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  1. Don't worry I don't have one year old beer... If a case of beer lasted more than 48 hours in my house... there would be a problem.

    My boss, on the other hand, said he has had a case of beer in his basement (not refrigerated) for about a year and was wondering if it would still be good.

    i told him any beer is good beer and that it would probably be terrific... any of you know?
  2. i guess it depends on where it was stored (heat, cold, etc...)...but wtf is he asking for why doesn't he open it up and find out instead of asking like a doofus?
  3. Cool, dark basement = I would try it.
  4. Prolly damn embarassed at having beer last that long without an explanation. (There really is no explanation!!)
  5. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

    You ever have a beer that was cold when u bought it, then got warm somehow, then re-refridgerated? Talk about the worse stomach ache. We used to save those for the beer moochers coming over the house
  6. I wouldn't give an enemy skunked beer. I would kill him, but with some more humane method. Damn, dude, that is cruel.
  7. O hell no its gota taste like death but it will get you drunk
  8. I would suggest he brings it to a "friend's" party and throw it in the fridge/cooler. Then proceed to drink the other beers there.
  9. I have an old bottle of beer from 1975 (the old Canadian stubby type) that I saved because it had some unidentifiable "matter" in the bottom. I heard that they would give you a free case if you brought it back but never got around to doing that. By 1990 all the beer had evaporated some how. Beer evaporating is obviously not a good thing and further proof that prompt consumption is the way to go.
  10. I have tried a 3 year old bud light. It wasnt bad at all, just tastes like a dark lager .
  11. That's not beer anymore, its moonshine.

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