See Where You Rank in Washington

  1. While you fuckers were living it up in Las Vegas, I got to move last night. F moving.

    If murderer can't find me a link for UFC 73 tonight, gg life.

    Live Free or Die Hard was the most implausible movie ever. But it was fun.

    People are terrible at PLO.

    Boston waitresses with Irish brogue are really hot when you are slightly buzzed.

    Being around the Boston Common when all the clubs let out just makes me want to fight these assholes.

    I got nothin'.
  2. I'm actually fucking awesome at PLO, and I'm a person, therefore I just disproved one of your random thoughts, I'll get to work on the others.
  3. why do famous people always try to get out of paying for shit, when they are the ones who can afford it?
  4. Have fun trying to disprove "I got nothin'"
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  5. you got heart kid, you got heart (said in a South Boston accent)

    "Ya gawt harrrrt ked, ya gawt fawkin harrrrt"
  6. why is the greatest gambling city in the world in the fucking desert?
  7. i believe the movie Casino answers that question jester.
  8. Next time you are walking the strip, and you go into a casino, think about how good you feel. Then you'll have your answer.
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  9. anyone want to play some PLO?

  10. THe greatest gambling city in the world has not yet been discovered, or it's Havana, either way it's not in the desert.
  11. "If murderer can't find me a link for UFC 73 tonight, gg life."

    No pressure then!
  12. I figured the pressure would refine and focus you
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  13. gg murd's life or gg steve's life?

    And where has magnet stephanie been?
  14. She ran off with Mr-AG-... it's pretty traumatic, I'd rather not talk about it.
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  15. True Love
  16. hmmmm i might do a bearded AG
  17. mr.Blonde i think the movie Bugsy answers that question better
  18. I have a question for Magnet Steve on 7/7/2007, is there an amount of money you would give up the rest of your life, other than the next 7 years for? Would you lose your vision, eyesight, or legs for an amount of money? If so what would that amount be?
  19. No amount of money. However, I would give up all but the next 7 years for total consciousness.
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  20. I got total consciousness from the dali llama a few years ago, so at least I got that going for me.
  21. he s a long knocker
  22. Sometimes I think the only reason I like UFC is because Joe Rogan was in NewsRadio, and I loved NewsRadio.
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  23. he also lost to the host of Amazing Race in a fitness challenge. what a bish.
  24. Why won't they just give the damn rabbit some trix?
  25. I bet they would have beautiful kids....
  26. I think the movie Apocalypse Now answers it best.
  27. .... if by total consciousness you mean the brush-off.

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