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  1. So many of you know that I built a roll out of 50 bucks a few months ago.. Through hard work, dedication, and a lot of luck I grinded a roll out of it. Tonight was the culmination of all the sweat, tears, and heartache that I've poured into the game. Nothing but doubters and people thinking I'm a degenerate along the way. Without the support of many of you I wouldn't be where I am today. I shipped the 33 10k for 2200ish and the 5 3k for 555ish tonight for the best night of my poker career. Keep the dream alive and don't ever let people tell you what you can and can't do!!!

  2. The typing has started and I still have not committed or even considered a topic of discussion. Here I am on the second sentence just stringing it along filling up space , this is starting to mirror my poker study , if I have the balls to call it study that is.Study is still random lists of videos and forum streams getting organised and indexed and skimmed through without actually taking any advice from them , not because the posts or videos are lacking credibility(not that I'd be able to tell if they were talking sense or just spouting numbers and so called perfect scenarios)
    This blog entry is a follow on from a previous attempt at poker stardom or at least knowing whether a straight beats a flush on a double paired board when you get check raised by a duck or a Lederer.
    Personally the posts that I weakly attempted to camouflage as real work are related to the percentages that I should already have figured out by using pokerstove and Equilab. If not the question relating to equity and perfect play by the numbers poker , my questions are still dominated by what do the stats mean which gets answered look on HEM2 FAQ because I don't even know what it is I am asking for , so I have needed to further reduce the complexity and show quite obviously that the idiot's guide to HEM2 stats was written for me but needs a re-edit to bring in picture stories and maybe a baby sitter or morning happy land hour with stuffed animals so while I drink my warm milk( not able to handle/touch hot milk as I will surely burn myself) in the morning the specialised host can explain things to me through a 34 part series of lessons which will send others to drink hot milk and purposely scorch their crotch with it.
    Let me finish with another attempt at what my mind thinks I need to know to feel better playing online poker.Harrington on online 6-max cash games goes through various stats and their labels ,logically using two or three stat numbers he explains what can be at times straight forward(once he points them out to me) while others are close to genious with simple two to three paragraph examples .Hopefully this was not another failed attempt by me to get my fellow members to do my legwork but rather the beginning of a beautiful mind being unlocked and once and for all the jumble of numbers on my table hud can be useful rather than a hinderence , maybe I can stop hyper ventilating when I am faced with a 37c bet.
    Cheers all and GG.
    PS: normally the entries aren't this boring but I may be getting old or maybe along with poker wisdom comes the burden of maturity so weep with me as I wave away my wit say "Ta-ta " to my supposedly unique writing style, there's no use saying good bye to my balls as my wife should be home soon and luckily for me she has got them with her .

  3. Like a lot of people, I have a day job. I love the game of poker and try to reserve time to play certain evenings or even on the weekends (especially sunday) all the while trying to make time for my girlfriend, who has been supporting of my passion for the game for the most part, understand my compulsion to play. I am not a professional so it is not easy to convince her that its more than just of a game to me. I do have a few good scores to my name and have finished very high in large fields a numerous amount of times. I love to read up and study the game to try and improve.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on ways improve playing recreationally, best value tournament suggestions to play in the US (considering i can only play a few times a week), or advice on how to approach the gf?

    All comments are appreciated!

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