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  1. I ate about 20 wings and drank 5 tall beers from bdubs yesterday watching the eagles run the fucking wild cat offense like shit, and then took a 3 hour nap. woke up and grabbed a meatball sub from subway and haven't felt the same since then. I can't eat or drink pretty much anything.

    I had a cup of joe this mornin cause I was up til 3 writing a paper and have 930 class. I just tried to eat some crackers from the cafeteria here and just puked. Im on campus til 430 and Im heading straight to the drug store for meds.

    my question is this:
    for someone with an extremely upset stomach (not getting into details but everything is not "solid" if you know what I mean) whats the best meds to get or is all the shit (pun intended) the same.

    -Pepto doesnt really work for me
    -Neither does Immodium.

    everything else just goin to be just like this or is there some kidna shit that will work wonders?
  2. tums work well if you are like busting your belt, otherwise get some weed. should be over the counter pretty much in college
  3. these honestly work wonders...

  4. if u want some homeopathic/organic stuff, coconut oil or peppermint tea (or really any hot tea), might help. obv cosign pot, that is the best med for an upset stomach in the world.
  5. some of this you will be fine

  6. ^^^ + = gg stomach ache
  7. quarter teaspoon baking soda.every time.
  8. try drinking milk too. i have this problem with drinking lots of coffee and beer.

    for example i cant even eat half a plate of food right now and ive been up for 7 hours
  9. Hydro Doja chocolate thai weed,
    or we might be sippin on gin and hennesy
    fuck that, where that new shit, chronic ice teaa

  10. cure all obv. NYCSD

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