See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. have not tried sopcast, is it legit? which is best to download, and are tonites fights on it?
    any help would be great
  2. Yes, its legit.
  3. Best place to watch without buying it in HD. Should be on channel 3912/24267.
  4. sweet...thanks both of you...
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  5. Who's fighting?

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  6. Didn't they just have a PPV a couple weeks ago?
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    Yes, its legit.

    sopcast is the nutz. I have watched the last 4 or 5 UFC ppv's on it!
  8. That ring is bloody as shit. That means some sick prelims coming after the main tonight.

    LOL, have not seen that in awhile.
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    That ring is bloody as shit. That means some sick prelims coming after the main tonight.

    LOL, have not seen that in awhile.

    elbow to the nose. Almost stopped the fight cause he was on his back and it was bleeding all in his eyes
  10. You already saw it? Which fight was it?
  11. cant remember like the third one I think. There was like 5 on FB earlier

    Nice knockout just now. Good start
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  12. LOL yea that was fucking brutal

    Classy of Stout not to jump on him and keep pounding
  13. Phenomenal KO
  14. Might have been the Krzysztof fight have not showed it yeat and he actually has some pretty good battles. Most known from the Bonner fights.

    Gotta love the fat boys
  15. is the sopcast sound not working for anyone else?
  16. Watching on spike checking Sop now for ya
  17. its working for me but no volume. They are replaying the Beltran fight from the prelims. Anyone else watch those on Facebook? Man, HD and all. Amazing quality!
  18. yea, I have no sound
  19. lol @ the totally intentional knee by the guy with the belly
  20. That eye needs some ice
  21. http://atdhe.tv/

    better imo
  22. yup...no sound

    Originally Posted by SoCalDrew View Post


    better imo

    look like prelims only...?
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  23. okay thought it was just me.
  24. eh,this sucks. fix the volume bro! lolz
  25. i just fixed it for the low low price of 54.95
  26. http://boxingguru.yolasite.com/ Try this one, might have to dl some stuff. Pretty decent quality.
  28. LOL sound just came on for the fight on sopcast
  29. i am trying to login as anonymous and it keeps telling me can not access sopcast service. anyone ever have this happen?
  30. No uninstall and try again

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