See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. All words have been used do far, SO that shit was wicked bro. Song makes it that much better too. Devin never fails.
  2. is he also EndlessJ on stars? If so, that is one of my favorite poker screen names.

    aaaand reallly sick video, i liked the song choice as well.

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  3. please dont mongo your switch, k thx...

    but in all seriousness im impressed
  4. good stuff
  5. It's insane the way skateboarding has progressed. I think a big turning point was when they started making the smaller symmetrical boards.

    The same thing applies to snowboarding the current equipment is light years better than it was 15 years ago.

    Sick video the guy can skate his ass off!
  6. very nice...love the devin too

    i used to skate and i still watch videos all the time...i seen this one recently - shake junt

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  7. Yo I appreciate all the love, I used to live for skateboarding back before I got into poker. This part was made about 5 years ago for a video called Carolina Love which also featured some other up and coming skaters that lived in NC at the time including Dan Murphy and Justin Brock, both of whom are up in the pro ranks now. If you are toolin' around on youtube def check their shit out.

    I do actually still skate these days, but nowhere close to as much as I used to. Its definitely therapeutic to just go out and shred when I'm gettin' burned out on poker. The skate shop I am sponsored by put out another video recently that I share a part in with a good friend of mine. Peep that shit in the link below! Should be obv which one is me. If anybody else has some legit footage feel free to post it, I'd love to check it out.
    Originally Posted by Chipsteela View Post

    <SPAN class=Apple-style-span>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U_v22MBTBE</SPAN>

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  9. Ty for the help bro, doubt I would have ever figured out how to embed the video
  10. Pretty sick man, I always felt N.C. State's campus wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. Now I know, it was built for skateboarding lol. You should board down the ramp at Harrelson before they tear it down..
  11. that was tight. I went to the Park last night. If you are in NC it may be worth a trip to Antigravity in Newport News, they have a pretty nice plaza style street course in doors. And Im always down to skate. Wont be huckin my old ass down any steps anymore though.

    FWIW i never could get Varial or inward heelflips. So Sick.

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    the first vid is all i could get of filming in the past 2 years (obv no where near yor level) Second Vid is the AG skatepark in NN

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