See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Isuck
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  2. Southwest Florida Eagle Cam.

    Not Africam but still cool
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  3. pretty cool.
  4. I'm pretty sure that Snook in his nest is out of season, or at very least not the right size. Where the fuck is Wildlife management when you need them?

    Fine that bird!!
  5. I can't believe the lack lf love this gets!
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  6. eagle cam watchers are gonna freak out if the mother has to sacrifice the second-born to 'save' the first. they'll probably freak out just seeing the first-born being fed selectively. hopefully they have plenty of resources available and it won't happen but they do it for a reason.
  7. The mother is feeding them both right now..

  8. whoaaaa....dad just pulled up...I did not expect that.
  9. snacks in the pantry
  10. I think he's onto the camera
  11. That was pretty interesting just then

  12. why isn't the cam attached to the fucking eagle?!?

    this thread is bullshit and that's not a god damn eagle cam. its a fucking bird nest cam.
  13. Feeding Time
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    What is the name of Apple's first fleshlight product?