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  1. My game just froze and how i cant log in
  2. yep, exception- Poker is temporarily offline.

    I decided to quit smoking weed for a week today also. Great time to start.

    Edit: I can see the lobby and open up the tournament lobby but I can't open any tables or log in.
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  3. yep same response
  4. yep, wonder 4 how long.
  5. so much for being deep in that 5$ reb :/
  6. Oh no, please no.
  7. i tried contacting support on live chat but all 1 of their reps are currently busy
  8. hmm are they gonna cancel stuff that was going on during the freeze? or resume after they fix things? would really like to end my session if possible but i dont remember how lock handles this thing.
  9. down for me too. They will probably cancel the tournaments if the site remains down much longer.
  10. do they distribute prize pool or just refund buy-in?
  11. Usually distrib prize pool to remaining players, using some kinda ICM formula, I believe.
  12. WTF is going i got 72k
  13. lol well new tourney just started on lock..
  14. back on
  15. that i couldn't fucking unreg for
  16. ooh just came back on - toruney is on 5 minute break
  17. and still can't fucking unreg shit as tourneys are startring ffffffffffffffff
  18. hotel california of poker sites imho
    Originally Posted by NevaHasIt View Post

    WTF is going i got 72k

    Strong first post is strong.

    Welcome to P5s.
  20. Have you asked from experts and developer team of that software?
  21. down again?
  22. mines down
    Originally Posted by Keystone View Post

    and still can't fucking unreg shit as tourneys are startring ffffffffffffffff

    youll get your buy in back its down for everyone
  24. there is a post on 4 also... lock rep said its a network problem, so all the revolution skins are down
  25. back up for me