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  1. Today was not the greatest of showings, but I feel I was able to bring some positives out of the day. I started fast getting 3 streets of value from a pair of Kings. Everything went down hill from there, as I ran some big hands into bigger hands in spots against some shorter stacks. JJ <QQ, AK <AA, and a pair of nines vs JJ twice. I was out on the last hand before the first break.

    I spent the rest of the day on the rail watching my buddy nearly get to day two, and the conclusion of Event #1. I had some conversations with some players about stack management that I found helpful. Mostly because there are more players than I was aware of who are willing to fold in spots they probably shouldn't. I feel good looking at the field that remains for day 2 from this group and my second bullet tomorrow will be better than the first. Also, with the weekend coming, and the Borgata tourney ended, there should be a large influx of circuit regs and weekend warriors. Today drew 124 and tomorrow should be at least twice that.

    The Event 1 final table was interesting, in that I watched some seemingly inexperienced player lose his shit after his AQ was cracked by AT. His reaction was embarrassing, and he had no idea. I found the whole thing amusing and really find it hard to believe I was ever capable of acting like that (although I certainly was). My game mentality has improved exponentially and I recognize when my mentality is affecting my game. There was a time this was the furthest thing from true and I feel very good about these improvements.

    So despite not playing for more than 2 hours, I was able to spend the day productively. I was able to reinforce my own positive mentality and feel good going forward that this trip truly has the potential to be great and propel me to the World Championship seat I've made as my goal since the beginning. Sometimes I let bad results get to my head, and a day like today helps me recognize that I have what it takes to attain my goals.

    Event #1 ended in rather strange fashion. The eventual winner won a pot giving him 1.1million of the 1.25 million in play. He offered his opponent some money to let him win the ring and his opponent agreed to it and tried to tell the dealer and director it was over. The dealer told them there were no chops allowed, and they needed to play it out. At this point the winner told his opponent to bet all but a chip and then fold to his shove. He bet all but 6k and folded to a shove, and was then all in in the blind and eventually was knocked out. I didn't hear what the deal was, but he clearly conceded with a 10-1 chip disadvantage. This is a violation of the rules as far as I can tell, because chops aren't allowed and they clearly rigged the end result. I was not impressed, but whatever, it's not my issue to address. The director and dealer as well as another witness stood by while this happened and did nothing. It was all very shady.

    Tomorrow is a new start to event 2 and I feel good about my play and the field. It's time to step up and get it done.

  2. I have been remiss in updating this blog at all. I left Vegas after basically bubbling the final table of event 11 and then rolling the dice in the event 12 turbo to no avail. I haven't played a lot of poker since then because I've been focusing on other things. Yesterday a buddy of mine and I took the 8 hour trek to Chester, PA for the Philadelphia Circuit.

    This casino is literally a stones throw from the Chester State Prison. From the parking garage and lobby you can see inmates in their cells. It's all very strange. There is not a hotel at the casino, which makes a lot of sense the more I think about it. What a view!!

    Today was event #1 and with Easter weekend upcoming and the Borgata Spring Open 30 minutes down the street the event only drew a field of 123. The field seemed to consist of a large contingent of locals and a minimal number of east coast familiar faces. No sightings of Ringo just yet, but hope still remains.

    I was able to grind down to the last 40 players or so, but was never really that deep stacked and made a questionable play or two. Despite this new age of poker, there are a few spots where stack conservation may supersede trying to win a flip against a group of weaker players. I overplayed 44 in a spot where a few short stacks were antsy to get their chips in and ended up flipping off half my stack unnecessarily.

    I ultimately 3 bet shoved two tens into a guy making a move with 8c6c and he rivered a flush. I feel my play was okay and really felt better during our brief bustout drive back to the motel. My buddy folded too many hands and missed some opportunities and didn't seem to even realize it. However, he did confirm that I slowrolled a guy (accidentally, oops!) I was involved in a hand with a shorter stack and had AA vs his QQ, and after getting it all in pre, I went to open my hand and flipped only one Ace, and when I realized only one card was exposed flipped the second. The board ran out and my hand held, I glanced up as I stacked my chips he wordlessly walked away. He walked over to his buddy at the same table my friend was seated and went in a tirade about some "punk slowrolled Aces" and my friend laughed to himself and thought nothing of it. I didn't consider the fact he may have felt slowrolled until a few minutes later and dismissed the idea. I mentioned it when we got back to the room, and he asked, "that was you?" and told me about my opponent's reaction. I laughed and I kind of feel bad, because it was not intentional and the guy probably thinks I'm a duck now. I'll apologize if I see him tomorrow which seems likely, because he seems like a local regular and it's not nice to disturb the local wildlife. I'll save my slowrolls for those who deserve it.

    So despite having to start this trip a little shorter stacked than I would have liked, and the odd accommodations and locations, I'm beginning to feel some promise on this trip. It feels good to be back on the grind and I have some work to do to qualify for the Circuit Championship next month. I hope these smaller fields will play to my advantage and allow me to lock up my chance for the first bracelet awarded in the state of New Jersey. It would be nice to build some cushion for the WSOP this summer as well.

    Tomorrow should be a larger turnout, and has 2 starting flights and I am prepared to fire two bullets, but I hope and feel it may not be necessary.

    For any of you that may read this and want to follow my foibles in the poker world, I have finally joined the Twitter world. Follow me @RizzoPoker.

  3. I win some money but , i'm losing too much now a days . I earn about 3K but , lossed already 2k .i usually play 1-11$ MMT game . how i can control it ? please need your advice,,,,,,,,,

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