See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Cant beleive theres not a thread on this yet. Thankyou sweetness/wanta and all the other veterans for all that you sacrificed over the years with deployments etc. Im drunk so if i forgot ne1 feel free to post their names.
  2. And for all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
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  4. +1
  5. SpikeTV all day, thanks to all who served.
  6. Thanks to all of those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice for people you never even knew.

  7. Thanks Wanta and the rest of the Veterans
  8. Thanks to all the vets. Enjoy a much deserved day of baseball, BBQ, and beer.
  9. Thank you to all the servicemen & women who keep us safe at home.
  10. first in . . . last out . . . the indispensable, ultimate weapon . . . the soldier.

    May God's mercy and light shine upon you all, in whatever capacity you serve. And, for those who have paid the ultimate price, I pray His everlasting love comforts those left behind, and eases their pain. Until that day when swords become plowshares, and war is finally vanquished, thank you for your commitment, and dedication.
  11. thanks to all those currently serving and to the vets who served before them
  12. I didn't know Wanta was dead.

    There is a difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
  13. you dont have to be dead to be remembered for what you have done.
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  14. Dead people can't read OT
  15. To our departed heros, lest we forget.
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    you dont have to be dead to be remembered for what you have done.

    Yea, but the day that is designated for that is veterans day, not memorial day.

    You're doing it on the wrong holiday.

    That's illegal.

    Go to jail.
  17. Bfactor is a mean person - he should be religious. That is all.