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  1. Ok, I would assume that this qualifies me as a total douchebag but here gos.

    I have a 22 month old son.. I essentially refuse to change his shitty diapers..I think I may have done it like 4 times(because I was alone with him)since he was born.
    Furthermore,if my wife starts to change his diaper in the same room that I'm in,I will leave the room immediately or put my entire face inside of my shirt. The smell and site of someone else's feces is incredibly vile to me,even my own son's.

    I am somewhat of a germaphobic,so this could be the problem.

    Anyone else a douchebag,cunt like me when it comes to this ??
  2. Yes sir you are a bitch
  3. I have twin boys, took me about 2 days to get over it because I knew I had no choice.
  4. man the fuck up and change your sons diapers.
  5. "honey his diaper is shitty, what do you suggest I do"........."I suggest you stop being such a faggot"
  6. dude, definitely have to man up... although nice timing as he's probably about ready to start crapping in the toilet..
  7. Oh please, MAN UP NOW!

    I had 3 daughters and all were potty trained by their second birthday. Use the reward system. Everytime he uses the toilet, he gets a piece of his favorite candy or treat.

    btw...can't take the smell...change him under a ceiling fan..ftw
  8. Yep, but my new favorite word is douchenozzle. Anyways the kid is almost 2 so start potty training now.
  9. Yea i had to change my grandmas it is really gross
  10. Your wife should feed the kid blueberries and sesame seeds and then leave him alone with you for the night.
  11. grow up
  12. man the fuck up and change your sons diapers.

    it isnt pleasant, but come on man
  13. When my son was 2 he was sick and throwing up when i was changing him he wanted me to hold him ya he throw up down my back and shit down my front LOL at changing diapers
  14. pluv changed more poopy diapers than i did. i think he liked it.
  15. The scent of Desitin is addicting.
  16. tis true. once i caught him in the bathtub rubbing desitin all over his body. i pretended not to notice. it's always going to be in my mind though.
  17. ur a loser.
  18. Shows to me you are not willing to go out of your way to be a father who is willing to do anything for his son.

    It may be a minor thing now...but trust me, the wifey is taking note and realizes this is probably just an example of what is to come in the shortcomings you have as a father.

    I hope i am wrong and good luck.
  19. I still change the occasional pull up when she has a accident but I have since she was born been "The Changer".
  20. looool - i can't stop laughing at GAMEOF LIES post - brutal!

    From the start, changing my son's diaper just wasn't a big deal - for me or the hubby - something about it being my own son that just made all of it moot.

    Yes, you're a douche for leaving it up to your wife to do the dirty work, but at least you know it and can admit it!
  21. LOL
  22. I rarely use these words together in one sentence....

    But PLuv is absolutely spot-on here.

    I changed more of both of my kids' shitty diapers than my wife. She does so many more other things for them, this is the least I can do.

    You're not only failing your son, you're failing your wife as well. If you can't suck it up and do this, what the bloody fuck are you going to do when being a father gets DIFFICULT?
  23. I never ha a problem changing shitty diapers. Once I was in line for the Easter Bunny with my daughter when she was like 4 months old. We were next in line and she blew up her diaper and the jumper she was wearing. She had poop all over her legs and it got on my hands and arms. It sucked (because we had waited like 3o mins for the Bunny) but I didn't sweat it at all.
  24. But..... changing a girls poopy diaper is gross. Poop all up in the vag. I would one arm em, run the water warm in the kitchen sink and clean em out. Now that is yucky, but you do what you gotta do.

    Was changing one of my boys once. his pee-pee made a tee-pee and shot wee-wee 4 feet in the air. I stood back and admired the kids power to squirt.
  25. that'a a powerful moment.
  26. when my nephew was a baby I was the only one that wasnt working in the house so naturally I got him all the time and wouldnt say I had a phobia but barely ever changed him. never remember one memorable issue. BUT after he had supposely learned and i've told this story recently, when he was like FOUR he hosed me down on the trolley. just start peeing all over me was like WTF. hes like I have to go.
  27. no
    get overit.

    or more fun go have dr. phil tell you that this is your changing day (no pun intended) ..(look i'm a dad so i'm entitled to shitty jokes kthx)
  28. Man the fuck up.
  29. wow. leaving the room if your wife is doing it? way to respect the fact that you make her do this shit (pun intended). grow up and be a dad dude

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