See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. With today's Sunday majors, we are releasing a new forum on PocketFives for railing your favorite players and for announcing to your friends what tournaments you are playing, the On the Rail forum.

    I've just added the forum to the Public Forums list, but you may need to logout and log back in before seeing it. In the meantime, you can get to it here: On the Rail Forum

    The forum also has a special console where you can enter any site/tournament you are currently in so that your friends will immediately know where you are. I've entered a sample tournament in the list so that people have an example of how it works. (After three hours, the tournament will disappear from the list unless the person who entered it refreshes the tournament to let everyone know they are still in.)

    I hope to see lots of entries in this console and posts in this forum for the tournaments tonight!

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Over/Under on how many of those posts will still be made in OT per day??

    But if it gets put to use, best P5s addition ever.
  4. but if I ony want an OT rail? I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens probably wont make a Ft anytime soon.

    This is a very cool addition tytytyty should be fun to keep up
  5. Exactly, I haven't made a FT in about a month. Why start now?
  6. Is Richie gonna be there?
  7. nice addition thanks
  8. Anyone else think its going to be a no mans land like bad beats
  9. no, i think it's a great idea :) it will pull a lot of the rail requests out of OT and put them somewhere very appropriate... just have to remember to click on it every now and then, lol.
  10. with some tweaking... I think it will benefit the site
  11. yea but i am not interested in railing PD clowns and they ask for rails 5 times as much as OT cats might just get lost in the crowd
  12. go look at my feature request in the OTR forum... there are ways around what you typed about.
  13. this would of been useful when i won two tournys yesterday(obv brag)
  14. I will be moving all sweat/rail threads I see to this forum... cant wait, great idea staff
  15. waco smolty has good stuff today

    braves hangin on by a thread

    go appy state
  16. What's a final table?
  17. WTF badbeats and Handadvice have switched places!?!?!?!1
  18. at least they left OT at the bottom... dont know what I would do if that changed
  19. Probably misclick a lot.
  20. this is wonderful. tyty. no more people trying to whore OT for a rail.
  21. for what it's worth, i try to whore OT for everything.
  22. We know.
  23. mission accomplished
  24. i remember the good ol witty days of ot.................. now its just full of bitter old whores

    and lots of pooping
  25. oh 7 months ago, if things could ever be like that again..................................
  26. it doent count if i lurked for a long time Jeri i didnt look at the pictures i just read the articles i swear!
  27. I think it's a good thing, just have to create the habit of checking that forum. And Namni made a very informative thread there, title: "FT, but I only want OT to rail" - lolz, well put!
  28. It's simple. Just have a paragraph-long story about something you did that day, so the post is "Off Topic", then put your rail request at the bottom, almost as an afterthought.
  29. Or make a poop thread and when people open it they will see a rail request lol
  30. I may be completely off on this but shouldn't it be "We present to you the On the Rail Forum"?

    In my head that sounds way better but its probably because Im a stupid yankee living in the south.

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