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  1. When I reached my 1st target of $1k (this took a while!) after a slog through the micros I decided to concentrate on MTT´s for a bit. After a rather lovely heater 4 month heater I tripled + my roll to $3.5k. After which I decided I would have a serious go at this poker business.

    I wanted to be a stay at home mum who was at home during the hols and when the kids get sick. I loved the flexibility and as the average local wage (rural Europe) was Euros 500 PER MONTH for a 40 hour week, ANY income for me would have been a bonus.

    Kids went back to school and I started in earnest, 3 days and 2 nights and a min of 2 review/study sessions per week.
    Day 1 the downswing started and continued for 600 games, for me the worst one ever. Not all of this was variance but a chunk of bad play tilt after 300 games. Worked on, of course. I know I still have a lot to learn but my EV line faced north whilst my winning line went south. The upswing did arrive but so did another downswing which is where I am currently.

    Lessons to be learned from this:

    1) NEVER EVER underestimated how many buy ins you need as a cushion. Unfortuately I didn´t move down soon enough as I kept expecting the upswing! I never had a double dipper down before! Then I read if you multitable take the square root of the number of tables you play x 100 as the number of average buyin needed.......whoa......I only had 150 buy ins and I should of had 245!

    The feeling that you may actually go broke is far far worse than losing the same but still having a good bankroll left.

    2) As a mature student of poker I never really suffered from tilt. NEVER EVER take this for granted. Learn the techniques & understand the problems regardless because everyone will suffer TILT at some point in some form.

    3) Plan your time wisely and be realistic. I was amazed when I read Rihard4a manages ~ 650 MTT`s per month and this is why I think I failed. Part time does not allow enough MTT´s to be played to ride though any downswing fast enough or to build my ROI (currently at 20%) to be able to pay myself any income.

    My kids break up from school tomorrow and well, many apologies for the self indulgent post but this is my letter of resignation and I needed to spell it out for myself.

    I will continue to play and study but only as a hobby with no financial expectation. Thanks for all your replies to my posts & Happy Holidays!!

  2. I once read a book, in which Doyle said that he caught a lot of flack for publishing Super Systems. Players didn't like the fact that he was selling the secrets of the game. I heard the same thing about Twitch as well. I myself was skeptical but just like all technology and knowledge, it's all out there, and either your ahead of the learning curve , or your behind. I've compiled 5 reasons that I found to be good reasons on starting a Twitch stream.

    1.) Accountability : Since starting my stream , I have had my biggest online win to this date. In October, I took down a GSSS event. I did this all while being on stream. I've learned to work on accountability . When no one is looking, it's easy to gamble in spots we know we shouldn't. When people are watching it makes for smarter play IMO.

    2.) Talking out your problems : , not just clicking and praying. I've become less robotic in my actions and now seem to analyze situations more then the past. I found this to be a great way to get through harder spots. When I talk to my viewers , I'm not seen as a crazy person ( Up for debate ) because I'm expected to talk. But this has also transferred to my live game as well. I don't speak out loud while playing live, but I see myself walking through tough situations by talking to myself in my head and really working out the problems. Since starting my stream I have also had my biggest live cash to date. ( With bigger ones to come soon!)

    3.) Network Creation backers / investors : In a future blog I will talk more about creating a network of backers but for now, I will touch on the subject. Having a twitch has given me more exposure and has helped me attract new backers. Having a stream allows backers or potential investors to see how you play and can put a face behind a name. Backers are more comfortable investing with someone they feel a connection to. Someone that they can trust.

    4.) Learning : through instant feedback and chat on stream, it has allowed me to educate myself in situations I normally wouldn't think twice about. Having open lines of communication between your viewers will allow you to grow in the game. Sometimes, I have gotten bad advice as well, but I am able to explain why this is bad or why I think they are wrong. That alone has made clarity towards why I was making plays , that I didn't really understand in the past. I've adapted to the game by teaching myself and listening to other players.

    5.) Its fun : It really is entertaining. I find myself laughing more and enjoying the conversations that are had on stream . Online Poker can turn you into a zombie sometimes, so being able to show some personality and emotions are nice. I tried to be unique so every week I host live Trivia about random topics. The viewers really seem to enjoy interacting while playing a quiz game.

    If you have any questions about setting up your stream, or would like to just stop by ,
    I stream poker and trivia every Wednesday night 10pm EST . You can 'Follow' for free at www.twitch.Tv/Eatahoagie/profile

  3. Hey what's going on guys, welcome to my poker blog. I've been playing a lot of casino poker lately and have decided to start blogging about sessions for my own record keeping and in case anyone is interested. I play a pretty standard tight aggressive game and right now I'm playing 1/2. I only play cash.

    We sit in pretty good shape today. I'm going to cash nicely in the hours promotion which is very cool. So far today I'm up $167 in a few hours on pretty standard plays, the big one was flopping a set of 3s and cracking my opponent's aces. Queens held on a relatively harmless board for another nice one. The action was pretty dead at the first table so I moved, and since then I've been running good, there's some decent action on this one. Opponent selection is essential, imo.

    Let's play some fuckin cards.

    FYI this is post is actually from 5.29, I'm bringing the posts from another site over to here so the first few will be a little backdated.


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