See Where You Rank in Washington

  1. on MTV right now. it makes me sick how much money these people have. someone loan me $30 mil
  2. shipped on Stars
  3. htf are you watching that right now with Rock of Love on?
  4. i've been watching since like #17. i can't turn it off now
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  5. i saw the end yesterday.. #1 is a f'n island. F Virgin Records guy
  6. soooooooo sick, even though i liek shaqs(#13) more than some of ppl ahead of his
  7. Didnt shaq have a sick finger print lock on his office door?
  8. dono but it was 64k sq ft and had sick ass pool
  9. i'm kind of involved in Serpico right now.
  10. gimme joey fatone's house and i'm fine
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  11. joey fatone's house was really nice he had a sick pool and a big ass house in orlando.
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  13. So the chick hosting the show was Russell Simmons ex-wife (pretty sure they got divorced). Anyway, did anyone else notice the weird camera angle changes? She would be looking directly on camera, then they would switch to a shot showing her talking, but the side of her head. I couldn't figure it out. Was she not shifting her body to look at a different camera? Were they trying to be arty with the weird camera angle? If she wasn't shifting her body, they why the hell wouldn't they do a retake? It isn't live television obv.
  14. Wayne Newton has fucking penguins at his house. That's balla.
  15. Yeah especially since he lives in the desert
  16. i do hope you all realize that alot of these people don't own these houses. they just rent them to shoot the episode. I thought this was common knowledge. Most of the Rap dudes are just frontin'
  17. just saw the guy who owns virgin records, i dont think it was his house it was like his island house..own his own island unbelivable house and shittt...its sickk
  18. reaaalllyy???

    that seems absurd. (that they dotn really live where they shoot Cribs, just rent n show ?? )
  19. he is so rich he can afford to feed Maria Carey

    now that is fucking rich
  20. can't believe he bought a whole island for 300k, where the fuck are islands for 300k
  21. ^^^^cosigned. master bedroom with secret doors. how the f did he get so rich. cmon he was in a boy band
  22. Try the Pacific Proving Grounds

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