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  1. ok so my friend had the "code of conduct" meeting at his fraternity today and in the IM he sent me what the dress code was.

    the kid has the fattest fingers in the world and just pounds on the keyboard with reckless abandon, but you get the point.

    friend: nly costa del mar sunglasses and raybans and a couple other brands are acceptable, and your glasses have to have croakies.lool no jean shorts , shorts cant be below the knee, no cutoff tees, no cargo shirts, np sufr shirts, no fubu or sean john shit like that, only shoes are boat shoes flip flops and a few styles o new balance( and they gave us model numbers), cant get caught smoking pot, what else.... uhh hat can only front words or backwards not to the side, when you go out only collared shirts and you have to be in a collared shrt all the thime, unless you wear a button down shirt. no graphic tees, no tattoss no piercings,

    friend:they said one kid wore jean shorts
    friend: and they took them off him and burned them oin the deck
    friend: lol
    friend: and you have to dress up for th efootball games
    friend: with your croakies
    friend: but i dont own costa del mar's, nor do i have apair of craokies

    cliffs notes: what the fuck
  2. PM Magnet Steve.
  3. That's the gheyest fraternity i've ever heard of. What's the name? Sig ep?
  4. thats what i said, kappa sig
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  5. Believe it or not, and I know it sounds gay, but this is pretty Standard.

    When I pledged my fraternity in '03 we also had to have our shirts tucked in. OBVIOUSLY no jean shorts, they blackballed a few kids for that. We even had a certain day of the week where we had to wear Suit/Tie the entire day, if we were caught without it on we were fucked! I don't see what the big deal is, all that stuff makes you look nice and presentable??

    The cool thing is you only have to do this while you pledge, once your a brother you can do whatever or wear whatever the fuck you want.
  6. I'm a Kappa Sig :(
  7. lol jean shorts, id burn those fuckers too
  8. yea i understand that completely , f jean shorts
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  9. def PM redirkulous with any questions about frats
  10. lololololololololoollololoolerskittles
  11. SAE > NKA > KappaSig
  12. The funny thing is once you're offered a bid to pledge, you're in unless you quit.
  13. Ya right, we cut a number of people after we offered them bids. RUsh only lasts so long.....people quit during pledgeship, people are cut during pledgeship also.
  14. ummmm....so not true

    my pledge class had 50 people given bids and about 15 were blackballed aka kicked out
  15. you really have to fuck up to get kicked out.
  16. lol you have no clue what you're talking about.
  17. Strike 2.

    We kicked people out for anything and everything....just curious, were you/are you in a fraternity?
  18. lol. phialpha you have some gorbechov action going on with your forehead. kappa sigs blow anyways, i'm not surprised.
  19. frats were never really my thing. all this makes it sound so much lamer. gg.
  20. That's pretty harsh, but hey I can't fault the chapter for wanting the pledges to look nice. We kicked pledges out all the time, they would have to fuck up pretty bad, but it happened 2-3 times per semester. Most guys were weeded out by grades....most of these guys just happened to be guys we usually didn't want.
  21. i'm not in a frat, but i do dress along the lines of that, except boat shoes, i dont like and just happen to wear ray bans. but if you go to college here and don't dress like that, you will get way less ass. almost all hot girls like the frat guys with polo. definately a fact.
  22. Fuck conforming to someone else's standards, fuck being a clone. Individuality FTW
  23. lol @ suited aces , i have no regret about joining a frat tho, best social outlet everrr
  24. Im curious what are the benefits of joining a fraternity? We dont really have them here so I all I know about them is what I've seen in van wilder, old school etc. etc.
  25. i was a sig ep and that dress code is the gayest shit ive ever heard

    we made our pledges wear khaki pants and a blue blazer w a tie once a week, i think that is a little diff than looking like a complete chotch ball
  26. That is the dumbest fucking shit i've ever heard in my life. Seriously, dumbest shit in history. I figured most frat boys were just natural preps, i had no idea this shit existed.

    lol@ anyone in that frat trying to tell you that you get to meet a bunch of different types of people.
  27. Anyone wearing jean shorts has been blackballed by life...unless they also have a Members Only jacket.
  28. pretty standard...i was told the same thing 14 years ago when i pledged at Alabama.
  29. Dear Camronius,

    1. Friends
    2. $$$$$
    3. Alcohol
    4. Pussy

    * In no particular order

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