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  1. Just got back from the WSOPc at Choctaw. I had a great time and I was very satisfied with my performance.

    Here's a day by day breakdown:

    Wednesday, Jan 7th (Cash)
    Checked in at hotel then hit the cash tables... Profit $133 and head back to get a good nights rest for Ring Event #1 (Megastack).

    Thursday, Jan 8th (Event 1)
    Registered for Event 1 at around 1159 (start time was 1200)... Was assigned to overflow room.. Played solid poker, had great reads on all villains... The most significant spot of the tourney was when I 3 bet shoved a tight older player 1200/2400 lvl with my AKo and his TT held... We both had ~25k so I feel this was the right move... At the end of that hand, I had just enough to post the ante but only 100 to post as the SB... Aggro middle aged man (AMAM) with deep stack open raised from button with T7o and my ATo held. I eventually turned that into 10k but went super card dead afterward (94, 53 etc)... There was one spot that I probably should have overshoved with JTo even though shoving villain had KJs... Another villain called the all in and I would have hit a straight... That spot still has me thinking a bit...

    We get to lvl 1500/3000 w/500 ante and I'm down to 2500... AMAM limps... I look down at K2s and shove... Another villain limps and the flop comes out Kxx I think to myself: "Yessss!" AMAM throws out a bet to get the second villain out of the pot... We flip and he has AA... GG... I bust out around 220/989 (99 cashed)...

    I immediately register for the mega satty for Event 3 (10 min blind shovefest donkament) and end up going AIPF with AQs on my fifth hand there... Villain calls with 77 and its showers for the hero... I take a break from cash that night to get my mind right...

    Friday, Jan 9th (Nightly and cash)
    I spend the day with my wife and baby and take them shopping around Durant... My first poker action of the night starts with the nightly $100 + $25 donkament... At the 100/200 level I have about 2700... Aggro villain open raises about 2.5 times... Calling station flats... I look down at KQs and 3 bet shove... Aggro villain folds and calling station calls pretty quickly with 98o... He hits an 8 and I'm outty...

    I played cash at a super fishy table that night, but wasn't able to get in on the action...

    Saturday, Jan 10th (Event 3)
    I wake up a little early, meditate, get a good workout in, shower, and eat a healthy breakfast... Many pros say to do that routine and it really works wonders! I felt great and full of energy all day long! I had to be a backpack kid that day because there was no dinner break... My first table was very tough and had at least 2 pros. I picked the right spots and had a decent stack when my table broke. My next table was amazing for me. A lot of limpers and for the most part, all of them respected by bets and raises... At one point I have to shove AIPF with AJs... Solid villain calls with AKo... Board runs out 522 I say "5" and lo and behold the 5 comes for a chopped pot. The hero lives! Before the third break I shove with KQs and tight British lady tanks for like 3 minutes but eventually folds her AQo... I had about 20K at the 1200/2400 lvl and older guy in LP open limps... I limp as well with 95o and BB checks... Board comes out 972... I check and both villains check as well... turn is a 5 and I lead out for a little more than the minimum... BB calls and LP folds... river is a 4... I bet slightly more than my turn bet and villain calls... I bag up for day 2 with 32k... I skip cash games for the night to spend time with my family...

    Sunday (Day 2 of Event 3 and Event 5)
    The first thing I do is research my day 2 table draw... Two old man coffees with WSOPc rings a couple other OMCs with a few cashes and a young grinder with some recent cashes... The two players to my left didn't have a Hendon Mob but the sheet said that the villain two to my left was 2nd in chips with 300K... That would definitely be an obstacle in my plan to exploit the villain to my immediate left who had 27k...

    Day two started a little later than originally scheduled and the director announced that with 4k+ entrants, this was the biggest WSOPc event of all time... Around 480 players were left and 427 cashed... The "big stack" of 300k really wasn't a big stack... He had about 30k as well, he just fat fingered it when he bagged... About 10 hands in, I had to shove AKo AIPF and ran into TT and QQ... I turned a K and got up to around 48.5k... After that, there were 431 players left... We went "round for round" (each table had to do one orbit) and the director told everyone to stay in their seats so they could freely move around the room to calculate who would bubble... After the orbit the bubble burst and it was game time! The WSOP blog actually featured one of my tweets, lol...

