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  1. Not sure why I just thought of this, cant imagine this has been posted in OT before. If it has the other person who did was awesome.

    Hammer-Schlagen ("Striking Hammer") is a game derived from its predecessor Nailspielen ("Nail Game" or "Playing With Nails"). Both versions are essentially the same. A large cross section of a tree is used and nails are placed around its circumference. Each player gets his or her own nail. A striking tool is passed from one player to the next. Players swing at their nail until the nail is countersunk into the wood.

    Nailspielen is a northern German game played to pass time. Traditionally, the sharp end of an axe was held against the vertical edge of the slab, and swung at stag nails. The game was played to completion with the last person not sinking their nail as the loser. In German taverns, this game sat in a corner whose loser would be bound to buy the next round.

    As the game died off in Germany, it spread throughout the world. In Thailand, prostitutes play the game one-on-one for a small fee. Losing the game to the prostitute binds you to purchase her a drink; but if you win, you get to take her home. Needless to say, this is one heck of a scam.

    Nailspielen made its way to the United States in the mid-twentieth century. After its arrival, the Nail Game was played a significant amount at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater, Minnesota, and was shortly thereafter incorporated. The version of Nailspielen found at the Gasthaus is by far the most popular version found around the United States and known as Hammer-Schlagen.

    Hammer-Schlagen is played with a hammer instead of an axe. Most commonly, the wedge side of a machinist’s hammer is placed alongside of a sixteen penny nail and struck into cottonwood. The first person to sink their nail wins. Prizes are also given away, such as traditional drinking gloves, can coolers, blinking shot glasses, bandannas, knives, and other great assortments complete with the corporation’s trade name and marks.

    Hammer-Schlagen is a well-recognized business and trade. For approximately one decade, feuds for ownership over the intellectual property of the game have been made apparent. The trade and its marks are currently owned by WRB, Inc. of Minnesota. The corporation has been seen nationally at festivals, rallies, benefits, and fund raisers. It is from this wide variety of exposure that Hammer-Schlagen (.com) has become so popular, and for good reason.
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  2. I have played it at a German Festival in Munster, TX. Hard as shit.
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  3. wikipedia explanation above.

    essentially there is a big cross-section of a tree with nails pounded in just a bit, each person gets a swing and you pass the hammer thing. it should be played with this thing that has a thin edge so its tough to hit. first nail in wins, used to each throw in a buck or two a game, could play up to probably 8 if the tree was big enough.

    a german bar we used to go to a lot in NE minneapolis had this during oktoberfest. its essential that you are at least 3/4 drunk when you start playing. screaming at people while they are trying to hit a nail, while they have a huge stein in their other hand is so great.
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  4. Beer Die
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  5. sounds like a lot of work
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    Originally Posted by mason32 View Post

    sounds like a lot of work

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  7. ZOMFG one of my pledge brothers would NOT STFU about this game last semester. The rest of us thought it was just some idiotic thing he and his buddies did back home, never thought I would ever see anyone else who had heard of it.

    Does anyone else feel like drunk people + hammers = NOT A GOOD COMBO???
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  8. this sounds real smart...i like simple games...beer pong, quarters, wet t shirt contest...what can i say im old fashioned
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  9. looks fun to me
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  10. I play a similar game, except without the hammer or axe or nails or trees.
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    Originally Posted by Lord Supremo View Post

    ZOMFG one of my pledge brothers would NOT STFU about this game last semester. The rest of us thought it was just some idiotic thing he and his buddies did back home, never thought I would ever see anyone else who had heard of it.

    Does anyone else feel like drunk people + hammers = NOT A GOOD COMBO???

    ive ran across few that know what it is but those that do know how great it is.

    so damn fun its silly.
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  12. those kids are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to sober to play the game too.

    we started liking this game so much while i lived in mpls that my buddy actually got a cross section of a tree from his father's farm and we played in our apartment. now we lived on the second story of a huge old house, the place had hardwood floors throughout so we thought it made sense to just have the wood sitting on a five gallon bucket........

    when you would strike it, sounded like a fucking cannon going off. the 3 girls that lived below us were not fans of the game!!

    i still dont know how we never went to jail while living there....... wow
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  13. they do this at bars all over in MN

    some guy runs it and charges a dollar to play, if u win u can take a shot or some crappy gift.

    Its wierd because the same guy will be running it at different places, might be his only job.
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