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  1. Any bands out there that has the same rock/reggae style?
  2. :( sublime
  3. yeah, lots.
  4. Long Beach Dub All-Stars
  5. There's a bunch in Long Beach as well.

    One Draw
    Bredrin Daddys
    The Ziggens
  6. I was under the impression that BadFish was just a Sublime tribute/cover band ??
  7. Ill Scarlett...sounds just like sublime (kinda)...good shit...
  8. I miss sublime so much.
  9. Big Sugar

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  11. beat me to it.

    one draw is probably the most like the old sublime.

    bredrin daddys are okay but their music is more geared towards hip hop. kinda beastie boy-ish but nowhere as good. will give them credit for being around for at least 12-13 years and still playing.

    ziggens are dope! nuff said. give em a listen on iTunes.

    badfish is pretty good too.

    there are a few sublime spin off bands:

    long beach dub allstars
    - opie ortiz from lbdas
    del noah - eric wilson from sublime,lbdas
    lb shortbus
    jack maness - solo

    check out www.skunk.com

    more soCal local bands to look into:

    slightly stoopid
    social distortion
    capitol eye
    long beach allday
  12. Search Diverse Link on myspace. Lauren can flat out perform.
  13. slightly stoopid
  14. search for "roots down below" on myspace
  15. Slightly Stoopid


  16. Social D and Pennywise are the best.
  17. Ok Chris, you are going to this show. Saturday November 24th @ the Blue cafe. We are playing with Long Beach All Day.
  18. Part one tribe

    Don't think they have a very big following but if you like sublime/pepper you will love it. Bad ass dudes singing reggae with boston accents.
  19. I like many of these bands, but feel that Sprung Monkey doesn't get enough credit (although they are from a bit further south).

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  20. ^^^^
  21. fuck yeah i m there. i am gonna throw a keg through the window and stage dive into the crowd..
  22. 311?

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