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  1. ok, so pretty good friend of mine, we play in a home game twice a week together and I talk to him away from that as well. this is the conversation we had.. started the other night/ended a little while ago (pbv breaks in between).

    I'll admit its probably irrational but I"M FUCKIN PISSED right now. Not so much because my friend is a cheater... not even so much because I somehow had to justify NOT cheating to him I'm extremely angry that when he obv had no more argument he starts going with personal attacks that have absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand.

    now I'm very very angry and am supposed to see him at the home game tomorrow.. nobody at the game knows why I am mad, or anything abut his sketchy1ness.

    my first thought is to print this out and show up early so I can hand it out to everyone and then talk shit under my breath all night (yes I'm a passive aggressive fucker). The other option would to be to show up early and hide behind a tree and kill him when he shows up. any other suggestions??

    (15:34:31) DexterCain: im startin to play a little more cash online tho
    (15:35:01) Kenichi: lets play
    (15:35:03) Kenichi: lets collude
    (15:35:16) DexterCain: im, goin to bed
    (15:35:30) DexterCain: and i dont want anything to dowith that
    (15:35:39) Kenichi: ?
    (15:35:45) Kenichi: were gonna be on 2 diff IP address
    (15:35:51) Kenichi: on AIM
    (15:35:53) Kenichi: telling cards
    (15:36:04) DexterCain: you see how wrong this is or no?
    (15:36:18) Kenichi: people do it all the time
    (15:36:25) Kenichi: im on the shit end, most of the time
    (15:36:33) Kenichi: who's gonna find out?
    (15:36:35) DexterCain: youre so paranoid.
    (15:36:43) Kenichi: nah
    (15:36:47) Kenichi: actually ur the paranoid one
    (15:36:47) DexterCain: its not about someone finding out
    (15:36:49) Kenichi: saying
    (15:36:52) Kenichi: u don't wanna do it
    (15:37:06) DexterCain: it has nothing to do with being caught
    (15:37:09) Kenichi: im not paranoid, if i was, then i would be talking about all the ways we would get caught
    (15:37:11) DexterCain: im actually a ver yethical guy
    (15:37:24) DexterCain: youre paranoid thinking everyone is doing it to you
    (15:37:31) DexterCain: whih is just not true
    (15:37:35) Kenichi: not everyone
    (15:37:36) Kenichi: but i know for sure
    (15:37:38) Kenichi: it's been done
    (15:37:48) Kenichi: im not picking people out individually
    (15:38:02) Kenichi: im just taking advantage of what is put infront of me
    (15:38:17) DexterCain: if you dont understand why I dont want to be involved with this then you wont.. so please dpont ask again

    (15:38:39) Kenichi: u seem so mad about it
    (15:38:40) Kenichi: but its cool
    (15:38:42) Kenichi: u got ur reasons
    (15:38:45) DexterCain: not really
    (15:38:52) DexterCain: its not realy cool
    (15:38:55) Kenichi: ur like "don't ask me again"
    (15:39:01) Kenichi: theres better ways to say that
    (15:39:05) Kenichi: but i know what ur talking about
    (15:39:17) Kenichi: so i respect ur decision
    (15:39:20) DexterCain: better ways to say it.. the first thing i said was i dont want to be involved
    (15:39:22) Kenichi: fully
    (15:39:28) DexterCain: then you went on a monologue on why i should
    (15:39:36) DexterCain: you obv didnt understand me the first time
    (15:39:42) Kenichi: lol aiiet
    (15:39:43) DexterCain: so no, i dont think there was a better way to say that
    (15:39:44) Kenichi: forget it
    (15:39:50) Kenichi: play legit
    (15:39:53) Kenichi: im sorry i asked

