See Where You Rank in New Jersey

  1. When I first started reading pocketfives this was posted.... the first link is of Riley and the second is the original guy...

    If any of you could put them side by side in one flash file that would be hysterical!!!


    p.s. Riley do not kill me for resurfacing your dirty laundry you are very loved by us all!

    Riley video:


    Other dude :


  2. Ha ha, I remember getting both running almost perfectly in sync on Cal's computer once several months ago. It was quite entertaining. That would be great to merge them, though, if that's even possible.
  3. That is one of the funniest things Ive ever seen. I think I broke a rib from laughing
  4. riley owns the numa kid
  5. absolutely hilarious. What brought this up anyway?

    I vote for all the admins. to colaborate and make one together. Riley, Adam, and Cal.
  6. this needs to be pinned!! this should never leave the top of the website...mandatory viewing for any new p5'ers
  7. I dont know either person, but both are very funny. The second dude is funny cause he's chubby.
  8. Riley is an admin for this site....
    Thread Starter
  9. roffllllmfaoooooooo.......i jus pizzed meselkf,now the bloody dogs think its ok te do it indoors;))

    i new the rie-ster was a dark 'orse;))))
  10. A guy named "Plo" made a movie of this song too and it's funnier, in my opinion. Not sure where to find it.
  11. That shit was awesome, I'm dying over here
  12. I agree with Tranquil on this one for sure!!

    Mandatory Viewing for any and all new P5'ers for sure!!

    Riley you are one sick MOFO and I love it.

    P.S. I showed this to my wife and she said that when you came over to our house to play poker those times, she wasn't too sure of you, but now that she has seen this she thinks you ROCK!!!


  13. i'm not gonna lie riley is the shit now. That is an awesome song too lol and its my ringtone
  14. I couldn't open it ......grrrrrrrrrr

    Feeling left out ........
  15. I've merged the two swf files into one file. Couldn't do much with it as I don't have the original videos... but it definately is funny. Anyone want to host the 5 meg swf file?

  16. Forgot about this very funny stuff.

    demlay you can put it up on http://www.putfile.com/.
  17. Riley just asked for the file so I am hoping he will post it here from the p5 server.

  18. man, the shit people do infront of there computers. You should see me when i take down a MTT. LOL.
  19. Riley definately Owned. Immediate Pinage
  20. what song is that! i need band or song name, thats a new poker playlist song right there!
  21. Numa Kid = Joe Stillman from the WSOP Main Event coverage.
  22. F me !!!! I can't see it ....... my f'n computer broke at my job two weeks ago and they gave me a new hard drive.

    Since then , I can't see any videos....... can't get to certain sites , etc.
    Those bastards even sealed up the CD drive so I can't listen to my shit while working ...
    F them for making me listen to all the stupid, f'n bullshit chatter that goes on in an office. I liked my little 'hole' filled with the sounds of metal .... now its filled with the sounds of idiots.....

    Rant over ..... thk you
  23. I think we should have a P5 contest and see who can do the funniest video to this song....anyone up for it?
  24. "Dragostea Din Tea" by the Romanian pop band "O-Zone".

    Happy hunting.
  25. Damn that is some funny ass shit there!!!
  26. Download the Flash Player at http://www.macromedia.com/. Click the download button at the bottom of the page.
  27. was easy to find, napster baby.
  28. We can't let this drop off of the 1st page