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  1. Just wanted to post an update here for those that are familiar with Townman over the years.

    Tow (Thomas) is in the hospital and things are not looking good. He has been diagnosed with smal cell lung cancer (after CT, PET, and biopsy) and the DR's told his wife that it was spread pretty bad, one of the worst he had seen. I am not aware of what the DR's plan on treatment at this time, either way it's a fast spreading cancer so it's rough days ahead for him.

    Just wanted to let you guys know. He's on some pretty legit pain killers right now so he's not up much, but some good vibes never hurt.
  2. His name is Towman and yes my thought are with him.
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  6. Thoughts going out to you, Tow. Be strong.
  7. Sending best wishes, and you are in my prayers Tom.

    Love you buddy.
  8. <3
  9. cancer sucks. good vibes sent.
  10. thoughts and prayers with him and his family.... truly a devastating condition
  11. thinking of you bro. fight the good fight man.
  12. : ( Sorry to hear, stay strong Tom and beat this shit!
  13. Good luck Towman. Thinking of you brother...

  14. My buddy started this campaign telling Cancer to beat it and it applies here. Good luck Tom I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best
  15. That is really really sad to hear. My father had small cell lung cancer. Wish him and his family the best. It is fast spreading, if he doesn't beat it, hope he doesn't suffer too much
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  16. Shipped
  17. Best of luck Towman. Kick it's ass.
  18. shitty to hear

    best of wishes tow
  19. Towman > Cancer

    Wishing you the best of luck!
  20. that sucks to hear, kick it's ass tow
  21. best wishes to an above average OTer
  22. Don't really know him but prayers sent anyways

    Gl sir
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  23. Oh my, I hope he gets a chance to see this thread.

    Fight the fight Towman!
  24. Thoughts and prayers
  25. doesn't sound good ;\ get well man!
  26. GL Towman. Best wishes. Beat cancer like a red headed step child.
  27. Your in my thoughts and prayers Tow
  28. Best wishes bro, you are one tough mofo, you can beat this!
  29. Best wishes bro, you are one tough mofo, you can beat this!
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