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  1. My friend is taking Speech 101 over the summer and he has his second speech coming up, the dreaded Persuasive Speech. He was asking me for help in choosing a topic. I couldn't think of one, but I told him I might know of a few people who had some good ideas (hint: OT).

    Basically he wants something that isn't too serious. Something that is a little out there, and something he could get a few laughs out of. In his words:

    "When everyone is doing speeches on worn-out topics like wearing seat belts and drinking & driving, it'll be a nice change of pace to actually listen to something that's interesting and funny."

    So help the man out, OT, and come up with some wild and crazy persuasive speech topics.
  2. On why hookers should be legal
  3. Do it on abstinence instead of hookers
  4. why women deserve the right to vote (edit)
  5. Courtesy Flushing

    Pros -
    obvious elimination of stink-producing turd
    reduced risk of toilet skid marks
    reduced risk of toilet plug by flushing piecemeal
    in case of toilet plugging, you have additional time to remedy said plug
    sends a message to any remaining turds that you mean business and they should GTFO ASAP

    Cons -
    wasting water
    audible indication that you are dropping a duece
    toilet water splashing onto the butt during the flush
  6. Why John Lennon's death was GOOD for society
  7. Why Talking Cartoon Animals are bad for a childs development
  8. Legalize marijuana even though this is overdone
  9. Why Trix are for kids.
  10. On why Gold weighed less than Hatchem weighed less than Raymer weighed less (perhaps) than Moneymaker
  11. using silicon-based spray instead of WD40 on your rubik's cube.
  12. using silicon-based spray instead of WD40 on your nob.
  13. "Why you should buy lighters in bulk rather than one at a time."

    But wait, does lighter fluid evaporate? hmmm.
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  14. Why one should not simply "believe" it's not butter.

    Who put the bomp in the "bomp she-bomp-she-bomp?"

    Why Anthony Michael Hall is America's Greatest Hero.
  15. my balloons went stale

    fact: 72.8% of OT will not understand these 2 posts
  16. I actualy did you a speech on the rubik's cube 2nd year college. They were blown the fuck away even though i was only at 1.15 at the time.

    The speech was suppose to be 5 minutes, but I went like 6 or 7, at least that's what she said.
  17. Why cats are nutritious and tasty.
  18. "Why Anthony Michael Hall is America's Greatest Hero."

    i think magnet steve is on to something here. even if its not anthony michael hall, you could use pretty much any famous person and spend 5 minutes explaining why they are americas greatest hero. i think depending on the famous person the more funny the speech could be.

    ie. pee wee herman, mr. rogers, lance bass, fred flinstone, flava flav
  19. why "little people" is less offensive than "midget" or "dwarf"

    why its not gay if your dog licks peanut butter off your nutsack, because its YOUR dog

    how to use buttsecks as a loophole to saving ones virginity
  20. Masterbation (Lubrication or No Lubrication)!
  21. Why silicone breast implants are now better than saline
  22. ^^^with visual aid obv
  23. there is nobody that raymer weighs less than
  24. Using criminals organs after they receive death penatily to help those who need them.
  25. years ago I did my persuasive speeches on:

    Legalizing doctor assisted suicide
    We didnt really land on the moon

    both were fun and loads of info can be found online regarding both topics
  26. Why his date should give him a blowjob.
  27. Why it really is size, not how you use it.

    why a girl should swallow.

    why spanking should be returned to pubic schools.

    why there is no spoon

    why baseball should use a salary cap

    why any team should become undefeated in football so I can stop seeing those shit burger 72 dolphins pop there bubbly every year after the last team has a loss!!! I want this to happen before the last of them die!!! so they can die full of realising there life ment nothing after all!!!

    why there should be no Life in prison. It should be draged in the street and shot. Save us millions per criminal.
  28. Why the WNBA should be dissolved, unless teacher is a woman.
  29. cosign
  30. Standing vs. sitting: Appropriate protocol for wiping your ass.

    Standing is far superior.

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