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  1. What is the best site for online poker available for U.S. players?
  2. Well being as there are really only 4 viable choices and two of those are desert wastelands the answer has to be any of the Merge skins. There are several skins but they are all on the same network so the software, cashier and games are all shared throughout the network. You'll find some differences in the VIP systems so just look over them and see which one fits your play best. Some also have better customer service than the others. Carbon and Lock are the largest skins. Personally I play on Hero because the customer service is top of the line imo, but others probably feel the same way about the skin they play on.

    Your second choice is Bodog, the Bodog brand is leaving the US market at the end of this year but US players will be about to continue to play under a new brand as I understand it. The software is pretty bad as compared to stars or FTP or even Merge for that matter but there are some decent games and the field is softer in general.

    But yeah online poker is kind of dead in the US. Merge only tops out daily at around 10K and Bodog even a bit lower.
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  3. lock poker ahhaha

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    ahhhahhahh...only if you want to wait one whole year to get one check lol
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  5. the search feature on these forums is great, this subject comes up like once a week.... but yeah only two viable choices are merge or bodog
  6. americascardroom.net