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  1. There are many alternatives for male self gratification. You should choose a method based on your own preferences, privacy concerns, and time restrictions. Here are a few classic techniques:

    1] Jerking - quick & clean, all bidness.

    2] Lotion - feels goot, but messier with some cleanup. Plus if you're out of lotion & have to use body wash or shampoo it could sting if it gits in you.

    3] Pillow humping - does anyone else do this or did I invent it?

    4] Fleshlight - best invention ever. Only problem is it stinks from skeet buildup, can you dishwash a fleshlight?

    if you have any special techniques, pointers, hints, records, etc, please share.
  2. comon Lenny, just this once could I?
  3. GTFO
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  4. wow.
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  6. wtf is a fleshlight
  7. records

  8. pull out your mangina &amp; i'll show you
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  9. oldschool bare hand for me.

    tip: try sitting indian style one time

    record: when i was about 14 i stayed home sick from school and whacked it 12 times.
  10. lefty feels like someone else is doing it but hard to complete the job, unless of course you are a lefty.

    I believe the correct term is "pillow pushing" and no you didn't invent it.
  11. I like the OK sign, just the pointer finger and thumb. If you're a freak you can try choking yourself with a belt or sticking a finger/foriegn object up your ass.
  12. Considering for a long time I thought GTFO= get the fuck off, (as in off the site), I guess it would be appropriate in more ways than one.
  13. UMMMMMMMM BOB of course.
  14. ^lol

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