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  1. Please note that these are the unfrosted ones. I just got my girlfriend two poptarts, and brought her over a glass of apple juice, and then she asked for butter, and I was like, "for your pop tarts?" And she said she has been doing that forever....I have never heard of that, has anyone else in their life ever put butter on their pop tarts for anything besides a dare?
  2. ew and no. think she's in the far, far minority on this one.
  3. frosted strawberry pop tarts > any unfrosted pop tart > butter on pop tart > cream of wheat
  4. If it is the French Toast or Cinnamon Roll ones, it makes perfect sense. Maybe even Apple Streudel.

    btw, the new Mint Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts give me chubby.
  5. That sounds really awful and a good way to make pop tarts even worse for you.
  6. Walter, much to the horror of everyone at the table, pours molasses over his entire meal. Scout cries out that he is ruining his meal but is quickly reprimanded by Calpurnia. As long as Walter is their guest, she says, he can do as he pleases with his food.
  7. Uhh...isn't that Old Yeller?

    EDIT: To Kill A Mockingbird?
  8. They killed Old Yeller too.
  9. pics of said poptart or gtfo
  10. good call...pope you mentioned a g/f...obligatory pics??
  11. <H3>Buttered Pop Tarts </H3>

    You know how growing up you assume that everyone else lives the same life as you and then as you grow up and meet other people you slowly find out that you do some things differently than everyone else. Growing up we could never have the Pop-Tarts with frosting on them, because that would be dessert, not breakfast. Not that we got Pop-Tarts, with or without frosting, all that often. So pretty much they were a delicacy. Anyway, when you toast the unfrosted Pop-Tarts, putting butter on them is pretty much the only way to go. The butter melts into the crust, it's great all around.

    Lately I've been finding out that putting butter on Pop-Tarts is greeted with a near universal &quot;huh?&quot;, followed by a semi-universal, &quot;wait, what? gross.&quot; Not sure why no one else I've talked to lately has ever done this. Probably because they only eat frosted Pop-Tarts. It's rare to ever see more than the strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts in the unfrosted form these days, although I did happen upon some unfrosted blueberry about a month ago. Anyway, I think they are great, and I encourage you to try it out.

    Taken from http://bigdigital.blogspot.com/2007/...pop-tarts.html

    There's one fan.
  12. omg always butter a toasted pop tart! But if im lazy I usually just eat it out of the package cold.
  13. sounds nasty
  14. no butter and toasting is a waste of time
  15. my dad used to do that when i was growing up, always thought it was gross.

    cold tarts FTW!
  16. Butter on a pop tart sounds pretty gross. I would dump her immd.
  17. unfrosted pop tarts? why not....prob dip them in milk thoe....and you need to leave your girlfriend immediately...clearly she is a fat phuck in the making...
  18. will try this tomorrow morning, i am excited for breakfast!

    not rly....
  19. wtf is a chubby?? w...........t..........f...........l............o. .........l.
  20. wait, what? gross
  21. honestly..never in my life have i spread or even thought of spreading butter on a poptart...but..wtf r u guys talking about...gross?

    ...butter..good...poptart...good...how can butter on a poptart be bad, or "gross"?...Its unhealthy and unneccessarry, but it probably tastes decent
  22. lol @ unfrosted pop tarts
  23. Nothing wrong with your little ladies buttered pop tarts, but be prepared for a big fat girlfriend a few years down the line. Buttered pop tarts, fried chicken (skin on) &amp; Ben &amp; Jerrys for dessert. Honey, run down to the Piggly Wiggly &amp; get me a half gallon of that pop tart flavored ice cream; &amp; a six pack of Tab.
  24. yeah i didnt know they had unfrosted pop tarts. thats probably more strange then putting butter on them imo.
  25. tell her absolutely not why would you put butter on pop tarts... ewwwwwiessss
  26. Your girlfriend has committed what's known as a "fat moment." She has made a statement or action that can be described in itself, as fat.

    If I heard someone say this behind me I would expect to turn and see a fat person. I'm not saying your girlfriend is fat because I don't know. But be wary as she may be a fat person in the making.

    Other example of fat moments:

    <span>-Accepting a significant percentage of food offered</span>. Example: someone says, "Anyone want the rest of this....." and the person tries to blurt out "I DO!" before anyone else can.

    -<span>Being able to smell a specific food</span>. Example: Four friends are walking down the street when they are all struck with a smell. Someone says, "you smell that?" and rather than saying, "smells good" or "smells like something cooking" someone says, "smells like bacon" or "smells like cake" or "smells like memphis style dry rubbed ribs with a side of buttered corn, baked beans, creamed spinach and..... I'm fat."

    That's all I got so far.

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