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  1. I figure this gonna be a long shot, but worth trying.

    Anyone know of any decent strip clubs in Cincinnati? or at least in neighboring cities.
  2. people live in Cincinnati?
  3. lol
  4. Did the 6 foot rule pass in OHio? I cant remember if so. U cant get any closer then 6 feet to a stripper.

    If it didnt pass then. There is the McDonalds of strip clubs Deja Vu. The better strip clubs are in Dayton tho. Diamonds was the best when I use to go in the mid 90s.

    What is funny. Everytime I talk to someone who lives down here. They didnt grow up here. ITs like Cinci is the void that sucks ppl in. Yet no one is born here.
  5. Fuck, I just looked up that bill. It appears that it did pass.
    Man, I should have stayed in NY.

    Back to the original plan - me, myself and my hand.

    Yeah, I only moved out here to pursue a job opportunity. Been looking for my way back out for a while. Two years survivor so far...
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  6. I have been stuck for 14 years now. Hope has slowly fallen away. At least I will die 10 years later by living here.

    As Mark Twain stated. If I knew i was gonna die tomorrow. I would move to Cinci. Everything happens 10 years later there.

    prob way off on part of his quote, but it was about stuff happening 10 years later.
  7. I've lived here my whole life other than 2 years spent in Germany.

    Deja Vu is pretty much all we've got. The girls are decent depending on the night, although if I remember correctly Wednesday is amateur night and it was disappointing when I went with some friends over Thanksgiving break. On top of that, I was treated to watching a 3-5 month pregnant chick rubbing her unborn child against the pole the first time I went.

    From what I've heard, Diamond's is worth the 45 minute drive compared to the Vu.

    EDIT: And having been to the Vu as recently as a month ago, the 6 foot rule either got challenged or just isn't enforced. You can sit right next to the stage.

    Pamela FTW.
  8. Diamonds in centerville

    bar none
  9. Why would you want to see girls from Cincinnati naked?
  10. Lol, i used to live 5 minutes away from diamonds. I'm going back home for the weekend and will be about 1 minute away from the place. Might have to stop by and relive old times.

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