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  1. Some new MGK tracks...

    Wild Boy Remix ft 2 Chains, Meek Mills, Mystical, French Montana and Yo Gotti

    Warning Shots (2nd version)

    See My Tears

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    Originally Posted by Paki_Poker View Post

    New album coming soon...I looked for the Richard track featuring Em/produced by Dre, but it hasn't leaked yet.

    1. Bottoms Up (Intro)
    2. Going No Where
    3. Dear Lord
    4. I Pretend
    5. Richard (ft. Eminem)
    6. BME Up
    7. Battle Cry (ft. Adrian Reeza)
    8. Secrets
    9. Spill My Drink
    10. Spend The Day (ft. Dre Skidne)
    11. Petty
    12. My Time
    13. Ups And Downs
    14. Hell Yeah
    15. Crazy (ft. MC Breed)
    16. LeBron On (Bonus Track)

    UPDATE: Album is slowly leaking today. So far the first few tracks are insane!! And the Richard track is not produced by Dre. The first track/intro "Bottoms Up" is. Not really feeling the Richard track though. The others are bananas, esp the beats! I'll post the few I have so far below and edit as more come. Not even up on youtube yet as they are literally just leaking.

    Obie Trice - Bottoms Up (prod. Dr Dre)

    Obie Trice - Going No Where


    Obie Trice - Richard feat. Eminem


    Obie Trice - Dear Lord

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  3. Thanks for the links dude...that Richard track is pretty dope. Love the hook.

    Also loving this track...Yela laces the hook perfectly.

  4. Ive been listening to Action Bronson alot lately. He has a new album coming out in the next week or so, Blue Chips. Here is some of his shit already released:

    Dude used to be a cook. He still occasionally posts some cooking vids on youtube. Good shit.
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  5. April is gonna be a hugggge month. With this single coming and then Coachella in a few short weeks.

    GET READY...shit about to get real!

  6. From the newish Thievery Corp album ... Im in love at 1:15

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  7. This track's soooo dope. Video's pretty awesome too.


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  9. Love the Machine Gun Kelly - See My Tears song. I am a huge fan of his, my favorite song of his is 'The Return'. Yelawolf jam is pretty solid too.

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  14. Someone else in OT likes First Aid Kit? I'm shocked

    Action Bronson is sick
  15. duwie

    this is the song in the beginning (from '11 tho):

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    Someone else in OT likes First Aid Kit? I'm shocked

    Action Bronson is sick

    what's this?

  17. I haven't seen anyone talk about Death Grips at all, what do you guys think of this?

    edit: what's what? This whole thread is usually hip hop then you put First Aid Kit in there, I love them but I was just surprised
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  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aOjcm0zYUs&feature=youtu.be
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    Originally Posted by tyballs11 View Post

    edit: what's what? This whole thread is usually hip hop then you put First Aid Kit in there, I love them but I was just surprised

    oh cool, just was wondering what you meant :)
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  20. Paki droppin some dopeazz hooks on foolz.

    Picasso yalls ears bitches. They serve y'all no purpose.
  21. Just bought the new Big K.r.i.t. album that came out today. The whole thing is pretty sick. Havent had enough time to really pick out the best tracks, but heres a the only one i cold find on youtube:

    Curren$y just dropped his album today too. Some good shit in there as well.

    Not a new album, but new track from Kendrick Lamar and Dre

  22. Clams casino dropped another instrumentals mixtape
  23. Clams Casino such a goddamn rapist
  24. its from 2011 but its only caught on recently so consider it a song for 2012 its def going to blow up soon

    also this is really old but chick with guitars really get me going im sure OT wont mind too much

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