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  1. Hey everyone!

    I am Ivan. I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, and now live in Europe splitting time, for the most part, between Prague, Warsaw and Vienna.

    A few years back I used to regularly play PLO $200-600, however, for over four years now I have been involved in professional staking and developing various poker-related projects.

    Here are some of them:
    MTTMarket.com - a staking platform, cornerstone of which is an assessment of each player who places a staking offer. [Link to a PocketFives thread]
    2CardsCollege.com - the largest poker school in the Russian-speaking community (over 100 students enrolled), currently expanding into the international realm. [Link to a PocketFives thread]

    I will be writing about these ventures in corresponding threads. In this blog I will write about my personal matters and topics that have become the basis for my similar blog in Russian language and have made it one of the most popular blogs in Russian poker community.

    Thus, the main topics for this blog will be:

    1) The Theory of Staking
    Surprisingly enough, this topic is almost untouched in the poker world from the theoretical perspective. Most of the people purchasing stakes constantly do it with a large negative mathematical expectation. Many of them do not understand the math of staking, however, they are willing to buy any offer on any conditions from any player with a total profit of $200K+.

    2) Poker coaching
    The times when you could make money in poker without hard working on your game are gone. There are still players who continue to win something without working on their game. However, this is only a temporary phenomenon. I know three of this type of players and they are all losing now.

    3) Arts
    Literature, visual arts, music, theater, cinematography – these are my hobbies, and I devote a lot of time to write about them in my Russian blog.

    4) Business
    Prior to starting the projects mentioned above, for several years, I had been an investment manager for one of the investment funds that specialized in investing into internet-related projects, and had been involved directly in management of different internet companies.

    5) Life in Russia
    Generally, in my Russian blog, I write about life in Europe, since that is what interests my readers there the most. However, I presume that here the topic of Russia will be more intriguing for you. So, please do not hesitate to ask questions.

    6) Traveling
    I love traveling and do it quite often, for the most part around Europe. I will be posting photos from various trips here.

    Here goes!

  2. hello, im Aiden, im 23 and im from burton on Trent in the midland, UK, aspiring pro poker player

    i say aspiring, i actually have enjoyed playing poker since i learned how to play it getting towards turning 18 years old, i have had some successful times playing poker, mainly live cash, but my gambling has always been my downfall.

    Before i start ile tell you all that im not a massive online enthusiast i just stick to live cash games which is why i don't have much lifetime online earnings. before anyone judges if they looked at my profile first before this.

    Any sort of Bankroll i have ever had, built up through poker or just saving a wage has always been blown on other forms of gambling i.e roulette, blackjack, football betting and slots etc, if i had managed to curb this addiction i may have been able to build a good poker bankroll by now, but unfortunately not which is a big regret lol, i think since turning 18 in the previous 5 years my poker earning have topped over £15,000 in live and online earnings which may not seem alot to many high rollers on here lol, but like i said unfortunately all my profits have all gone back into the hands of the dreaded casino , if this wasn't the case my bankroll could have been a decent size by now if I didn't lose it all elsewhere, i have now changed my ways and i can just stick to and concentrate on poker, my biggest single tournament win being a $1800 win beating a 2177 strong field in the PKR mini masters (although my profile hasn't got it recorded because P5s were not tracking PKR when i won it, and biggest single pot win on cash being a $5300 Pot playing $5/10 cash game on PKR.

    I am currently in the British army, but in Jan 2016 i will be leaving the forces and i plan on travelling to Vegas for 4 weeks with a smallish bankroll of a minimum $8000, i will be going just to play $1/2 for 4 weeks to see how i get on, i will then be evaluating my bankroll and then deciding whether i will be staying for another month and so on and just go from there and hope this is the start of a fantastic journey for me :)

    My main aim for the first few months is to just find my feet and get comfortable with playing in Vegas,i hope to be in profit and my goal is to still be around vegas in may to be there for WSOP 2016

    If anyone would like to leave any advice etc then just comment below

    I will be regularly updating this Blog as of Jan 2016 to keep you all up to date with any progress i make :)

  3. In my last post, I said I would keep up the tournament grind, well that was a lie. I have been sticking to mostly cash for the past week or so now and it has been going alright. I was able to make it to the comma club ($1,000 in my account) the other day, until a dreadful cash session that had me dropping several buy ins. For cash, I almost always buy in for the minimum amount, which makes decisions lots easier when multitabling. I recently started playing 50NL as well as a few short sessions to try out 100NL. I only play 6 max cash, and the games have been absolutely insane lately.

    Each table averages maybe 1 or 2 fish who are just giving away money, however there are the regs who are restealing constantly. In a matter of minutes I have been up 125 dollars, just to give it right back with the massive pots that grow before the flop. It has definitely been a reality check, playing these stakes regularly will take focus and concentration, and not watching netfllix.

    In the coming days, I am going to record my play with a screen recorder and put it up on youtube. This will mainly be for me to review sessions, as well as get others opinions on hands if I run into trouble. I have watched plenty of poker on twitch, and have tried streaming myself, but I do not think I have the computer power, or understanding of the computer to be able to do that.

    I am going to post a link to the youtube videos if anyone is interested in watching, I am going to do my best to narrate as I play, giving my thought processes as I go. I feel if I begin to say them out loud, it will improve my game as I will always be fully invested into every decision I make.

    I will be putting in lots of volume the next few days, and good luck at the tables

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