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  1. This was meant to be a quick comment at the end of another article on Phil Hellmuth gets someone to explain who this coleman kid is .
    Normally my blogs come with a warning at the end but for this one I will put it out now, this is a different style of writing than you may be accustomed to. There are more entries available, by doing a quick search on this site Pocket 5's you will be able to to acclimatise yourself and once you get a couple under your belt hopefully you will eagerly await my next awakening and article entry. Normally these blogs go on and on (TLDR) this one is a knee jerk so should be suitable for even the worst internet skimmer, please if you are born post 1980 don't take this as a personal attack just a quick straight to the point opinion that I have on the state of poker. Grammar and subject were not checked , the players mentioned were all from memory please don't abuse me for leaving anyone out, actually I would welcome comments on what you guys think and who you guys think has helped our game inthe past present ...future?
    Coleman the hermit back on stage using Hellmuths so called self gratifying antics to draw attention to his own tantrum.For someone who shuns the poker world and needs a heater to keep him in the loop to refuse to aknowledge the value of the players that have come before and will be remembered long after he is gone then to go further and accuse others of shameless self promotion is a bit rich. Let's go back to superbrat I mean coleman refusing the interviews ,which was the the only reason the interview got an extra mention . Then he messes his diaper and mentions Phil's name , if he had not mentioned Phil Hellmuth his little murmur would have died off long ago and caused way less damage. Phil Helmuth actually was the bigger man, I'll write that again Phil Hellmuth was the one who acted graciously after being pulled into the spotlight by this poker gnat fighting for the lights of the poker media. Just realised Coleman is a bad boy he is spontaneous, speaks his mind and doesn't compromise his principals, he'd ride an American made Harley Davidson only the handlebars vibrate too much and manicures are costly even with an ev freeroll that I doubt will be repeated, by Coleman anyway. Broadcasters of our lovely game can barely keep a casual viewer awake for more than 3 minutes during a final table broadcast without a comedian to fill in the gaps and this guy thinks he knows how to play poker. when will we realise that the t-shirt crew may be able to do the numbers but they have no life , no character ,no future value to add to this game. Obtuse or not we loved the WSOP from the early days but 2003 to even 2010 was a real poker tournament with real players not spoilt brats who have no clue what the Hall of Fame is .If not for the pioneers of the game these guys would be playing cards in a basement in Canada at best .Let's see Coleman walk into a cardroom win a pot and walk out of there with any money ,these kids get cold sweats when any female other than mummy talks to them let alone a pissed off delicatessen or old school grinder . This would have been his and all the other kids fates if not for the guys from the aforementioned WSOP broadcasts and the like.Their accounting profession would be their only salvation they would be living the life they were destined to .Poker rooms were being closed across the board in casinos , you couldn't hope to get a game and online may not have been what it is today without the 2003 WSOP result.
    So stand up and applaud the show that was Matusow Hellmuth Farha , Kid Stu Ungar, the other kid Negreaneu , the real old boys Brunson , Puggy, Harrington, Amarillo slim, the rest and the others bad ,good maniacal ,radical right and wrong.
    For if not for the path these boys trailed your current safety net would be non-existent and maybe a broken arm in a staircase accident after you tripped over a bucket and then were hit by a swinging door into the path of a postal van could well have been the reply you got to your misguided wisdom.
    What would Mike Matusows reply have been if he was asked why he spoke trash about Hellmuth? Yeah exactly real poker players. Hellmuth you used to be a wanker and we loved you for it I understand you chose to mellow , the problem is there is no nursery of players coming up behind you to fill the void maybe we should add a paintball round or monster truck poker to every third blind.

  2. I haven't blogged since last year's relatively early exit from the WSOP Seniors event. Not much else happened poker-wise in 2013. I played a NLH Cash game, along with my older brother, at Parx Casino in Philly. Both of us managed to lose our entire $150 Buy-Ins without winning a hand. I lost my bankroll on a single hand when my Pocket Queens were cracked by a 75o straight.

    This year was a bit different. I do have some highlights in what was a fairly interesting poker year.

    Live Poker: Last year, I played just the WSOP as my one and only tournament. In retrospect, that was not a smart thing to do. All I had as practice leading up to it was Playchip tourneys on PokerStars. As Mike Sexton says, Playchips poker is not real poker (or words to that effect). If I ever do go back to the WSOP, I will have some tournament cashes under my belt in the months preceding it.

    This year, I played 9 tournaments. Eight were at good old Viejas and 1 at a remote outpost called Diamond Jim's in Rosamund, CA. I had three cashes for the year (all three were 3 or 4-way splits). I also took a horrific bubble in one and suffered a terrible beat in another when my set of eights were rivered by a Queen with someone holding QQ deep in a tournament. All in all, I played fairly well, albeit a bit too tight.

