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  1. Kim Batiste goes under bad, not obsure b/c he went to the series but still sucked.
  2. Hey wasnt Darren Daulton abducted by aliens or sumthing like that?

    My favorite phillies are Dickie Thon and Chuck McElroy
  3. what about mike schmidt
  4. LOOL at a HOF player in this thread

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  5. notice the title says OBSCURE AND BAD
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  7. Steve Jeltz SS 1983-1990

    367 hits, 5 HR's, 130 RBI's, .210 AVG
  8. Bruce Ruffin
  9. None of these fuckers are obscure.

    Sal Fasano is about the worst recent player I can think of.
  10. Ron Jones? and on the mound

    Tyler Green
  11. Now those are obscure.

    Tyler Green was highly touted and then never did shit.
  12. My favorite obscure baseball card of a Phillie players is Von Hayes.
  13. As a huge Phillies fan, Von Hayes is hardly obscure to me.

    However, in a book I read that talks about Philly sports, the authors ascertain that the single worst (overrated) player in Phillies sports history is Von Hayes. They say there's no way to be more mediocre.

    Either way, I loved him.
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt Von Hayes aguy that always did his best in the spot light? I remember him getting some big hits and making some great plays in the playoff years.


    Maybe not playoffs. Maybe he just did well against Atlanta or the Cubs since back then they were the only national channels I had.
  15. Since you asked and you are wrong, I will correct you.

    Von Hayes appeared in 1 postseason series and got exactly 0 hits. He was a 1st baseman with a career .267 average and had less than 150 career homeruns. The turd was 6'5" and weighed a whopping 185 pounds.

    Von Hayes was a fucking turd. F him.
  16. ^^^^ I edited my above post about the same time you posted this.
  17. how about Charlie Hayes
  18. Jeff Stone, Brad Brink and Pat Combs
  19. Sal Fasano is so bad it makes him relevant
  20. Travis Lee
  21. Theres a specail place in hell for Travis Lee
  22. Vincente Padilla

    (and so ends my short list of the two players i remember giving up for schilling)
  23. Tyler Green made an All-Star team.

    The worst/most hated Phillies by me are Jeltz, Bruce Ruffin and Don Carman. The absolute most hated of all time was (and unfortunately is again) Jose Mesa, though he obviously isn't obscure.

    But hey, Ken Howell only has one more rehab start for Reading and then h should be redy to step into the rotation...
  24. Bill Conlin wrote an article about this on May 18th. Shit is hysterical.



    </H4>Jeff Stone (1983-87): This came down to two Stones - Jeff and Ron &quot;Palm Tree&quot; Stone. Both played all three outfield positions. Jeff wins on quotability. He was an intriguing young man out of the Ozarks - the mountains, not Danny - who ran like a Level 5 tornado was chasing him. He stole 123 bases one season in Class A. But he had the baseball instincts of a manhole cover and threw like the Venus d'Milo. Jeff called the location of the leg miseries that plagued him, &quot;my groan.&quot; When a waitress asked if he wanted a shrimp cocktail, he replied, &quot;No, thanks, I don't drink.&quot; Watching a full moon rising over the beach at Waikiki, he asked a minor league teammate, &quot;Is that the same moon I see in Missouri?&quot;
  25. Milt Thompson and Kevin Jordan
  26. Ruben Amaro, Jr.

    Randy Ready

    Kim Batiste

    I'll take "Depressing Childhood Memories" for 1000, Alex.
  27. bwahahaha. Randy Ready. Good call....I totally forgot about that turd.

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