See Where You Rank in Washington

  1. Time to put a ban on lightning...

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  3. Spanx committing suicide?

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  6. Has to be grams
  7. Oz imo. At first i was like "sweet brag re that horrible looking weed." then i zoomed in lol

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    it moved.

    congrats bro! let me know if you want to load up on WPT shares lol
  9. It says oz right on the damn picture
  10. So is that like $16K?

  11. If that is what comes in those bottles I need to run to cali and get me a med. card.

    Also, getting bit in a fight blows.
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  12. Nice score. How long did it take to collect it all?
  13. 1. Get loot [X]
    2. Vegas [ ]

    G. B. Prospectier?

    Rushier? Pannier? Diggier? Legoooooo lol
  14. oh its not shitty weed. totally get it now.
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  15. So random... Anyone have a hook up for Neil Diamond tickets at MGM Sept. 1? Thinking of just flying out for the show but don't really want to sit upper back rows ($55-$100) and don't want to pay $500 for floor... Not sure what I'm asking, but you know, if you know of something... Should be an epic night. I love him in a gay way.

  16. My dad's retired now so he worked on it during the week. Prob 30 hrs total to dig, haul, and wash. Our buyer pays 85-90% of spot based on size and how clean it is and this is good shit. selling it tomorrow, will report on total. I'm guessing $14k ish.
  17. come back agriffrod

  18. I ran out of gas tonight for the first time in my life. And not only did I run out of gas, i was out of town and where i was there ended up being NOT A SINGLE gas station open! (no not even the cc payment). I went by approx. 12 gas stations over the span of 70 miles and they were all closed. Finally ran out of gas about 2 miles from a decent sized town/city. I have a gallon gas tank in my trunk, grabbed it and started walking. Walked by 4 gas stations that were ALL closed before I finally got to the main road in the city (about a 3.5 mile walk) and got to a gas station that was open ($3.51 ftw).
    I found a Waffle House cuz im starving and I'm about to get a ride from one of the waitresses back to my car. No pics needed. Woooooof!

    Cool story bro. /rant
  20. Where might I find that highschool car wash friend?
  21. WA state im afraid, bad beat that the one i know is the whitest one. i hate white people
  22. Think im in love with #5
  23. http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/stor...-team-practice

    lol 20 jets players fighting each other on the sidelines.
  25. lol, maybe now a believer in global warming - tree frogs are adapting (and moving north)

    just saw this on my back porch

  26. I'd be more scared of a cactus in MN tbh
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    Oz imo. At first i was like "sweet brag re that horrible looking weed." then i zoomed in lol


    oh fuck I thought it was weed

  28. anyone reccomend any good xbox exclusives? just bought star wars 320 gig last night (makes r2d2 noises, nbd) and right now have saints row2, gotham city imposters and bioshock 2

  29. +1 more for the "thought it was unconscionably gross weed at first" crew. Nice job.