    I played some live NLH and Limit cash games. The majority of sessions were not particularly profitable and one 3/6 session was particularly brutal. I really am more of a tournament guy.

    I may have an opportunity to play a couple tournaments in Baltimore next month. We'll see what transpires.

    Online Poker: After a three year hiatus, I made my return to online action last September on Carbon Poker. The joy of playing a challenging $5.50 Sit&Go in the comfort of my home was great and something the Government should not deny us in the first place. That joy was somewhat tempered by a pretty bad losing streak and the need to reload. But I kept plugging away, making some deep runs and small (but consistent) cashes in MTTs, but falling short. Last week, I had a breakthrough, a $111.11 First Place cash in a $2.20 rebuy. Finally, the hands where I was ahead pre-flop, stayed ahead after the River. And while I have incurred some dead spells, it isn't because of bad play. I now have a fairly decent bankroll and don't plan on needing to rebuy anytime soon.

    Poker Writing Gig: Jack Jermey from Pokersocialite.com gave me a great opportunity to write some articles for pay on his web site. I got a chance to use some of my material from a manuscript I have been playing with for a few years now that discusses strategy for playing all 169 starting hands. Some links to my articles are here (Questions, comments, and snide remarks are always welcome):


    As Pokersocialite.com was a British site, I also did a fun piece on Best/Worst places to play Poker in the U.S. (Fort McDowell Casino should thank me)

    I even did a review of Betfred.poker which I thought was great, but never got published.

    So 2014 did a lot to invigorate my interest in the ol' game of poker. Looking forward to bigger and better in 2015.

  3. Been two months since I last updated my blog, quite a bit has changed in the past two months for me. My volume has been decreasing due to my workload, and other life issues, therefore making variance higher since I don't play much else but turbo/hyper-turbo MTTs/SNGs. My poker grind was limited this month. I opted for studying postflop play more, an aspect of poker I feel I am strong at, however not good enough to be beating $11+ deepstacks regularly. With less volume I am shocked to say this month has still managed to go pretty well poker wise, although I am running cold, I've managed a few top3 finishes in MTTs to make up for it. Whenever I am in my regular turbo MTTs, I feel I am playing the correct ranges by position and have a massive edge in the games I play. Variance has caught up with me expectedly this month, as I hit a few heaters in August/September where I felt like a God who couldn't lose when I entered a pot!

    Notable cashes since my last update
    Date- Place- Tourney- Cash amount
    9/18 > 3rd, 2.20 Night Owl 6max turbo: $36
    9/19 > 3rd, 5.50 Deep Turbo: $104
    9/22 > 1st, 2.20 6-max hyper-turbo: $102
    9/22 > 3rd, 2.20 turbo knockout: $32
    9/22 > 1st, 2.20 turbo: $43
    9/24 > 11th, OPS #50: $70 (after a massive cooler)
    9/26 > 1st, 2.20+R turbo: $92
    9/28 > 6th, Sunday Micro: $52
    10/18 > 3rd, 1.10+R turbo: $86
    10/22 > 3rd, 2.20+R turbo: $66
    10/28 > 1st, 2.20+R turbo: $92
    11/5 > 2nd, $11 6-max knockout: $246
    11/13 > 2nd, Nightly 2.20 deep: $165 (first deepstack FT in ages)
    11/21 > 2nd, 2.20 6-max hyper-turbo: $74

    Small cashes, however I rarely played a tourney $11+ and my volume wasn't as high as before. Didn't tend to hit any mega-heaters either. I ended up profiting decently over this time and didn't hit any huge downswings.

    Upcoming Poker Goals

    250 MTTs by the end of the year
    Get back on the OPR Top 150
    Average 2 final tables per week by the end of the year
    Win an $11 MTT
    Win two MTTs by the end of the year
    Sattellite into the $215 Sunday Big Ticket and cash
    Buy an HUD in order to study/improve more
    Buy a new computer since my current one crashes occasionally and freezes (waiting til Black Friday for a cheap deal on one)
    Get a subscription to ICMizer to help with tough shove/fold spots and final table play
    Learn how to play 4-6 tables profitably and focus in order to increase volume, unfortunately I can't play 16 tables while doing two other things and still be bored *cough FattieQ* so 6 tables is my goal.

    Life Goals

    Eat healthier (I'm a fast food addict!)
    Start replacing soda with water more (getting better at this)
    Walk/Run 2 miles a day
    Get back on a normal sleep schedule and stop going to sleep at 4am! (sorta like now)

    Will be playing a few OPS Main's this Sunday ($11 two bullets, $33 one bullet, and the $215 if I can satty) in hopes I can score large.

    Thank you for reading!

    Trent aka trent32la

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