See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Results will be revealed January 1st.
  2. Only OTers who started posting in 2005 should be eligible this time. Just my opinion. GL.
  3. agrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii imo
  4. goot point tim....what do you all think?
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  5. I think this idea is stupid. But GL with it!
  6. yeah lets make it for the "leet" forget everyone else!!!
  7. we are just carrying on tradition seanerz.....it must be done.
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  8. well we can deal with that later....right now we are just making the final list to vote on...so GET ON IT BISHES!!!
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  9. 1. Carl Sagan
    2. ?????
    3. ?????
    4. ?????
    5. ?????
    6. Bekigirl
    7. Profit
  10. wowswift
    mr blonde
    1.21 Gigawatts
  11. you can make your list here or in the link posted in the OP. i will combine both threads together to get the final list.

    edit: i'm going to go post some flyers for my lost kitty now...i'll be back in a few.
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  12. I agree. Popularity contests are pretty gay. But I read the other thread and if you do it, it would have to be done every three months or so. Seven people per year? There are too many qualified people in OT for that.

    And will these people get an OT HOF logo in their profiles? That would be funny.
  13. I like Ess's list.

    Needs Mr. Blonde though.
  14. wowswift
    mr blonde
  15. i don't like popularity contests either, but i don't see this as one. i see this kinda like the pioneers that got it all started....we are not voting on who is funniest, smartest, best looking, etc....just a few of the great ot'ers that were in from the beginning and are still here...through the goot and the bad...you know, stuck it out...never gave up hope...i know i sound like a cornball...just roll with it.
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  16. -WAR - he makes me lol everytime he posts, the webcam pushed him over the top
    -Blonde - he runs so many contests and shit
    -agiff - baller
    -murderer - such old school
    -saul - old school
    -wowswift - made a backup OT, still waiting on those nudes tho
    -Buckinator - obv
  17. If that's the case this is not a Hall of Fame then. It's more of a lifetime achievement award. There is a difference.
  18. I will be making a section of magnetsteve.com the OT Hall of Fame. Hopefully we can have some tastefully made bronzed pics of the inductees.
  19. yeah so why should people who started posting in 2006 or 2007 vote on this.. they don't know who was here from the beginning until now.
  20. the sippin criss pose trophies imo
  21. Yeah, but it has to be of the inductee... so we need to get all seven inductees to pose for a Sippincriss-style bronzed pic. I'll put you in charge of that, jamerzzzzzzz
  22. BGX
    WAR ( especially after wsop )
    Mr. Blonde

    obv sweetness for next year
  23. Wowswift
    Mr Blonde

    Many more but this list is solid.
  24. certifiable <span>= jeri</span>
    2GU <span>= RF </span>
    danizthaman <span>= BGX</span>
    betbrett <span>= wowswift</span>
    DW <span>= 1.21gigglewatts</span>
    madtiger <span>= murderer</span>
    buckshot george <span>= bmac</span>
  25. It's been less than three years...I think thats too early for a HOF. I will not be voting. OK, maybe for Buckinator.
  26. I agree it shoul only be 2005 and lower

    btw sicktight nominated me last night for class of 2014
  27. its tough to say.. i dont see how this years posters would even know half of the nominees as a couple of them rarely post anymore if at all, so they would get shunned and thats not what its about, if we are taking it serious anyways.. it really sux to limit voting requirements, but there is going to have to be some sort of threshold..ive been around for a hot min, so im good either way, but those are just my opinions on the matter..
  28. Mr Blonde for president! i love the post he made in bad beats, i wanna c another 1 soon.
    philymatusu - or whatever their name is
  29. giga
    gifted stepchild
  30. after long deliberation, i come up with my HOF noms:

    Mr Blonde

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