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  1. Hey folks!

    I hope you had a great month. I had pretty decent month so to speak. Quite a lot I wanted to discuss today with my April's review, so grab your popcorn, mountain dew and a butt plug, and let’s roll.

    April goals

    Play 650 MTTs - Smashed this goal, played a total of 898 games in April.
    Study poker for 20 hours -
    Goal accomplished, studied exactly for 20 hours.
    Hit the gym every day on poker days in the mornings -
    I would be lying if I said that I did this, due to some other real life priorities I had to skip certain days just so some stuff could be done. But that's fine, I will pick this one up next month.
    Double my bankroll this month -
    Well definitely did not accomplish this. I will discuss this in next paragraphs.
    Increase my bb/100 to 11 EV -
    And last but not least, my EV BB for this month ended to be 9.18bb/100. Even though I came under the goal, which is fine because my winrate shows that I am doing good in terms of the strategic concept of the game.

    Double the bankroll

    This was the toughest part of the month in my opinion. I started the month very poorly results wise and was running well below EV. At some point I felt really lost because I couldn't tell what exactly is not letting me get the wins I strive for, so I started losing on each session I would sit down to play. Before sessions I would open up holdem manager, look at my stats and would say to my self - 'I don't fucking know...' And this went on until my coaching session Assassinato. Once the date I so long waited for came, I was super excited, because Alex is a great coach and I've read so many recommendations about him etc. And I realised that every good thing I have heard about him is actually true. He is definitely the best poker coach in the industry. He looked at my stats and was surprised that I am not making the money that I should, so it was a challenge for him to find the 'cause' in my game that does not let me do that. Which he did, and pretty quickly, after running through various filters in holdem manager. He identified my leaks, gave a lecture how to combat that and explained why what I was doing wrong was wrong, and why the other approach is better. I had such a relief when I found that I have some serious leaks, because at that point I knew what to work on. Definitely an amazing experience, and also worth mentioning is that a session that I booked was for 75 minutes, but it lasted for almost 2 hours. The reason is because Alex is a great guy, who also likes to find out more about his students life, we also talked about random bullshits to make the coaching a more fun experience and he does not charge for that 'bullshit time', so if the coaching got of track, he compensates for that. After the coaching, within few days I got my recording from the coaching so that I can go through it again if I feel that something is missing. Overall I am satisfied in that sense.

    So with help of Assassinato I was able to turn my month around drastically. At the start of the month I had a serious downer for my bankroll, not only I was able to recoup my losses but I also made a modest profit for the month. Here is my BB/100 graph for April:

    You can guess at which point in the graph I got my coaching. ;)

    Bye bye PokerStars

    I am pretty sure all of you know the situation with the Stars. Yes, they suck ass now... Implementation of rake to rebuys/addons, changes in schedules and tournament structures etc. I seriously do not find any value playing now on Stars. Now that the most MTTs how shorter blind levels and there are no longer MTTs I liked, such as the 2R1A MTTs, I no longer wish to play there. And it is not fun playing 1k+ field MTTs with shorter blind levels, with the older structure most MTTs felt like turbos but with the new one it is even worse. So for me bye, bye PokerStars. I will be focusing on the smaller networks such as ipoker, 888, party and winning. Those networks have much better value MTTs, weaker fields and also SMALLER fields. While playing on these networks I can stack more final tables in a month than in 5 months on Stars just because the structures are much better, and benefit more the skilled players.

    May goals

    Play 750 MTTs
    Study poker for 28 hours
    Complete Craig Capurso's 30 Days Out workout
    Triple my bankroll this month
    Increase my bb/100 to 12 EV

    I think these are pretty solid and achievable goals for this month. The reason why I am increasing the bar on the bankroll goal is because this summer I will be going to Latvia with my wife and we will be travelling for a month around Europe and I need to put some money aside for various bills, pay the travel expenses etc. I already got myself an MSI Laptop to be able to play properly while travelling.

    GPPT (Glasgow)

    I have seen that Party are hosting an event here in Glasgow, and I have decided to participate. I will try to play the Day 1 online so that I do not have waste time coming in to play it Day 1 live. It is a $109 event with a pretty decent prize pool of 250k, first place taking about 35k and also additional 50k if you have won a Golden Chip on Party (which I have, hehe). So, I am really looking forward for the event. Will be working hard to get there, and hopefully ship it!


    That is pretty much all I wanted to discuss. The post may be long, but whatever, I hope people reading it enjoy it. :D

    Good luck at the tables!


  2. This will be to track tournaments and cash game sessions.

  3. With the arrival of NJ Pokerstars in 2016 , and hopefully constructive legislature in PA and CA, I think this year we can expect to see some rebirth in the USA for the game we love. A lot of times on this site I see people pointing at the sites , companies and saying... what they can do better or what should be done... But besides playing , how many of us have actually done anything to promote or grow the game. It's not solely on the sites ( even though I think they could be doing more) Some of you will read this and say ... " I play all the time", or "I shouldn't have to do anything to promote this game". Well you are right . You don't have to do anything . Though I feel that being an ambassador to this game and being able to represent it in a positive light is one of the highest honors you can retain.
    One of the healthiest things we can do for the game is to introduce new players. Though the problems I see among newer people I encounter is that there isn't any personal settings someone can learn the game. Newer , younger players pretty much only can learn the game by going to a casino or playing online. Both of which can be confusing or intimidating among these people. A lot of us, myself included, started playing in small home games. I decided to make a list of 12 goals for 2016 to help us promote our game to newer players. If everyone tried to achieve one goal a month I think you may see some small ripple effects from it. I introduce to you" The 2016 NJ P5 Challenge"

    1.) Host a small stakes home cash game, maybe do this during a fight night on TV or during a big sporting event to invite newer players. Keep the game small so no one loses their shirt

    2.)Buy/Wear some poker attire to wear outside of poker arena. Wear to Work , Gym , Bar etc. I cant tell you how many times someone has sparked convo with me at the gym when I wear my old Pokerstars beanie

    3.)Lend a beginner a poker book

    4.)host or play in a charity event in your local area for a good cause

    5.)Lend a friend the movie rounders

    6.)organize a micro cash/tournament among friends to be played online.

    7.)take a beginner to the casino to play 2/4 or 1/2 , and help explain to him the basics

    8.)Give a free coaching session to a buddy

    9.) Have them create a P5 account and twitch account to introduce them to the online community

    10.)host a small tournament as part of a date night. Invite significant others and turn it into a couples challenge.

    11.)take some friends to a free " bar league"

    12.) take a newb to a small daily casino tournament and stake them.

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