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  1. Back down I believe this is so tilting
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  2. cake down for me

    edit-back up

    edit-back down again
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  3. Well I had 2 that were still running but there GG now as well.

    back up

    back down
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  4. ty for no customer service lock
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  5. still not working for me
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  6. Does this happen every sunday?
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  7. Yea I played three hands after it came back like 5 mins ago then back to paused. Wtf.
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  8. Lock is def. not handling this problem correctly.
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    Originally Posted by TKO121 View Post

    Does this happen every sunday?

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  10. I've had a shit day, only got 1 tourney left up and running. I'm just gonna start ripping shots and hopefully by the time it's back up I can be drunk and just punt my stack.

    Gameplan FTW.


    Tourney got canceled. Guess I can't drunkenly punt my stack now.
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  11. The real gay thing is you can't unregister from shit either, so I'm about to be idling in teh fucking high roller too
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  12. yea they should cancel the tournys, even though I don't really want them to
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  13. oh apparently one of my tourneys just got cancelled
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  14. Hardly saw hands in the $100k, came back to someone stealing the table's blinds for 2+ rounds, unreal. Why does Lock not have the ability to at least ACTUALLY pause the games and stop the blind levels until it's 100% working again, or refund all tournament entries to all players in tournaments that haven't crossed the cash yet. If a tournament has crossed the cash bubble, then distribute total prize pool by chip%. Do SOMETHING besides the pausing and unpausing and increasing of blind levels please. Why does Lock not have the ability to send a network wide message including intentions or plans or to solve this issue that has been ongoing for quite some time now? Just do SOMETHING other than what you're currently doing, please.
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  15. does anyone know why you can browse the lobby without problems, but the tables are having trouble loading? it has to be too many players. which is a little ridiculous
    edit- nevermind the 500 just disappeared from the lobby. lol
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  16. been frozen for ever now, and I'm logged on but won't let me take seat in the 100k?? any1 kno if the tourney is going on right now?
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  17. everything is paused atm
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  18. the 7pm 109 has been paused for like a fucking hour now, hope i'm not just blinding off in it.
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  19. Time to go back to Merge everyone!!!
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  20. Great Revolution in the poker world I might say!!! Lock, just be honest you cant handle the situation and go back to MERGE!!! Bad move
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  21. wats the deal on the 100k? is it canceled? i haven't been able to get it up, and it doesn't even exist in lobby anymore. wats going on?
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  22. i was deep in the 4pm $10K and they just cancelled it... havent gotten paid yet either... tilting how bad lock is failing right now
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  23. uhhhhh i had 3.5 starting stacks in the 500, and I only got 980. how is that right
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  24. it just booted me and we are at bubble time in the 100k. Now i cant even find the tourney in the lobby.........sigh....oh and when we went down and then came back for one hand, and we were at 2.5/5k so we only played like 4 or 5 hands at 2k/4k lol. They didnt even stop the tourney clocks.
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  25. yeah, im assuming lock will do nothing about this; although they should give everyone some sort of refund/credit. what do they care. the 100k and 10k were a joke, i had 3 tables up and for an hour there were issues; at one point there were 11 players on the 3 tables out getting blinded off. I was only out for a little while, so could have been worse but felt bad for others. ps - cashout check outstanding for 2 months, and no signs of it coming - really sucks playing poker in the good ole us of a.
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  26. well i now have more money in my accnt then i did so i guess they just terminated the 100k and gave ppl payout by chip counts. Oh well. Get your sht together Rev.
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  27. what about the rest of us that got hosed before the bubble? pffff
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    Originally Posted by haysuselizard View Post

    what about the rest of us that got hosed before the bubble? pffff

    yea I wrote an angry email. that will get stuff accomplished
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  29. how many were left when it froze? i busted 23rd and was still running then.
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