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  1. Bankroll update: 342.90

    I just finished the second week of my summer grind session and it went very well. I said in my last post that I was not playing too many tournies, but have begun to incorporate them more often. My daily goal has been to play at least 2 hours every day, which is very reasonable since I am off of school for a few weeks and have only been working my part time job. Since my last post I have logged about 25k hands with a bb/100 rate of around 8. Almost all of these hands have been logged at 10NL, which is staying in my bankroll limits. This does not include about 10 tournaments that I have played with my best finish being 4th in a turbo for about 55 profit.

    I have been playing about 18 tables at a time during my sessions, which was probably too many when I was still getting used to grinding again, but now has been going fine. I have also been trying to choose spots to get my money with less variance, staying away from the big coin flips that can make or break a session. I know I have been playing well, I began to sit out at tables after a 1200 hand session the other night, more than one player wrote "phew" in the chat.

    I'll continue to grind as much as possible the next few days, and put an 11 dollar Carbon OPS Main event ticket to work tomorrow in the 11 dollar main. Hopefully, I can make a deep run and grind my roll up even further. I also might play a 35 dollar live tourney tomorrow at a room near Gainesville, which is exciting cuz I haven't played a live tourney in over a year.

    Peace out and good luck at the tables

  2. Month 2 is in the bag and it went reasonably well. I know I struggle with the structure I have set. I also struggle with any slight downswing in the hyper HU games. If i am on a small downswing I switch to the $3.50s which I know is ridiculous. Instead of trying to have an optimal income per hr/game I decide to reduce my variance by playing lower limits. I also incorporated mtts that were out of my initial premise. Although these are within my bankroll they illustrate how I struggle with my initial structure. I certainly know this affected my overall results and when revising how my month went I noticed I only played 50 $10.50 hu tournaments in the month. This is poor. While I hope to refocus in moth 3 I also plan to reduce my overall schedule. I feel I need a small break from poker and plan to take it in week 1 of this month.

    However I also have a mini project for week 2 or 3. I plan to implement a full scheduled week. A 'weeks work' sort of idea. I will put my exact schedule up prior to starting; incorporating 40 hours plus and the exact mtts I will play. So month 2 is in the bag and overall it was slightly more profitable then month 1. I started extremely well in the heads up mtts and had a 1st place and a second place in week 1. I also had a few bubbles and then i sort of drifted from these throughout the month thus only playing 50. The hypers went reasonably well too. Again I just have to focus on playing the 7s and stop being such a nit. Thus I ended the month with a bankroll of $2015 and $1075 profit for month 2. Week 1 is going to be slow in month 3 but check back here if you want to see my schedule for the 1 week experiment and to see how it goes. Gl at the tables :)

  3. No doubt this game can be trying. The mental aspect of poker is huge and a side of the game that is often overlooked, especially at the lower limits. Inevitably I have wandered off course. The heads up grind has gotten to me slightly and while i have reduced the number of games played recently I have also dabbled in a number of mtts that originally were not in my plans. I took a small shot outside my roll playing a $33 tournament. Thus I decided to restrict mtts above $22.

    The week after my first monthly review went extremely well and I managed 3 good scores in the heads up mtts. This was followed by 3/4 bubbles. :( I then incorporated a few more mtts and reduced heavily my heads up schedule. I plan to continue a reduced heads up schedule until next week and then refocus. I have also decided that I am allowed to play 1 $11 mtt every night I wish. This does not include 1 weekly shot at the big 11 and 1 weekly shot at the big 22. The nightly tournament I plan to incorporate is a $10.50 super knockout mtt in which you get $5 for every knockout. This tournament is extremely fishy. Again incorporating this blog allows me to remain focused and keeps me on track.

    I will give my monthly review shortly but for now my bankroll stands at $1730. I am happy with this and hopefully the odd decent mtt score will help me reach my goal but for now gl at the tables :)

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