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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3086122/ : Yea, this article just says they found another one of the kids that did it.
  2. Horrible story and horrible repost.
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  4. I never even really read this the first time around but fuck man, what is going on in this fucking country where this shit goes on. If justice was served every single one of those mother fuckers would be shot..public execution style. Thats why some shit like this dont happen in other countries cause these fucks would be hunted down and fucking killed by the govt. Id like to see this go down in China. Fucking shit disgusts me so much. Fuck im on life tilt now.
  5. That's fucked up.

    It says that the mother was raped and beaten by all 10 teens, and then it says that they left after more than 20 minutes. That's not a good average.
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    It says that the mother was raped and beaten by all 10 teens, and then it says that they left after more than 20 minutes. That's not a good average.
    not funny at all imo
  7. There is nothing funny at all about this. Fucking makes me sick. If life was like the comic books the punisher would find these assbags and roast em.
  8. The only funny thing about this thread is that cmval is waiting for the Punisher to deliver some real life justice.
  9. I just wish people could take law into their own hands sometimes.
  10. You can, that's why god invented our freedom to bear arms.
  11. yeah this was some fucked up shit it happen 2 blocks from were I work.I think those little mutherfuckers are in some sort of gang or something.It so sad too because they made his mom preform oral sex on her son and the shoved a broom stick up the boys butt and beat the shit out of him.I wish i could get my hands on them little mutherfuckers I dont care how old they are.And I heard they poured cleaning solution in the moms vagina and all in the boys eyes.Sometimes I hate West Palm.

  12. They don't even deserve to be killed. Slow and painful torture for these bishes until they beg for mercy through death.

    I am amazed that their are 10 kids in one area that are this fucked up in the head.
  13. totally speechless :(
  14. repost
  15. I duno how many people actually read it, but they forced the son at gunpoint and then poured chemicals into his eyes. Imagine being forced to rape your own mother is the last image you ever can see. WTF is wrong with 15/16 year olds doing shit like this.
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  16. Damn, I should have posted this. Wait a sec ....
  17. I hope every one of those sick mother fuckers get caught, spend a few years in prison getting ass raped every fucking night, beaten to death, and then burn in hell.
  18. If they actually end up doing time in the joint they are going to experiance what that kid went through for years, rapists and sicko's do not want to get caught, sicko rapists should commit the cide before they go to jail because they will be fucked literally and figuratively.
  19. Slugger def was the first one to post this i am a reposting bastard... sorry.
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  20. it is all good no worries

    although these bastards should fry in hell