    About 4 hands after the bubble I look down at AA... I raise to 12k... The 300K villain who was really a 30k villain shoved his 25k or so... One OMC calls... Board is 823 rainbow... OMC checks, I shove... He tanks and folds... Other villain shows KQo and I knock him out... At this point I have about 70k... I play a couple hands and get outflopped bringing my stack to around 50K at the 4000/8000 500 ante level... I look down at A8o and open shove from MP... Tightest player on the table (who hasn't played a single pot since the start of day) goes all in as well with about 35K... Everyone else folds... He tables ATo I say "Split pot?" and he says, "Sure". I don't improve and I'm crippled to about 15K...

    A few hands later I look down at KTs and insta-open shove... The OMC who I took a side pot from earlier tanks for 30 seconds and says, "Ok, I guess I'll call" as he shows AA (WTF mate...)... I don't improve and I'm outty for a min cash... GG Fo... Looking back on things, maybe I should have waited for a better spot instead of shoving A8o (or was it just unfortunate timing?)... I was just trying to capitalize on my tight image... The good news is that it was a cash in the biggest WSOPc event of all time (4k runners). I head home and "celebrate" at Chili's with my wife and kid.

    I felt pretty confident so I registered for Event 5 which started at 5pm... My boy Danny was there and he was super tilted from freshly busting from Event 4 (Ring Event Turboment) and was super spewy... I texted him to "slow down" because we swapped percentages lol... Other than that, the table was pretty boring except an OMC that I met nicknamed "Catman" (He takes care of young lions/tigers) . The table broke and I headed to a more entertaining one. To my right was a rocket scientist who worked at Johnson Space Center and to my left was a male nurse and "AC Boss" Dennis, one of the most entertaining players I've ever sat next to. He told some Walter White-esque stories about his heyday in the 60s and 70s... During my first few hands at the table I won huge pots with AQ, KJ, and AA in that order... I won a decent stack from ring-winner, Tim West as well with my AKo... I check raised him on a turn with a K high board... That felt pretty good, lol...
    I got to the first break with 23k from a starting stack of 10k and was feeling on top of the world! At around the 400/800 level Catman joins our table and 2.5x opens... Rocket scientist goes all in for 12K and I iso shove all in with QQ for about 20K... Catman folds his AKo face up and rocket scientist tables AKo... He turns a K and I'm down to 8k... At the 500/1000 level random villain opens to 3.5K... I have about 10K and 3 bet shove with AKo... He tanks for a bit and calls with 33... I don't hit and I'm outty... Gotta win your flips...

    I play some cash later that night at a dream table... Super limpy and super loose... Including a Vietnamese dude who had a wad of 100s and kept rebuying every 5 hands or so... I end up profiting $400 and head out...

    Monday (Time to leave... Or is it?)
    We were supposed to check out but I convinced the wifey to let me play Event 6 (six max)... She says ok and I register about 30 minutes into it... My first table wasn't very noteworthy and it broke pretty quickly... The second table included a big stack OMC and businessman to my left... and a circuit grinder, loose truck driver type, and nit reg to my right... The strangest hand occurred at the 100/200 level... Truck driver shoves all in with about 2.7k... I have TT and 7.5k and for some odd reason I just say "call" instead of iso shoving all in... This actually ended up being a good thing because big stack OMC iso shoved and his AA held up against truck drivers AKo... At this point, I have about 5K and open limp a blind vs blind spot against OMC with 73o (because six max right?)... Board is 763... YESSSS!!! I bet 500 on the flop, OMC calls, turn is an A... I bet 750 on turn... river is a T... I check... OMC bets about 2k... I call and before I can even say "Is my two pair good?" he flips his set of 6s... I probably should have folded that one pre... Shortly after that, our table broke...

    My new table was super serious... At this point I have about 2.5K left at the 100/200 25 ante lvl... Lady limps from MP and I look down at KQs and think "Hell yeah, time to shove!" I go all in, she thinks about it for 10 seconds and calls with AQ... I don't improve and it's showers for the hero...

