See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. this is how AJ stays sharp in between magic duels.


    Is Action Jeff really humanitys last hope?


  2. OMFG that looks just like him
  3. wait -- is that a golf ball retriever? i could watch stuff like this all day. oh wait -- I do.
  4. LOL

    You know it's not really nice to make fun of the mentally handicapped.
  5. this vid is old school but def a classic - the one set to light sabre noises owns!

    This kid is from Quebec and had to re-locate after this vid exploded all over the interweb last year/2 years ago. There actually was a petition going around to have him get a guest spot in the next film.

    2 funny

    (and that IS a ball retriever)
  6. ^^^star wars kid
  7. i figured most had seen it...this has been around forever

    but its too damn funny to let die.

    i have to admit, i feel bad for the kid...probably got teased and shit before this came out...i cant imagine what must have happened afterwards.
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