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  1. Yesterday was the first day I started to play micro MTTs. I have moved away from the $10 freerolls and now playing $0.10 -$.50 MTTs on America's Cardroom with the goal of increasing stakes $.25 every other month. I am currently reading 'Let There Be Ranges' and I can tell you its and easy and profitable read.
    My tourneys from yesterday

    $100GTD - 6 Max PLO buyin .$50 8th place $3
    WSOP SAT 1 seat NLHE buyin $.50 7th place no seat

  2. Thanks for taking the time out to even look at this blog.
    I saw a thread earlier, and thought to myself... how crazy is this life of poker.
    Holding down a regular job, balancing your personal life is hard if you're thinking about or doing poker hours and hours for the day.
    I know I am missing out on a whole lot of socializing playing poker. But honestly its the risk i'm going to take.
    This game is something I love... bad beats including (well except for the ones against Canadian players) but that's for another blog :D
    Until next time guys.
    Stay true to your heart... never let you passion run dry.

  3. Hey my name is Andrew, but I go by the name "big nem" on pokerstars.

    I am new to pocket fives, but I am here to be part of the community and try and learn/share as much knowledge as I can so I can get better at this game. I don't have a job and I have very little to invest in poker, although my living expenses aren't an issue (at the moment). This provides me with the 2 most important things needed: Time and motivation. I don't mind playing at the smallest levels to help me learn the basics (I thought that I have known the basics for years, but I think i'm still missing some fundamentals). I have a small bankroll and I want to see if I can turn it into a real living. My style is naturally conservative for I am a conservative person and mathematical. I have studied a fair amount of poker math and I am a programmer so I have done some simulation type stuff as well. My best and favourite game is 9max zoom games on pokerstars.

    My current goal is to get to around £3000-£4000 in bankroll so I can go to the live £1/£1 and £1/£2 games in my city which are filled with absolute idiots and crush them. (Last time I played I was able to open jam KK for 150bb and get a call from Q5s and a call behind from AJo, thats how profitable these games are).

    I first learnt poker about 9 years ago, and thought I was a boss straight away! (Clue: I wasn't) and I played in some home games and a little bit of online, but nothing too serious.
    Fast forward to 2011 and I decided to give grinding a try, and I tried to play NL2 and crush it, but it was I that got crushed. For about a year and a half after that I tried grinding stupid low buyin live cash games, with a little bit of success and then I chopped the big $4.40 on pokerstars for around $2700 and instantly started grinding NL50 with it (Hey, I was rolled for it right!). This did not end well, although I didn't lose too much to that. I squandered the rest of the money on having fun.

    By 2013 I must have improved a little bit because I was able to crush 2NL, it seemed and I was also making a decent amount at 10NL over a small sample (80k) and at 25NL at an even smaller sample. I got up to $1200 and decided to take my bankroll to the casino to play live cash games at £100 a buy-in. I got crushed by the swings and got knocked down to £600 and I ragequit poker and had some fun with it.

    I am currently grinding 2NL zoom FR, 4 tables on pokerstars, trying to master the game. I've played about 60,000 hands this year with an observed winrate of c. 4bb/100. I've tried to take a couple of shots at 5NL but i've just been devastated by run bad/playing scared/playing results oriented or a combination of the three, and have been knocked back down to 2NL. I was taking shots when I got to $100 in my account, giving myself 5 buy-ins before moving back down.

    When I play 2NL I don't look at my results in HEM or my cashier until the end of the week (or after each 25k hands). I can do this comfortably because I know that I have enough money in my account to smooth out the swings and I have had a fair amount of success at 2NL before. I feel that not repeatedly looking at results helps me focus more on improving my play, both on and off the table.

    I lost my big database when my pc died at the end of the last year, but I know that over the past 2-3 years I had had great success at 2NL, epic fail at 5NL (like -50bi over c.100k hands) and some success at 10NL and 25NL. How much variance is in these results, I do not know but I suspect rather a lot.

    My current plan is to take my current bankroll of $74.73 (I'm not in a position to invest more at this point) and simply try and work on crushing 2NL and not even thinking about 5NL yet. As I said I have a lot of time, and I want to truncate all of my crappy decisions from the game and optimize as much as I can going forward.

    I have a few questions from you readers:

    1. Can it be done, or am I mental? I'm optimistic I can make it work with hard work and research
    2. Should I try and learn how to play 6max at the lowest level and throw FR away. FR is where I feel most comfortable but I know the games dry up and there is a lot more learning material for 6max available, although I don't intend to play much beyond 100NL online, at least for the forseeable future.

    Thanks for reading guys! :)

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