    I finish my Choctaw trip with two cash sessions and leave with a profit of $268... When I checked out the following morning, the hotel manager said, "Thank you for your business" and I reply with "You're welcome. See you next year."

    "You're not coming back for WPT in July? It will be bigger than this one."

    We shall see...

  2. 2014 was by far the roughest year of my life. In the beginning of the year, I was attending school full time and playing on carbon to make money for myself. Three weeks after my biggest score ($6,500) my father passed away of a heart attack leaving my twin brother and me to fend for ourselves financially. My father's passing greatly affected my play. I became complacent with my game, playing mostly to take my mind off of things while caring very little about improving my play. Eventually, I was forced to cash out all my winnings as money stopped coming in and bills started piling up. My brother and I are now staying with family while looking for work. Once I am back on my feet I plan to get back to poker, and I plan to work very hard on my game unlike last year. I haven't played poker in three months and am now as hungry as ever to get back to it. Hopefully this year is much better, and I plan to do everything in my power to make it that way. Good luck to everyone in 2015.

  3. 1. Playing Too Many Hands

    An early lesson in poker is to understand the dominant part of hands you are managed must be collapsed. I've known a novice player turn round to me and say You've got to play the hand you are managed, why fold. I was stunned and soon put them right. Be that as it may, there are a considerable measure of amateurs that appear to disregard this most essential principle.

    They will call with expert cloth out of position, even call a raise with it, they play any two suited cards or even any picture card. You can escape with playing detached like this in a round of no restriction hold em yet you must have a solid post-flop capacity to have the capacity to draw it off.

    Circumstance needy, more often than not you are looking to just play premium hands, for example, high pocket sets, and extremely solid aces. Basically overlay the rest.

    2. Not Folding Mediocre Hands

    After the lemon has hit, novice players think that it exceptionally hard to relinquish minimal hands. Assume they hit center combine or top pair with top kicker, the will think that it hard to set down. Its an insane circumstance to still be included in a pot holding top pair when there are flush and straight draws on the board and players are wagering like theres no tomorrow. I've seen individuals play online when they will see their opening cards the distance to the waterway despite the fact that the barricade has combined, AND there is 4-to-a-flush on the board, AND a straight plausibility. They simply wouldn't let go of their slumped top pair.

    The best hand on the lemon may not generally be the best hand on the waterway. Play with alert and don't be hesitant to get out if the activity warms up and you are holding a peripheral hand.

    A decent approach to take a gander at it is to take a gander at the board and think to yourself "What two cards could my adversary be holding for them to beat me?". On the off chance that you can contract it down to one or at most two sets of gap cards you ought to be genuinely certain about carrying on playing. In the event that you need to say to yourself "I trust he doesn't have X, or Y, or Z, or An, or B or C..." then you ought to truly contemplate collapsing. The more mixes of cards that your adversary could be holding that beat your hand, then the more probable it is they are holding one of them. If there is one or conceivably two blends of cards that beat you then keep on playing however with alert. Wagered out or raise to addition data on how great your hand is. On the off chance that they overlap, you win the pot, on the off chance that you are raised then you are likely beat.

    There's no disgrace in collapsing. Keep in mind, particularly in a competition, poker scores are focused around the player that loses the minimum measure of chips.

    3. Under-Betting The Pot

    In no restriction texas hold em you can wager out as quite a bit of your stack as you like with a specific end goal to secure your hand. You ought to be utilizing this further bolstering your good fortune. Weaker unpracticed players then again have a tendency to wager little sums, for example, $30 into a $500 pot. These sorts of wagers offer great players phenomenal pot chances to call and suck-out on the stream as a result of the cash they remained to make in connection to the extent to which it expenses to see an alternate card. A wager of around 75% of the pot is sufficient to demoralize players on a draw. Any wager under a large portion of the pot is regularly insufficient.

    4. Over wagering The Pot

    It is a simple error that novices make. They make a half-good hand and the adrenaline kicks in and they choose to over wager the pot by pumping $300 into a $90 pot, or they move all in preflop for 1500 in a sit-n-go while blinds are still 15/30. The issue with doing this, is that it makes hands weaker than yours fold, while hands stronger than yours call. By reliably over wagering the pot you are either going to win a little pot, or lose an enormous one. Unmistakably not the ideal poker playing methodology.

