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  1. Travelling from Biloxi to tallahassee yesterday, I missed the news of Peeved's passing. I found out but an hour ago, and wanted to write this in his honor.

    I remember the first time I met peeved. We both ran deep in a nightly deepstacks. I also felt like he was an easy blind to steal :) He ended up losing a flip with AK. He didn't leave the tournament though. We had made friends and he stuck around, sipping on some sort of alcohol and railed me to my largest tournament victory still to date. I was happy to make this new friend :)

    From then on, we discussed poker alot. I got yahoo IM, and through it we chirped poker. He was my only friend on that buddy list. Together, I like to believe we mutually helped each others game. He showed me the patience that tight aggressive could achieve. I showed him the 2.5x raise (boy, did he like to minraise!). He would call me a LAGtard and in return I would call him a nit.

    I learned through our talks that his profession was anthropology; that he had travelled alot; and that he had some health problems. But I know that he loved to play poker - - and even moreso, that he LOVED OT. Peeved is the number 1 reason why I even checked out Off Topic.

    Peeved was hilarious. Sometimes though, he would mess up the punchlines....just a little. It made them even funnier and better in my eyes. Funny the things that you remember. My most memorable peeved one liner?

    "You're the type of guy that sucks dick for cabfare and then walks home."

    Peeved was the type of guy that would ask if you wanted a railcall as soon as you made a final table. He was that standupish, and ran by the golden rule.

    So this post is for him, Peeved, in his honor. I like to believe that he would have liked it. Well either this, or a 3r last longer :)

    RIP friend. You are surely missed.

    "I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Theirfeathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of youthat knows it was a sin to lock them up DOES rejoice. Still, the placeyou live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. I guessI just miss my friend." - Shawshank Redemption
  2. vn

    i'm sure he'd appreciate this...and from how you describe him, woulda done the same

  3. very nice post.

  4. Big fan of peeved as well...
    very well done sir!

    RIP gooot budddy!
  5. well said mrniphty
  6. Very cool post.
  7. very nice, RIP peeved
  8. great post

    RIP sir
  9. awesome read...i'm truly happy he had friends like you and other P5ers to lift his spirits during times that may have seemed unbearable.
  10. well said OP. I think Peeved would've really liked this. wery well done. RIP Peeved
  11. best post I've read in a while
  12. Very nice post. I have been speaking with his family and they are reading some of these post. They are very appreciated.
  13. vnvnvn

    rip peeved
  14. Awesome post and well written about our friend peeved. He will surely be missed in the OT.

    RIP peeved
  15. this post gave me chills mrniphty. My condolances go out to all of his friends and family. He sounded like a standup guy.

    rip peeved
    im gonna tell that cabfair joke a million times in honor of you.
  16. vn post

    RIP peeved, you'll be missed
  17. nicely worded post...peeved will be missed...
  18. what a wonderful quote at the end there. i too considered peeved a friend, and i miss him very much. i really feel all messed up, cause when we couldnt find him it was troubling, and the longer it went the more u think about what it could b. while we were looking for him, trying to find out info to give police and stuff, there was always that hope, that he's just takin an extended break or something, as well as that thought in the back of ur mind, something isnt right here. and now that i know, im struggling with it. i look at his name on my yahoo, knowing i will never see those fish bones again, wont hear his jokes, wont talk poker with him, and it hurts. i wonder, why didnt i get his phone number and talk with him more, why hadnt i invested more time with him, to get to know that much more about him personally, we talked poker so much, and he would talk a lil bout his past, very interesting things, like the origin of dotah_oh, but while i was fascinated, i didnt really get as deep into it as i wish i had now, didnt get to know him as personally as i wish i had now.
    im gonna learn from this, gonna get more numbers of my friends, and get to know more about them and thier lives. im gonna invest more into the people i call my freinds. life is truely truely a bitch, and then u die, but in between there, its about family and freinds, and i want this to b the very last time that i have these regrets.

    i guess i just miss my friend,

    good bye peeved
  19. I am pleased to see that no matter where it was in this world that my brother went; whether his junior year abroad in Bogota Columbia all those years ago, throught the southwest schooling and native nations for whom he advocated as an archeologist to his virtual world of ebuddies, He invariably did so with such an attractive classy if a bit sassy persona. Its makes his final decision even more of an enigma. Your posts and replies thereto have allowed me to reassess my poor guesses as to the end stage of his 50 years on this plane. Your stories have been both provoking and comforting as it becomes clear that you were an important part of his community and that he was never as alone as our imaginations made it seem. His decades long bout with ADD and Depression were the demons and not the andidotes he sought in some liquid substances and adreniline rushes gained from winning a few tournaments or sharing in others victories. Thanks for being there for each other. I am not likely to join you in doing this posting stuff but if you want to share a storie or three my address is: jnoyes22@harbornet.com Thanks Jeff Brother of peeved.
  20. Its makes his final decision even more of an enigma

    im unclear, are you saying he killed himself??
  21. bump

    if anyone has an answer for me, id really like to know.
  22. Best of luck to you and your family.
  23. There are many great personas in this little section of the internet and the real life Indiana Jones name Peeved (Peter) was one of them.

    Behind all of these messages here are people in the flesh (and Mr. Blonde with a fleshlight too) and we all have feelings.

    The feelings peeved posts brought to me personally were of wit, dry humor, and kindness - most of the time.

    Look back at some of the political threads and you will see he was really an advocate of liberty and power to the people. He wanted accountability. These are great qualities no matter if you cheer for the party of a jackass or the elephant. Peeved wanted to know what was going on with the Neteller funds, as an example, and created threads askings hard questions people didn't think of or want to think about.

    If you look back at some of the posts he created, particularly the stories from the "real world" he linked or copied to bring to our attention, he really brought to light some truly newsworthy but uncomfortable topics. Funny enough, the responses were minimal.

    In the original thread, the member here mozzer brought up this link that peeved posted and I will show it again, as it is a story that really moved me and I wouldn't have seen it unless peeved initially caught it and posted it here for all of us to see.

    Check it out if you haven't seen it already:


    Brother of peeved: I may not have ever met your brother in person, but he made a positive impact at times to me and others here, and as lame as that sounds, that's only a good thing.

    My condolences to you and your family during this time.
  24. good story paul kemp! very long but i used to get off the metro at that station sometimes.

    and it doesnt surprise me AT ALL people ignored him. people in dc are some of the mostselfabsorbed unobservant jackasses on the planet. ..one of the reasonsi moved away.

    gg peeved, rip buddy. that was a gem if you could get thru it all.

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