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  1. Heaven...

    Sorry....always been a pothead, never taken any pharmies till now. Doc prescribed Xanax for the anxiety, which was most likely caused by the pot...

    God bless America.
  2. Only reason im able to go to sleep at night is becuase of .5 mg of alprazooooolam + volcano

    heaven indeed!

    its like you are stoned and cant think and its impossible to bug out and its quite blissfull
  3. I approve of this thread
  4. lskadjnflaskdjfnas this thread only reminds me of how i need to get ahold of both of these things...sigh
  5. pop 2 xanax - rail 20mgs of ox rox - 2-3 cocktails of your choice - smoke as much weed as you want (doesn't really matter at this point)

    In about 2 hours you will have absolutely no clue what is going on and will be passed out for about 24 hours.
  6. like whoa. have fun bro.
  7. xanax is so damn addicting...be careful or you won't be able to function without it.
  8. "rail 20mgs of ox rox"

    plz dont ever do this
  9. hook a brother up, doc.
  10. ^^^
  11. you don't know what you're missing dude.
  12. mupp whats the best thing to tell a doctor if you want xanax. I think i do have anxiety problems as I am in my last year of college and bla bla.... but my gf whom is a RN says if I tell a Doc that, they will prescribe me anti depressants... and I dont want that.. i just want something to help me chill the fahk out
  13. I agree with everything state about Xanax...it's fun every once in a while. I don't do it very much anymore just because most of friends who used alot of 'pharmies' have moved away. Funniest story I can remember was a couple summers ago, I was boozing all day sitting on the patio, just relaxing. Went to a friends birthday...continued drinking, got a Xanax bar from a buddy of mine and guzzled it down with a glass of vodka, he instantly starts laughing and tells me, 'You should've waited, in about an hour you're going to be stupid out of it'. I chuckled and didn't believe him. Well a hour passed and I was sitting at the bar completely zoned out of my mind, some guy kept trying to talk to me but I was just staring at a TV oblivous to anything. I slept like a rock that night and woke up the next day feeling awesome, I instantly swore off using Xanax more than a couple times a year on the spot.
  14. Tell the doc you tried to kill yourself
  15. I dont snort shit... that's for stupid ppl
  16. ^^^ I agree unless of course it is blow off a hookers ass.
  17. I, too, approve of this thread
  18. Yes, snorting shit seems stupid to me too.

    Snorting oxycotton, on the other hand, while it might be an awful horrible idea is by far my favorite drug of choice. Not even a close 2nd.

    But I mean if you think of all the ways a person could die. This way seems pretty peaceful. And you get to feel like you are floating in the clouds the entire time.
  19. I call them Scooby snacks
  20. xanax is not a good drug, IMO. if I was a doc that prescribed such meds (i am a radiologist, so I don't prescribe hardly any meds) I would not prescribe it. I know many docs around here who won't even prescribe it because of its addictive qualities, and because there are meds out there that are less addicting that work just as well for people with anxiety (i.e., many antidepressants and other benzodiazipines like klonapin).

    the reason xanax is so damn addicting is that it has a very rapid onset and a short half-life, meaning it gets washed out of your system rapidly, which means 4 hours after you take the pill, you feel anxious again, and require another pill. then your body gets desensitized to the drug, and you require more for the same effect. this is a similar reason as to why cocaine is so addicting (fast onset, short half-life)
  21. gl with that dude... oxy is for losers
  22. just smoke some purp....fuck all this crackhead pill popping shit
  23. I love baaars hmmm, the yellow fries are sick gotta try em if you can...
  24. No better way to relax the soul and expand the mind...approved.
  25. nice post. i just took a xanax and loading a bowl before i go to bed and i read this. saving the hash for this weekend. night ni...g...h...t...... O..........................T...................... .................................................
  26. Mupp, is klonapin any good? my dad takes it daily for anxiety and such (he had his grandparents and my mother all pass away within a 2 year period.)
  27. xanax reminds me of the vietcong hookers in vietnam that would stick knives or raisorblades in their snatch for a neat surprise for the american GIs
  28. Yea i am prescribed clonazepam(generic klonopin). It does wonders for my anxiety.
  29. Valium >>> Xanax

    Not that I'd know...
  30. XANAX is so easy to get from doc. Love it!

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