    5. Disregarding Position

    Information is power in the session of no restriction hold em. The more data you hold about the round of wagering the better position you are into follow up on this data. Playing hands under the weapon implies on the off chance that you wager out, you could confront an enormous re-raise from a later position. You could weigh post slump in the trust of a check raise yet rather find the whole table checks after you. In the event that you are playing from a later position you can see what whatever is left of the table is doing before you act.

    Novice players will frequently overlook position and play a certain set of hands paying little respect to position. you ought to be playing just premium delivers early position, and afterward augmenting your scope of beginning hands the later your position gets to be. TJ's plays gravely from UTG yet extremely well from a late position.

    6. Neglecting To Protect Your Hand

    Numerous novice players are blameworthy of playing very latently. They will just check or call unless they are 100% certain they have the best submit which case they will raise. By neglecting to wager, or neglecting to raise they will make it less demanding for their adversaries to draw out on them who may overall have collapsed. On the off chance that you end up against a tight uninvolved player, raise more regularly than you normally would and you can end up winning a ton of little pots.

    7. pursuing unbeneficial draws

    Playing a drawing hand is just continually going to be tantamount to the estimation of the pot you are attempting to win. You ought to dependably crease on the off chance that somebody makes a wager where you are no more getting right pot chances to call. Amatuer players commit the error of overlooking these chances and will call the distance to the stream with the expectation that they hit. It is conceivable they don't even comprehend pot chances or realize what they are.

    As baffling as it is when monkey players like these suck out on the stream you need to recollect that they are playing terrible unrewarding poker and they will wind up losing more cash than they win. Simply verify you are in the pot when they lose
    8. Terrible Stack Management

    Amatuer players frequently disregard their stack size concerning playing holdem. On the off chance that you are playing a money diversion you ought to dependably have around 20 major blinds to profit by your creature hands. On the off chance that you are missing the mark, then reload your stack. There's no point holding tight with £50 in a £5/£10 money diversion just to flounder quads next hand and pass up a great opportunity for an enormous pot. On the off chance that you are playing a freezeout competition, you ought to quit calling preflop when you are between 10 times the enormous visually impaired (stressing) to 5 times the huge visually impaired (basic). There is no alternative however to push all in with any Ace, pocket pair, suited connectors or any hand under the weapon.

    You are looking to have enough chips to amplify your huge hands, or to keep you alive in tourmanet circumstances. Terrible players will level call hands when their stack is 5 to 10 x BB. Great players will push all in. Terrible players won't reload their chips in a money amusement, great players will.

    9. Adjusting Your Style

    There is a huge distinction between playing money diversions and playing competitions. In real money diversions you must be arranged to put your whole stack over the line when you know you are going to win a larger number of times than you lose, when you have a positive expected quality (+ev). On the off chance that you lose then you can simply reload. In a competition you must be more defensive of your stack as though it goes then your are out of the amusement. There are numerous other unobtrusive levels, yet these are the principal contrasts between the two diversions. Terrible players are those that don't adjust their amusement as needs be and play competition method in a money diversion and trade technique in for cold hard currency a competition amusement.

    10. Attempting To Imitate The Pros

    The era of poker players delivering these days are those raised on viewing it on TV. Individuals have their most loved poker players they have seen making huge feigns and talking the discussion. Amatuer players appear to duplicate feline these activities to run over more expert. what they neglect to acknowledge however that on TV they are just viewing altered highlights. Not every hand is a beast raise, or a trap, or a feign - truth be told more often than not it is one player raising with a honest to goodness hand and other people collapsing. This is lamentably the less intriguing side of poker yet it (ought to) speak to a huge larger part of your amusement.

    We have a bland epithet for these sorts of players at the table. Those that come in wearing the shades, the top, the ipod, discussing how different players ought to have played their hands, talking poop. The handle given is "All the rigging, no thought". Verify you have the capacity detect these players on the off chance that they are on your table and all the more critically verify that you are not one of them yourself.

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