4 months. I was here for a job training in electronics. That experience is the worst I ever had in my life. For the past 4 months I had to stop playing poker cause Pokerstars is closed in USA. I have played 3 tourneys on BetOnline and manage to win 3k$ in those ! Was really nice but I had a pain in the a** to withdraw my money. So I decided to boycott this site.

    And now I FREAKING CANNOT WAIT to be back in Canada and get back on my grind and my dream.

    It's been 5 years that I am into poker manage to live on this for the past year when I was still in school. But now I got a job and I realize that what I really wanna do is playing POKER. I wanna be succesfull in poker and I have great ambitions for my poker career. I know my potential and I know I can do this but I also know that it's gonna be a long grind before reaching a point that I will say I am a poker pro. But I really wanna do it and I think I have what it takes.

    Cause at the end you gotta do what you like in life and Poker is my passion !

    That is my first post\blog here. I will try to be a part of the community of pocketfives and looking to help others and be help ! Talking poker makes me happy !

    Have a good one guys and see you on tables in 12 days !!

    P.S. : Sorry for my bad english sometimes I am a french Canadian that's why :p

    Max (angelfire12)

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