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  1. So here i am again writing in this blog a few hours before my Sunday session. There are a lot of things that i use to attempt to get motivated before all of the virtual cards fly in the air. Will i ship the $109? Will i ship the Sunday Big 33 15k ect, ect, ect. Poker is a game that i just wish i had never got involved in sometimes; As it's just so demanding on your mental, and social lifestyle. I mean if you take the game as serious as i do,i suppose this shit just comes with the territory;"Im not really sure". What i do know is that the more you work, the better understanding you get of the total dynamic of poker in general. I have never claimed to be this great player; But i guess i do work on my game a tad bit more than the avg mtt'r does.

    Ive been into poker for a while now, but many of those years were spent not knowing what the fuck i was doing. It took several years to actually get into the know of poker ect; But i guess now i kinda have a clue about the game theory blah blah or whatever. I post all of my important entries and runs on my Facebook page every Sunday; As my family and the few friends i have are very supporting of me. It seems like the little effort i have actually put forth,has been somewhat successful to a certain extent. I work from Monday-Sunday with two weekends off a month. During the course of a month i work 84 hours a week on my 7 day weeks; And 60 hours a week on my free weekends.

    During these times i also have to fit study and play time into my already shitty schedule. And let me be the first to tell you that it's not easy to work and play optimally. I have a ton of respect for all the guys here who work a 9-5 and can also take and play poker at a competitive level. I can't even begin to tell you how hard shit is for me; Trying to play a game that i love like a brother and also running a household with 5 kids and the ole Lady! Now factor in work,heat, no rest,birthdays,holidays,study time ect. Then getting through the bad days or poker; As well as the bullshit a work and there you have it.

    So hopefully we will have a productive Sunday today; Because i won't see another free weekend until the next 14 days. Sundays are very important to my mtt life and running well would really ease a lot of pain lol. Every week and everyday i am getting better and better; And ive seen a lot of guys preach the "Get rich or die trying" sermon. But in the end remember you have to work on your game away from the table. It's easy to talk shit about your hand never holds; or the donks always get there ect. But a real man/woman, poker player ect makes no excuses! I have no idea why so many guys are talking about moving or going to Mexico. I mean i plan to go there myself and play for a week out the month; As i have it set up at work to pan out with my vacation time; Spread out over a year. But the bottom line is this!!!! If your losing here and your not working on your game; Your going to lose on PokerStars are anywhere else you play! First put in the time and do yourself a big favor; And work on your game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well I have to admit my game slipped a bit in July although that was mainly due to running good irl. Started dating a girl and had a cousin in town so spent less time on the virtual felt. Probably my biggest leak was donating some money on PL Omaha cash but I needed a break and like anything else you often have to lose in the beginning in order to get better at the game. At this time my roll is at 1321, so my goals are still in reach I just need to step it up. It also hurts that I didn't have many top 3s at all in the big final tables I made. Still getting the opportunities just gotta close. Looking forward to Maximus as I final tabled 3 events last year and won 4k in a week, won a p5s competition, and used the money to purchase my MacBook (my most successful week of poker). Let me address my goals going into the month...

    1. Hit a bankroll of 1500
    - not quite 1321
    2. Hit 5 scores of 200 - not quite (5 scores of 169+, not enough top 3s or I get there)
    3. break top 20 in texas sortable rankings on p5s, top 250 on opr in both bronze and silver levels - currently 21st in texas, 112th on bronze, and 233rd on silver
    4. work out more - massive fail, only gonna get harder as I'm taking an extra class in addition to 2 jobs, and dating
    5. eat better - see #4

    Here are my goals for August.. Gonna adjust them slightly to reflect what I have going on irl...
    1. Hit a bankroll of 2250
    2. Hit a score of 450
    3. 5 scores of 175
    4. Be profitable at gold level (currently -1% roi)
    5. improve at cash

  3. I will be headed to Winstar later this month to play in River Series Event #1 ($350 - 300k Guarantee). I grind micro/low stakes tourneys online and have had some success in recent months thanks to studying the game via P5s, 2p2, and reddit.com/r/poker. I'm a decent live player with final table appearances on many daily tourneys and a 2nd place finish at a Beau Rivage event last year on top of a few thousand in winnings playing 1-2 and 1-3 cash. I bubbled a few WSOPc events as well.

    I've been chasing a big live tourney score for a few years now and this is the year that I will finally get it! I send positive thoughts and run good to all of my P5ers out there, especially those on my rail. If any of you are going to be there, we should definitely meet up and hang out for a bit.

    I will post a report after my successful trip, but if you want the up-to-date scoop on my Winstar grind, then follow me on Twitter, @TripleFo

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