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  1. I started my bankroll challenge with 40 dollars, ran it up to 140 in a matter of only a few thousand hands playing cash. However, since then I have hit a downswing and am back down to 100 dollars. MY bb/100 is still at 7.57, which if I can sustain I would be very happy with. The past few hands in my most recent session had me splitting a 10 dollar pot after a guy hit a 1 percent hand on the river, and also several instances where I flopped sets, only to be had by flopped flushes. My usual buy-ins for the 10NL are the minimum at only 3 dollars. It is not the most profitable way to play, but it makes decisions very easy, and that always helps when your playing 10 tables. There are lots of fish at these stakes, however there are also the regs that I must keep an eye out for. However, I am not worried and I always know that the first downswing is always the hardest when building a roll. Good luck to all those grinding out there.

  2. I could go in depth into figures and break down everything I played but for a number of reasons I won't do this. While my goal remains the same I have decided to alter my journey. Regards mtts my initial rules will apply (look at blog 1 for these). However I have decided to change my approach to the heads up hypers. This may take me longer to reach my goal but it eliminates the chance of any huge swings that will affect my confidence. In my opinion it is 100% guaranteed that I will complete the challenge at some point. Initially I was met with some skepticism for my perilous bankroll approach but this new approach will indicate how big of a nit I really am. I may be burning money in the long run by not playing higher limits but c'est la vie. Security is a extremely valuable to me. A small downswing at the 7s ultimately brought me to this realisation. Now for my extremely nitty bankroll rules:

    I cannot move up to a new level until I have 200 buy ins at that new level and I must move down if I go below 150. Thus I need $1400 to play the 7s. Nitty? An understatement perhaps. However I am content with such rules and they will make each transition smoother and less precarious. So how did month 1 go you ask? Reasonably smooth. A bink in one heads up tournament was extremely beneficial while 4or5 bubbles hurt like mad. An initial heater at the 7s was rewarding while a small downswing both affected my confidence and made me reanalyse my targets and move back to the 3.50s. When all was said and done I ended the month with $945. I guess a profit of roughly $840 any month can't be sniffed at a recreational game. I am looking forward to month 2 and hopefully revisiting the 7s at some point and crushing them :).

    Gl at the tables

  3. Will add results later


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