See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. not rly, im just going to go on a three day drinking binge starting in 2.5 hours. skeet skeet skeet
    Just cuz I really have no family here, so I can, and I get to play LIVE poker as well as online tomorrow. awwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im gonna die weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    so what are you going to do? (Honestly I really don't care, but feel free to post anyway, I won't read it)
  2. I am going to count my bucket of change. Here is how I will proceed:

    1] separate the quarters (they're easiest to find cause they're so big)
    2] separate nickels & dimes simultaneously
    3] sift through pennies to make sure no dimes or dirty nickels got left behind
    4] count the quarters out in rows of $10
    5] count the dimes out in rows of $5
    6] count the nickels out in rows of $2
    7] count the pennies out in rows of 50 cents
    8] add the total from each denomination for a total

    I only have like $2 of change, so it won't take that long, $2.75 from looking at it right now, it's just 10 quarters, but I'll go through all these steps tomorrow to make sure....
  3. I read through all the steps only to come to.... " I only have like $2 of change.....$2.75 from looking at it ...just 10 quarters........ Made me laugh as it was intended to do....

    I keep laughing a little harder each time I think about it... Man I love legal drugs!!
  4. Thanksgiving sucks when you're in a country that doesn't have Thanksgiving. I need my god damn cranberry sauce fix.
  5. Dickau---you should be giving thanks for Adam Morrisson. What a player!!
  6. dan dickau blows
  7. I hope you guys all get AIDS for highjacking my thread
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  8. ok, im declaring that I suck again. gah im an idiot. i need to drink, so i can feel better about myself lolololol
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  9. lol, the off topic should become a second (obv better) forum
  10. are you into anal wow?

    wait, what?
  11. bwahahahah wtf, and the answer is no, I have to save something for marriage :)
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  12. lololol. good answer.
  13. gah, i don't want to go anywhere today, this sucks. AND I CAN'T BUY MORE VODKA!!! I am going to DIE, I only have like a quarter bottle left :( I have to drink wine, which is really bad, cuz I will drink the whole bottle. eek eek F Texas and their stupid liquor stores.
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  14. Thanksgiving also sucks cuz all you aholes aren't here to entertain me.
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