See Where You Rank in New Jersey

  1. http://live.wildlife.wavelit.net/451OK

    ive watched a hyena sit in the water foir about an hour straight now

  2. Man that hyena is such a fucking cam whore.
  3. Man that hyena is smoking some potent shit. He's paranoid as hell.
  4. fuck, if i wasnt in school id be all over this. keep bumping it for 3 hours lol
  5. The vermin actually moved ......cool
  6. yes, he officially sucks. lets call him GreySkull.
  7. where is the action!?
  8. Impala there now.
  9. i saw a bug fly by... that's it. but i'm keeping this on all the time. it's so ambient. :D
  10. The hyena's back.
  11. u guys are funny

    i watched a bunch of zebras the other day drink .... i SO wanted a croc to jump up and eat those bitches... didnt happen after 1hour :(
  12. i want to watch this but my computer wont let me, it says it cant locate the file...help?
  13. this is just paris hilton's vagina and some syphilis(cauliflower) on the side.
  14. haha this is great
  15. omg they are moving the camera around.....WhereTF is everything!!

    Drink Up
  16. I got all excited clicking this thread. Then after i got in here I realised it said waterhole not gloryhole! bastards!!
  17. So much noise but nothing's there. *sigh*
  18. yep hahaha gughghhh
  19. OMG i think i just saw man-bear-pig run by chasing a bunch of llamas!!

    Drink Up
  20. lots of bugs
  21. They dont have color in Africa? No pun intended....
  23. i cant watch night vision cams without thinking of that rich whore catching a load of man yogurt on her face
  24. Does nothing go to this waterhole at night or what? I play online poker... I need action.. Let's go.
  25. She actually caught the man load over her boobies, she backed away during the money shot which made me lose all respect for her....
  26. I wonder how much they pay the African to stand out there and move the camera. It just got zoomed in, was something spotted or they just f'n with us?
  27. do u guys here the head hunters singing?
  28. the cameraman need to get out there so lions can chase them

  29. Yeah why aren't they filming the fire dance in the background?
  30. sounds like they are singing something from "the lion king" now

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