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  1. Magnet Steve

    Isn't there a neighborhood the OP should be harrrassing - I mean "canvassing" - right about now?
  2. I appreciate your enthusiasm although I share none of it.
  3. you lost me at

    From the Book of Mormon
  4. i dated a mennonite once.

  5. ^^^^hahahahah...really? How'd that go for ya?
  6. Ended up marrying him.
  7. lol. it was odd. his family thought i was the devil.
  8. "O that cunning plan of the evil one! O the vainness and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish."

    "But he to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God."

    This is classic rambling, basically they are saying those who look to be wise in the ways of man and sociology are dumb unless they forget everything they have learned and accept a force that can never be known.

    Basically the only way to be educated is to uneducate yourself and blindly follow someone else?

    when will people realize that religion is just a way to answer the unanswerable, like myans thinking the sun was god becuase it gave them things. wtf is that?

    The only thing religion is good for is basic moral guidlines, structure for weak minded people, and hope for the dying.
  9. El Burro is indeed divine.

    absolutely hilarious post, wp, sir.
  10. The reason I sit here and defend this man is not because I am a religious fanatic and not because I know him, but he was trying to do all of you a favor and some people ended up mocking him that is all...He posted this and you guys dont have to believe or or even have to read it, but he was reaching out to the few people who possibly wanted a direction to go in with their lives, sure you can say its his fault for posting this here, but its just like you posting a thread about something he doesnt do in his life, and then him coming to that thread and burning you for no reason....
    to end my rant in a short summartion
    1) he is trying to save people from going to hell, which in reality is a nice thing Whether you believe in it or not)
    2) yes he is posting this in an unorthidox place but that doesnt mean you should try and tear apart/make fun of his beliefs

    lets all enjoy life :)
  11. 1) he is trying to save people from going to hell, which in reality is a nice thing Whether you believe in it or not)

    seems like a wasted effort to me and not especially nice, but tomato tomato (or something)
  12. i dont get it. If these people want to help people so much, why not help the people living in hell on earth. Go try to help some homeless people, or impoverished children. Dont waste your time telling someone to not try to learn as much as they can by facts and expierience, not blind faith.
  13. ^^ Well put
  14. On this forum it is most likely a wasted effort, but if one person reads this and changes his life for the better than it was all worth it...
    At this point the majority of what I take out of religion is just a bunch of storys and morals to live your life by, how to be a good person, so whats really so wrong with that
  15. whats wrong with it is the people who can not have peace untill another religion is completely gone because they believe in different shit.
  16. its not like he did anything crazy, just put a few excerts from a book he likes,
    maybe if I actually read I would start a new thread with a part of a book I read...but alas I dont read much :)
  17. nothing's wrong with that.

    that's the thing, people can decide what's best for their lifestyle. personally, those stories dont do much for me. the scripture is a bunch of poo to me. if you agree, great. if you dont, super. if i wanted to know what he or anyone else believed in, id ask. dont spoon feed me bullshit.

    but if dude comes into ot expecting to get a pat on the back for talking about jesus or whatever, well that's just not going to happen.

    this is a place for bashing goddamnit!
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  19. Word.

    Defend him if you like, 3kingme3, but anyone that's been a member here since '05 and has 800+ posts knows what kind of response he's going to get for posting that proselytizing crap here (esp. in that manner, anyway).
  20. miller lite? so...you're a puritan?
  21. Im just defending him because I know noone else will
  22. please go back to lurking.
  23. I dont see how you can disrespect someone for defending another persons beliefs...grow up man
  24. Mozzer did not disrespect anyone...he just voiced his wish, which happens to be that you stop posting.
  25. That movie made me want to join Heaven's Gate. Easily one of the lamest movies I've ever seen.
  26. Actually I can bring up a good point here.. That1chic and others...

    Saying that god or heaven does not exist in itself is stupidity because you do not know that to be a fact... you do not know so you can't say either way

    no one knows the existence of us and the universe in any sense to be a fact.. to say something otherwise would be foolish.
  27. That's not a good point at all. It's a point with Down Syndrome that everyone patronizes cause they don't want to make jokes, then have a kid with Down Syndrome and feel like karma fucked their kid.

    See also: Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  28. What you said makes no sense you cannot say something is true or not when you yourself do not know if It's true or not. to do so is stupidity

    Myabe you are a very simple minded person with a low IQ and can no conceive that fact in what I tried to explain
  29. looks so funny to read about someones low iq and the see, " and can no conceive that"
  30. LOL, Yeah, Harvard sucks!! Yale, FTW!!!

    J/K, obv, Magnet.
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