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  1. I know, serious posts are few and far, but I feel I need to congratulate Gun.

    Yesterday, he finished up ten plus years in service of the military, and will be moving to Tampa shortly to start the rest of his life.

    While we may not agree with our troops being overseas, we can all agree on one thing... our troops are heros. Thanks gun, for protecting us and good luck with your new job in Tampa!
  2. Way to go. Never knew that, thanks for the sacrifice!
  3. Indeed, much props BGX. Thank you.
  4. well-deserved congrats. gl on wherever this path takes you, bro. very stand-up guy.

  5. as an army brat (dad is still active duty), i say thank you very much sir
  6. BGX even tho you need a stepstool to reach the sink while brushing your teeth, you are the man Congrats and I wish you and your family the best in your new venture.

    BGX owns everything including Wowswift.
  7. Congrats sir
  8. someone else owns me

    BGX is set free. skeet!
  9. sweet ass! Congrats, and thanks, buddy.
  10. Nice post. Gl, gl BGX.
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the nice words. Thanks Wein, for mentioning it. I appreciate it.

    I just signed out of the Army about 45 minutes ago. It's very bittersweet for me. I'm excited to move on to the civilian world and start a new career, but I'm sad to hang up the uniform and leave all the great friends I've made and soldiers I've worked along side.

    I'll be moving to Tampa next week to start my new job, and to celebrate my last day in the Army, I'm flying to Atlantic City tonight to play in a few WSOP Circuit events. If any of you are up there and can get to AC, shoot me a message and I'll buy you a drink.

    Thanks again for the nice words. Much appreciated.
  12. gun i see that your from richmond hill, my dad was at ft stewart my senior yr of hs (during 3id deployment to bosnia) and i went to bradwell institute in hinesvill if that rings a bell
  13. Very cool. Thank you for your service and best of luck to you in this new part of your life...
  14. lol, I know right where that is, Shaaarrrp. Small world! Before I deployed to Iraq, I lived in Hinesville about 1 miles from Bradwell. I bought a house in Richmond Hill about 2 years ago.

    1 more week in Richmond Hill, then off to Tampa!!!
  15. when does Skeet Cortese get on your favorite players list?
  16. speaking as someone who has actually lived where gun is currently, i bet he will be happy to be moving to Tampa!

    I also see that you went to USMA...I almost followed my dad(1974) and your path there but decided to go civilian route instead

    Just a note: I LOVE Savannah, but Richmond Hill and Hinesville is anything but Savannah lol
  17. you mean you dont want to move to the desert?!?!?!?!
  18. Thank you for your service. Best of luck in the civilian world.
  19. Can I buy your tank? Or maybe some nets? You could probably get me some MRE's...but I've had too many horrible drunken run ins with those things...
  20. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    Xmas, you may have my tank for the bargain price of $2,200,000

    You're just a few MTT wins away!
  21. bink
    Thread Starter
  22. congrats BigGun...this means after the eagles win the super bowl you won't have to worry about not being stateside and can come for the parade.
  23. thanks bgx, your contributions are greatly appreciated by us civilians. good luck in the private world
  24. Congrats on you completed military service. I hope you like Tampa, Buccaneer fans are the most obnoxious in the world. Good luck in AC, and sorry to see you leave GA, even though I have no idea where Richmond Hill is.
  25. BGX PWNS. great job man and good luck with the rest of your life.
  26. I Xmas gets your tank, can I have your uniform? My son will be the coolest 5 year old at his preschool wearing it. Thanks in advance.
  27. Thank you for your service to our country and best wishes for the future.
  28. congrats bgx and ty.

    best wishes to you and your family.

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