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  1. So, I got thrown into a job and now have to take a physical fitness test Thursday, so I have 1 week to prepare. 12 Minute mile and half.

    The push-up and sit-ups I don't think will be a problem, but the 12 minute run has me concerned(I think it's 29 push-ups in 1 minute, 38 sit-ups).

    I'm not in bad shape, but have not ran since college sports. Is this achievable?

    The lady just let me know about this today and told me if I fail then I can retake it. But really would feel like an ass for failing a fitness test, as I always use to be in good shape.
  2. well when i was in HS basketball shape 2 years ago i could do a 6:30 mile with ease...so its easily doable i think
  3. 1 week is gonna be tough....

    If you had 3 weeks, this is easy, unless you're really overweight or something.
  4. ^^^^He is right. Is the run last?
  5. I have no clue, they're sending me a letter tommorow. I'm 205 6"2.
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  6. 12 min mile.. piece of cake.

    if you feel like you will fail.,
    jog 1 mile in the am and 1 mile in the evening 2 miles per day
    5 days of this, and you should breeze through jogging 1 mile.
  7. piece of cake... but stay away from the cake
  8. What job is this for?
  9. 99% of OT could do this, easily
  10. For someone who doesn't run an 8 minute pace is fast. If the run is last you can go all out and maybe do it. if the run is first you may be fucked for the rest of the test. When we requal for SWAT we run first and then immediately go to the pushups, situps, and pullups with no break. Guys who don't keep up with their cardio struggle
  11. I was thinking this to, but there's gotta be some recovery time before I do it. I tore my hamstring my junior year and wouldn't want to f my shit up again.
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  12. ^^^that is a lie and you know it
  13. Remember guys it is a MILE and a HALF. That changes everything
  14. i took 2-3 years off after graduating college and still run 9 minute miles just warming up. just hit up the gym/run around a track with a stopwatch every day from now til then and you should be able to do this.

    when you actually take the test, don't go balls out right from the start. pace yourself and make sure you have a watch going so you can see how your time is. you should be fine.

    *this is all said not knowing your height, weight, or athletic background
  15. Yea i coulnt do it. Maybe 13.. but not 12 just yet.
  16. yeah...8 minute/mile pace
  17. Corrections Officer. Ya Socal, I use to play sports year round, and am still definetly quick, just never liked to run for long distances.
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  18. Just head to the gym.. throw the treadmill on 7.5 mph and see if you can hang.
  19. This sounds similiar to the FBI test except they have a sprint (400). My buddy just passed it. The fact you only get two minute breaks is what kills you

    situps in a minute
    push ups (no time but have to hit minimum of 40)
    then 12 minute mile and half
  20. railbot, can you read?
  21. Ya, this is news to me. I never thought of doing this, but the pay is really good.

    edit: nice edit
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  22. Take a day off on Monday and maybe only one mile run on Wednesday...
  23. you can easily do this...run 20 minutes a day for 6 days then run the hardest u can. i ran for 2 weeks to get into shape for a physical test and ran 2 miles in 11:50...so unless u have no will to win than you can do it too.
  24. u had to be in pretty damn good shape to run two miles in 11.50. check that. You had to be in FING EXCELLENT SHAPE to run two mile in 11:50 with 14 days of training
  25. you tell him, chubs!
  26. yeah that's super sick time. Did you puke afterwards?
  27. hey Socal. I bet if we ran a relay switching every 400 we couldn't do two miles in 11:50
  28. 8 laps? hellz no. my best 1 mile was was like 4:45 and that was 15 pounds ago
  29. I think tommorow I'm gonna try to run the canal(long trail that runs down the side of the Cape). I think it's 8 miles. Run and walk whenever I get tired(which will be prolly every other step after a mile). Then gradually reduce the length and take wednesday off.
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  30. im amazed railbot is smart enough to breathe and walk at the same time.....i really would not bash him for illiteracy....

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