    (19:43:13) Kenichi: how u been doing on cash games lately
    (19:43:41) DexterCain: havent played too much.. up a few buyins at 50nl
    (19:44:06) Kenichi: the 50 NL game is cake
    (19:44:09) Kenichi: u play short handed?
    (19:44:11) Kenichi: or full ring>
    (19:44:50) DexterCain: 6 handed
    (19:44:58) Kenichi: ya
    (19:45:01) Kenichi: 6 handed is better
    (19:45:03) Kenichi: more action
    (19:45:04) Kenichi: more handss
    (19:45:12) Kenichi: less rockyness
    (19:45:17) Kenichi: i hate rocking up
    (19:47:47) DexterCain: you should just play with 3 of your buddies so you can collude it up and not have to worry about being rocky
    (19:48:12) Kenichi: damn... ur still on that... i thot u weren't mad or anything?
    (19:48:18) Kenichi: i guess it got to u worse than i thot
    (19:48:35) DexterCain: im not mad... i just think youre super sketchy
    (19:48:43) Kenichi: hhmm aiiet
    (19:48:44) Kenichi: fa sho
    (19:48:47) Kenichi: thats ur opinion
    (19:49:19) Kenichi: <span>i rarely ever collude online</span> but i would appreciate it if u didn't bring up collusion because i have not brought it up to u since... after u asked me not to
    (19:49:21) Kenichi: thnx
    (19:50:33) DexterCain: dont give me thanks.... ive spent months talking poker to you only to find out youre a sketchy fuck who tried to get me to justify my fucking morals to you
    (19:50:48) Kenichi: lol
    (19:50:52) Kenichi: ok im sketchy
    (19:50:53) Kenichi: lol
    (19:50:58) Kenichi: whatever man
    (19:51:00) Kenichi: don't get all butt hurt
    (19:51:01) DexterCain: ya know what, fuck off
    (19:51:04) DexterCain: dont im me
    (19:51:05) Kenichi: k
    (19:51:08) DexterCain: dont call me
    (19:51:09) Kenichi: fa sho
    (19:51:13) Kenichi: keep donkin
    (19:51:15) Kenichi: late
    (19:51:23) DexterCain: fuck you
    (19:51:28) Kenichi: lol
    (19:51:30) Kenichi: late
    <span>Then this is my favorite part he waits five minutes to think of something that he thinks will be clever then immed signs off.</span>
    (19:55:08) Kenichi: get a real job, ur poker career will never evolve by the way u play anyways... ur gonna be stuck where u ly right now for the rest of it... THNX!
    (19:55:12) Kenichi logged out.

    so basically all respect I had for him is obv out the window, but the rest of my friends who dont know any of this yet still think he's a straight up guy... I want to ruin that at least... please help..
  2. Oh snap, its gone public.
  3. lol you dont count you already know the story
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  4. (15:39:42) Kenichi: lol aiiet

    wtf does aiiet mean?

    go passive/aggressive on him btw
  5. Dexter is sooooooo ethical. He's my hero.
  6. I was sorta hoping it would be a story about some girl :(
  7. i assumed it was his cool guy way of saying "alright".. it might have been code for "I just folded the Ace of clubs" though
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  8. no shit, not that it's a huge feat of ethics to not cheat at cards, but yeah

    i don't see anything wrong with plan A (passive/aggro)
  9. lolz sorry cubbie
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  10. we've already covered that w/ Dexter - what ever happened with the girl you were stuck on?
  11. still stuck on her but she's in boston... and I'm not... oh and she's over it, and I'm not
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  12. first off, post his screen names and the sites he plays on so we all can watch out

    secondly, DEF tell your friends and get his scumbag ass out of your home game
  13. well, I'm not claiming to be a saint or anything and lol it wasn''t a moral brag post, but it seemed to get my point across because he didnt seem to understand what the problem was
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  14. we can all IM him, obv.
  15. Ahh...double meanings are a bitch..
  16. report to support? this is kind of a big deal.
  17. huge over reaction sir.
  18. you over reacted imo

    YOu did bring it back up to him, he seems fairly sketch but this does happen. If he is just telling his cards/ soft playing you should of just let it go.

    It seems like he was most asking for you to help him with his game then anythign else.
  19. Very cool Dexter, but I think you have to def tell the people you play mutually with
  20. so yea I guess this is part of my question, am I over-reacting? I'm not really am I? I mean this is a pretty big deal yeah?
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  21. Print that out and give it to everyone at the home game. Then after he wins his first hand some say " hey I think you were colluding on that hand ". Then everyone show him the conversation and tell him to GTFO and never come back.
  22. hmm. two for over reacting so far... you might be right.. I dont know

    who else wants to vote?
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  23. Just ignore him at the home game but if he even looks at you funny or pisses you off a little bit then air him out in front of everyone.
  24. get a real job
  25. Yes, he's a cheating fuck. But even he doesn't deserve to be called out like this.

    Does he have a p5s account? He should at least be allowed to defend himself.
  26. seriously DC, that isn't all that sketchy, and I'm sure it happens a lot more then you think. I've done it (albiet in 5/10c games) but I wouldn't do it in 50nl where there is actual money. Oly times I have done it, we don't say every hand ect, just AA/big hands. I don't consider this unethical, as its way below what we normally paly, and most of the time its +ev for others at the table anyways.

    Don't ruin this guys friendship with everyone else over something like ethics of online poker.
  27. Kudos Dexter. What a fucktard. How old is he?
  28. collusion is like fucking AIDS imo. It seems reasonable to at least tell your friends (and even support) exactly what happeend, that you dont know for sure he's colluding but he proposed the idea to you.
  29. Hide and kill. Dig and bury.

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