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  1. i like lana del rey alot too, love this video

  2. Watching this very video right as you posted lol
  3. I feel like the guy who says he doesnt like Inception or The Hangover in OT movie threads but i really didnt think the Adele album was that great. Other than a couple of songs i thought it was pretty meh. Obv she has a pretty incredible voice but i just thought there were too many songs that were just not very good.
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    Nice! It totally took me by surprise when I first heard it.

    The Weeknd also has another album/mixtape out this year called Thursday. I don't like it as much as HoB, but it's also worth checking out imo

    I thought he was supposed to release a third one this year to round out a trilogy, but I don't think it's happened. Not yet at least

    And here it is....

  5. I've been thoroughly addicted to Watch the Throne for the past week and a half, and am now convinced that my previous list was in grievous error.

    New list:

    1a. Tyler, the Creator - Goblin
    1b. Jay-Z and Kanye West - Watch the Throne
    3. Adele - 21
    4. Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" - Hell: The Sequel
    5. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
  6. I don't like rap but Donald Glover makes some awesome lyrics. I also don't usually care for stuff in the op but I like Friendly Fires because almost all of their songs have a really fast pace to it.
  7. So Lana Del Rey was on SNL on Saturday and she was horrrrrible, embarrassingly bad. Rly hope it was a one time thing
  8. Hahaha, yea, I saw that too. She's been getting a lot of shit for it too online.
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  9. I'm going to try Tyler The Creator again, I just can't seem to get into his music.
  10. Try A$AP ROCKY, he's killin it.
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    Try A$AP ROCKY, he's killin it.

    Yeah, he's really good just started listening to him the other day
  12. Yeah, from some unexpected places too (Brian Williams even). Wonder how much it will hurt her career if at all
  13. She'll be fine. She's the daughter of some billionaire guy lol.
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  14. lol this is true, but she was realllly bad tho. unlistenable even

    she destroyed her own songs nearly beyond recognition

    New ASAP Rocky:

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    Try A$AP ROCKY, he's killin it.

    i love the first few tracks (obv the ones produced by clams casino) but it just gets worse and worse as the album goes along

    i dont understand all the love its getting i guess
  16. New Sleigh Bells single released today. Fucking love this band! Have a feeling when this album drops in February it will make my top 2012 list.

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  17. Himanshu's (from Das Racist) new mixtape dropped yesterday and it's just ridiculous

    download here:http://www.thefader.com/2012/01/17/d...ckets-mixtape/
  18. god i hope james blake comes out with another lp this year, love this semi-new song so much

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    New ASAP Rocky:


    The file in this link is broken for me, but this song rapes.

    Different link: http://hulkshare.com/r8qg894qttnb
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    New list:

    1. Tyler, the Creator - Goblin

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