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  1. Hi I’m Greg from HogWild Poker. Most of us on the HogWild team have been coming on PocketFives for years. We’re pumped to introduce our poker concept here, and we hope you have as much fun with it as we do.

    Our Latest Promotion:

    HogWild Poker has teamed up with PokerListings.com for our biggest freeroll yet.

    On November 11 at 3 PM ET, play in our Battle of Malta Satellite for a chance to win a $2,500 package that includes a trip to the Mediterranean island of Malta!

    Here’s how you can participate: If you have a personal blog or website, write a short story about the most memorable poker game you've played either live or online and include a link to PokerListings.com. Once you do, you will be entered in a freeroll satellite limited to 100 people. The winner will receive a free full package ($2,500 value) to the 2012 Battle of Malta Tournament with $200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

    Please read here for the full instructions/terms for the Battle of Malta Satellite!


    HogWild is laid out a little different than other poker sites:

    - Anyone can run their own league & it’s free
    - We’re league-based, so most of the focus is on your performance over a series of games
    - If you cash in our freerolls or contests, we pay within a day or so via PayPal. Checks take about 2 weeks
    - The cards are always dealt down – they actually “light up” to the other players at the table when you look at them. Obviously the idea here is that peeking could be a tell
    - You can make various Prop Bets during League Games/Tournaments

    Join the P5 league by clicking here: http://www.hogwildpokerleagues.com

    When you go to the website, click the box that says "PocketFives," and when you download the software you'll automatically be put in that league.

    I run the site and do a few other things on the business side of HogWild, but I’ll check in here on a regular basis to answer questions or help any way I can. Good luck winning the iPad!
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  2. Hey Greg, just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying your site....I'm playing in the Staking Series right now. It's such a different feel than other sites. Really like the change.
  3. Are US players allowed to play on your site?
  4. Hey thanks IrishInc, we try to do our own thing, and a lot of our development ideas come from player suggestions. Good luck in the series!

    Hi vicvegas007, yes we are US legal.
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  5. What happened to p5s no longer promoting US facing sites?
  6. I don't think p5s promoting this site and from what I can tell it isn't a money site.
  7. That's correct, we don't take deposits.
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    Originally Posted by HWP Greg View Post

    That's correct, we don't take deposits.

    Right, HWP does not take deposits, so we're comfortable promoting them to U.S. players.
  9. Just finished playing in a league game and it was fun, everyone was having a good time, no name calling and no donk playing, the software is smooth, game play was fast. GL with the site!
  10. Definitely like the software, very different feel to the game.....too bad it still doesnt help me play AK suited any better. I like the league format very much as well.
  11. hmmm.you take no deposits??? what network you're on or it's independent room?
  12. Hi smithgraham, we're not on a network. We're a proprietary platform and we are careful to operate within US laws. Maybe someday we'll allow deposits/transfers, but not yet. Thanks for checking us out.

    Thanks vicvegas007, we try to put programs in place to keep players motivated to play their best.

    I appreciate it IrishInc, also thanks for the email. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
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  13. So i assume it's subscription based room? might give it a try anyway.
  14. No we don't sell subscriptions, and we also don't serve ads.

    We have a few optional features like Prop Bets, and they require HogBucks - which you can buy. It's a different kind of business model, and we're experimenting with some new concepts. Thanks for giving it a shot, let me know what you think.
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  15. You start with 5000 hogbucks and when you win your first hand on the site u get another 500.

    I thnk you use the hogbucks for chips on the ring games but the tournaments don't require any hogbucks, is that right?
  16. I signed up. I don't think I will compete for the IPad though since the games start too late for me, but will pop into a game or two if I can for fun with fellow P5ers
  17. Correct, and when you get certain hands (4 of a kind, SF, etc) you get Hogbucks too. We also give 3,000 HB for every player you refer to the site, and we offer regular house bounties of 5k-10k.

    As of now, the tourneys do not require hogbucks. We will give league admins the option to create Hogbuck buy-in games (with a standard payout schedule), but that feature is still in development. Tournaments that have a chance to win money (freerolls, series with prizes) will not require a buy-in.

