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  1. Hi,

    I'm yet to post on PocketFives as I am unaware to where I should start, but since I have had a recent prop bet with a friend of mine regarding the p5 leaderboard I felt this was a perfect place to start a blog.

    A bit of background info - I've played since '08 and always had a desire to succeed in poker, although at the same time I've tried to keep my parents happy (difficult to do both). Having made it through University and graduating, the inevitable has happened and since October I have as good as grinded full time with the guidance of some top top coaches.

    I currently play 5 days a week and my sessions are probably on average 12 hours, as I register from 3pm - 10pm GMT, attempting to keep between 10-12 tables on screen. I currently have an ABI of about $25. Although I understand it is very difficult to judge without knowing my ability and variance of other players being a factor, but if I was to keep up this new found work ethic is it possible for me to break into the top 1k of players on p5's by christmas, and if so what would the chances be? I currently sit around 1,400th.

    Even if it seems highly unlikely I shall continue to post what will probably be a weekly update after rankings are updated on Wednesdays to keep track of important points in the timeline and build up some sort of sweat.

    glglgl at the tables!

  2. Hey All

    Some time ago I was able to rearrange my schedule to allow me to only work 4 days per week so I could spend 3 days per week playing poker at my favorite destination the Borgata in Atlantic City. Since that time I have been building up a growing bankroll playing 2/5 and 5/10 NL. As my bankroll continued to grow I have wanted more and more to take it to the next level. While I am getting really close to that level I wanted to start a blog and share my journey as it continues.

    I am from the Middletown area so it is roughly a 1.5 hour ride to AC each week for my 3 days. I spend the two nights staying at the Borgata. However recently my wife found out from her job she can transfer down to the Manahawkin area if she likes so after lots of discussion and financial planning we decided we would start making plans to make a move with her transferring down south and me giving poker a full time go when the time comes. So we just recently put our house on the market and now we will wait while it sells before moving down south. So for the time being I will continue to play 3 days per week while working the other 4 at my job while we wait for the process to unfold. Anyway I just wanted to post this and I will post how things are going each week after the trip. My next trip is set for the 9/10/11th of July.

    Update to follow after that!

  3. Haven't updated in a while so figured now would be a good time... First to review my June goals..
    1. Hit a bankroll of 750 by end of month - I was able to accomplish this mainly behind the strength of shipping a 5r turbo on Jun 19 for 240ish.. rewarded myself by taking a 2nd cash out and then proceeded to go on a downswing
    2. Hit a score of 200+ - shipped 5r turbo for 240ish
    3. Have at least 2 three figure scores, 5.50 500 knockout ship for 170ish, 5r turbo for 240ish
    4. Get on workout routine still an epic fail
    5. Eat healthier and sleep more this one needs improvement as well

    Right now I am experiencing a mini heater.. over the last 5 tourneys I've had 4 top 4 finishes.. I'm up like 1200 during that span. I rewarded myself with a 3rd cash out and atm my roll is sitting at 1355.05 which gives me a great start for hitting my monthly goal. It's been a great run already and hard to believe that in April I was struggling to stay afloat with my initial 50 dollar deposit. Hope to keep things headed in the right direction. I think lately a lightbulb has gone up and I've just been doing well at picking my spots and always trying to apply controlled aggression. I also realize that I'm simply on the good side of variance. Have to ride it out while it lasts. I also was able to play in the Sunday Big Ticket last month (sattied in for 11). Nothing gives you the adrenaline rush or added motivation than playing in a Sunday Major. Anyways, here are my goals for July

    1. Hit a bankroll of 1500
    2. Hit 5 scores of 200
    3. break top 20 in texas sortable rankings on p5s, top 250 on opr in both bronze and silver levels
    4. work out more
    5. eat better

    end of July Bankroll goal: 1500
    end of August Bankroll Goal: 2500
    end of Sept Bankroll Goal: 3750
    end of Oct Bankroll Goal: 5250
    end of Nov Bankroll Goal: 7000
    end of Dec Bankroll Goal: 9000

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