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  1. Fuck, 25 question written test, and I failed it on the first try a minute ago...

    I missed questions like
    How many feet should you turn your turn signal on before a stop, and if the speed limit is 50 miles / hour or more then how many feet should you signal?

    How far from railroad tracks to tractor trailers stop at

    How long are points on your license after the citation is issued?

    How many feet should a tractor trailer stay behind another tractor trailer?
    options were 30 50, 100, 200 feet

    How many feet behind should u always keep your low beam lights on behind another vehicle

    and a few more

    Edit: I feel like a life loser, hopefully I can pass it tomorrow
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  3. maybe you woulda passed if you were less of a douchebag
  4. lool, try studying a bit next time
  5. I know
    The 2 point question was

    Rate your level of douchebaggedness on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest

    I gave myself an 8 since it said to answer honestly

    Anything about a 7 is automatic fail

    F me
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  6. I've said this like 4 times in OT... Just read the fucking Chauffer's manual 3 or 4 times before going in. It's like 3 pages.

  7. I ASKED FOR ONE and they didn't give me one!!!!!!

    They don't have one

    I looked online too
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  8. That makes no sense. They can't give a written test with no information to study. I passed that and a Class B test, and they both had clearly separate manuals.
  9. ^^fails at real life
  10. Whats the answer to the last one (high beams)? I've always wondered that
  11. Are you in INdiana? If not maybe its different

    This is what I found online for the test and I studied off that
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  12. being a taint cant help your cause
  13. Not only did you fail that test, you also, fail at life. I feel for you Double D! Goodluck tomorrow! Knock em dead!
  14. How many feet should a tractor trailer stay behind another tractor trailer?
    options were 30 50, 100, 200 feet

    I don't understand this question. How fast are they going???? If you are going 70 mph, 30 feet is probably too close, but if you are parked there is no need for a 30 foot gap.
  15. Seems like you were taking a Semi driving course. Who the fuck cares what a tractor trailer does? You are wanting to chauffeur folks.
  16. Karma?
  17. I think he'll be driving an ice truck.
  18. ^^^^^ Correct

    I found a study guide online
    i have all the answers now so i will pass easily tomorrow
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  19. hearing this does not make me happy.

    too bad no one from the DMV knew how big of a local celebrity you are...hopefully now you will understand that just because you're the biggest thing that's ever come out of bumfuch, indiana that not everything gets handed to you.
  20. lol that's where your wrong

    Guaranteed 100% I pass tomorrow now

    But thanks for the concern socaldrew

    Me &gt; you
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  21. "Me &gt; you"...

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>"lol that's where your wrong"</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    ...i've NEVER failed a test
  22. Life is one giant test bro

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  23. please don't make me repeat myself.
  24. Boom shaka laka!!!
  25. I know that SoCalDrew was wholeheartedly concerned about my personal well being not able to pass this test so I thought i would update you all and let you know I passed and I can't wait until I get my brand new Chevy 2007 Diesel 7500 16 foot long refrigerated truck fully loaded with liftgate.

    I will be able to legally drive it :)
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  26. One time Leeeeeee!

  27. FYI

    I can legally drive this:

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  28. Did you read the 9/11 thread? I think we might need a bigger bus.
  29. I don't open threads like that...

    They are pointless IMO b/c hardly anyone knows what they are talking about
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