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  1. Well I actually won something, I really do enjoy getting first place.

    Started thinking about Omaha hands as sequences has really helped me up my straights game.

    Two things

    1) There is limited action for Hi\Lo ... Thinking I will need to eventually actually learn how to play just the high version.
    It just seems way more swingy and higher variance like holdem. Need more patience I guess.

    2) Got to a final table and played like an idiot busted first and really should have made way more this week.
    I was on a big draw and it was a higher stakes game so the person nails me on the turn and I just gambled and didn't hit my draw.
    Maybe they where bluffing but I really dont think so. And well I folded away 75% or so of my stack on the shit river card.
    Still had some left could have buckled down and played harder but I pissed it all away on the very next hand.
    Just completely lost control and need to learn from this. Ugh.
    Big turn bets when on a draw and I have a large stack and the other big stack is betting pot into me are fing bad.
    But of course if I had made my draw... Ugh. Just damn it.

    Success: +641.02

  2. This past Friday, I decided to work from home as I occasionally do. I got a phone call from the office manager where I work, and he did not sound like he had good news. He had to give me the unfortunate news that I was being laid off from my job. A whole stream of emotions hit me. I was happy, scared, excited, and everything in between.

    For those who don’t know, I was planning on leaving my job in April to play poker full-time. So while this may be a blessing in disguise it still threw me off guard. Part of me feels like I failed. I was at this job for over 4 years, but did I not do enough to make them need me? Could I have done more? I honestly believe that I had not put 100% into this job because it was not my passion. My passion is poker. I know that is hard for some people to understand, but I truly love this game. I love the competition aspect. I love trying to solve problems. But most of all I love that I can be my own boss and do what I want, when I want.

    Going forward is NOT going to be easy. My plan for quitting my job and playing poker full-time in April was financially thought out down to every penny I would need. Being laid off earlier than the April target date has made me have to rethink and replan everything going forward.

    I am all set here. Luckily, I had a really good 2016 as far as poker goes and money is not a huge issues. I am certainly not swimming in the benjamins, but I do have an adequate amount to live (frugally) and play the stakes I need to.

    Since November, I have gotten two offers for staking. I am still unsure if this is something I want to proceed with. I do think it would be good for my development because I would get coaching along with the backing. But giving up %50 equity in all of my tournaments seems somewhat crazy right now. Going out and paying for individual coaching seems like my plan. This could change, but as of now I will be playing on my own dime.

    For those who don’t know, I have been streaming poker on Twitch since early 2016. I want to give a big shoutout to our Twitch family at If you haven’t already checked it out, YOU SHOULD! Now that I will have more time, I will be creating a lot more content on Twitch and Youtube. Follow the YouTube channel here:

    Intertops Poker Sponsorship
    In November of 2016, I signed on as the second player to be sponsored to Intertops Poker. Along with my good friend and fellow poker player Tim O’Keefe (aka 2fit2fold), we are going to continue to try to grow the site. For those that may not be aware, Intertops as a company, has been taking bets for over 30 years, and they have been taking online bets since 1996. They have one of the best reputations in the business. While the poker site may not have as much traffic as we would like, the traffic they do have is filled with a lot of recreational players. I think Intertops Poker is good for newer players who aren’t looking for huge tournaments. This is a place you can slowly build a bankroll without risking too much.

    Going Forward
    With all of this said, I am now in a place where I control my own destiny. I can ruin this opportunity by not giving it 110%. Or I can succeed and prove to everyone and more importantly myself, that I can survive playing the game that I love.

    My main focuses over the next year is working out, consistently studying poker, and saving money by preparing inexpensive healthy meals. I will be moving out to Las Vegas in May for three months. After that, I will either stay in Vegas if I enjoy it or go elsewhere (possibly outside of the county).

    I am ready for this challenge. 2017 is going to be a crazy year. I could fall flat on my face, or I could finally have the huge success I have been waiting for. Hopefully, you guys are ready to come along for the ride with me!

    Thanks for all of the support! I look forward to this adventure.

    Giddy Up

    Chris Perkins


    P.S. After I was laid off on Friday, I made a deep run in the 35K. Unfortunately, I took 10th place when 1st place was more than $6,700 (see screenshot). Yesterday, I went on to final table the 50K with $14,000 for 1st. I ended up taking 8th in this tournament (see screenshot). The good news in all of this is that I am getting deep, playing smart poker, and the scores will come!

  3. Hello readers,

    Sorry for the long break before posting this but December and January are quite busy and I was in Latvia for about a month. December was a fun month overall. Managed to grind a bit but did real poor job on studying the game which I think kind of affected the results. But lets look at the numbers instead.

    December goals

    Play 500 MTTs - Played 591 games in December. So the goal was achieved.
    Profit $5000+ - Literally hit this goal on my last session of the year. HA!
    Study poker 30+ hours - Only 16 hours. *Cries in Latvian*
    Keep bb/100 EV above 10 - 7bb EV... Not what I wanted, but also was running extremely poor in all-in spots.

    December graph

    December stats


    Wasn't too happy with my BB win rate this month. But mainly from what I managed to find was that I was running quite bad in that spot. There is quite significant gap between the actual win rate and EV win rate. But most likely my lack of studying had certain negative effects on me approaching each positions and situations individually. But that is my fault. But I have no regrets because I spent plenty of quality time with the family in Latvia and that was well worth it.

    Live Poker

    Had a few nice experiences playing live as well. I finished 15th in the Glasgow Grand Prix mini hosted by PartyPoker. That was really fun experience. Played very well both days. Sadly had to bust with my KK vs A7o.

    Then I went to Prague for a few days with the wife during the EPT Prague. I met with my coach Alex (Assassinato). Spent few nights with him and his mom, we went to the movies and had nice dinner. Very lovely people. It is great that poker has given me this gateway to such nice new friends. Something perhaps that I have missed for a long time.

    I also played some live cash in the EPT. Nothing major though, it was a 200NL game. Managed to make a decent profit. So basically I came to Prague with X amount of money and ended leaving with pretty much the same. :D

    Then in Latvia I played this weird Double Turn-River tournament. Which I ended up finishing in 5th. The concept is simple. After the flop the turn and river are dealt twice. So it felt like playing some weird NL Omaha. :D Crazy format, not something I plan to play again because the swings were just ridiculous and technically if it was a norm NLHE tournament the game could have ended 3 hours quicker than we did, LOL.

    Year Overall

    So this is my sexy 2016 graph.


    And here are my stats.

    Yearly stats

    2016 by position

    Overall I am happy with my year in poker as most of the stuff I wanted to achieve at the start of the year I did achieve and that is fantastic. I wanted to go pro, which I did. I wanted to cash in tournaments for $100k, I cashed for over $200k (closing in to that $250k badge). Although I did not reach PocketFives Top 300 rankings, I am still happy with what I achieved. All I got to do is to move beyond my current results.

    I am happy making enough money to support my family and have the freedom that poker gives you. Even if I would now find a job in IT, I still would not make close enough money to what I made in 2016 by playing poker. So it is funny when people tell me to get a 'real' job. :D


    After this post in couple of days I will make another 2 entries. One entry will be for 2017 Plans & Goals and second will be an article I've been working on the last few days. I just need to complete few more edits before I post it. Hopefully you guys will like it.



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