    Thanks for joining wackyJaxon. We've talked a lot lately about how to better accommodate our European players. It's definitely on our radar.
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  18. Greg - if you build up a certain amount of hogbucks, can you then cash them out for real money or the only way to earn real money is through the tournament and hogbucks are more for pride when playing the 'cash' games and certain tournaments?
  19. Great question. Hogbucks can't be 'cashed out' for real money right now, because that would cross a legal threshold in several jurisdictions, including the US. However, we're launching programs this year in which Hogbucks can be used to increase your odds of winning cash in free competitions.
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  20. Hi Greg. What if you already play on Hog Wild and are a P5s member? Can you still play in the pocketfives league?
  21. Yes, you can absolutely play, please send your HWP Screenname to support@hogwildpokerleagues.com and we will send you an invitation to join the league through the HWP Product.

  22. FYI Jeff is the CEO of HogWild, and he's supposed to be on vacation right now lol....He's the hardest working man in the poker business.

    Anyone can contact support, or you can find me at: Greg@HogWildPokerLeagues.com.
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  23. Just wanted to thank everyone for signing up so far, we're looking forward to it.

    BTW, with 45 signups so far, your odds are decent to win the iPad if you make every game.

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  24. Also - please remember to register for the games in advance.

    Inside the app, look down the left side where it says "Game Schedule."

    You can also view & register for your upcoming games in all your leagues down the right side of the app where it says "Your Games (All Leagues)."
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  25. Still plenty of time to register for tonight's game. Don't forget you have the best chance to win the iPad 2 when you play all four games!

    We will be giving away a 32 GB iPad 2 + WiFi + 3G. Take your pick at a white or black iPad 2 and we'll ship to the winner immediately after the series!

    Download now at http://www.hogwildpokerleagues.com and register for the PocketFives League.

    Any problems or concerns please email us at support@hogwildpokerleagues.com

  26. I just wanted to stop by and say that HWP is the best site I have ever played at. I have played at many sites for many years. I have been a member of Pockets Fives since August 28th 2008. My screen name at HWP is "Bob69", (AKA, "drunknsailor" "goat69" "navyguy69" "BOBatBPC" ) HWP is a great place to play, it has many "good" players. I have been there a short time and they have already made me feel right at home, it's like one big family. I felt so much at home that I created 3 leagues for everyone to play in. Already, my leagues have qualified for top hog and between the three leagues I have almost 200 members. This is a great way to play. League against League. Once you find a few leagues you like, stick with them, fight your way to the top five, stay there and get invited to the TOP HOG $500 game. If you join my leagues good luck, because you will have to outplay me for a spot in my top five... LMAO! Again HOGWILDPOKER is the best site I have ever played at! Thank you Jeff, Greg, Nick and the rest of the staff for having me. Also, the support system is fantastic, I sent a message for assistance to Greg and within 5 minutes he had already repsonded to me. Now if that isn't great customer service then I don't know what is. I couldn't be more pleased! (well, unless i win top hog) lmao...

    "Bob69" HWP
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  27. Ha, thanks for the kind words Bob. Good luck winning the iPad!
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  28. Great game last night! I actually started playing at HogWild a little over a year ago, and became involved with the leagues, and then I won HogWild's first charity event, an entry into the Phil Hellmuth Derby Poker Championship. It really is a great poker room! I'm looking forward to the P5s league game next week. Good luck y'all!
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  29. Had fun playing in the Ipad game last night! Good game, looking forward to next weeks! My son has a bday coming up, I think an Ipad would work! hehehe GL on the felt!
    Originally Posted by txlady View Post

    Had fun playing in the Ipad game last night! Good game, looking forward to next weeks! My son has a bday coming up, I think an Ipad would work! hehehe GL on the felt!

    Glad you played and good luck winning the iPad. Anyone who got points from last Tuesday's PocketFives league event on HogWild Poker is definitely in a good position for it. Here's our feature article about the February 14th league event: