See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Last night, 2 friends and I had just sat down at Waffle House for dinner when a fight broke out about 3 feet away. Apparently, some crazy drunk guy came in and claimed that someone else was sitting in "his" seat. Judging by the staff there knowing his name, I'd say he was a regular visitor to the house of tasty hashbrowns and delicious texas toast. When the man, halfway through his meal, refused to get up from his seat, the drunk guy proceeded to grab him by his throat and pick him up from the table, slamming him into the bar. The wrestled on the ground for literally 3 minutes before the staff there was able to break it up. It was weird....

    Oddly, my friends and I were the only people in the restaurant that seemed at all disturbed by what was going on. We'd gotten up from our seats and had moved to the other end of the restaurant (since the guys were about to fall on top of us). Most of the people just kept right on eating and paid no attention to these guys trying to kill each other.

    And just as a side note, God bless Waffle House, and God bless their covered and chunked hashbrowns and greasy patty melts and creamy grits and bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. I will be back soon....
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  2. I love Waffle House. Triple scattered and covered please.
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  3. scattered, smothered, double-covered (and chunked if need be)
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  4. I can almost hear you getting fatter. :-)
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  5. Ahhhh see you didn't see me run 4 miles this afternoon. Eat it and work it off!
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  6. LOL. Does that equal my 40 feet to the fridge to get another beer?

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  7. Adam, I dont think you're in good enough shape to drive four miles in one day, much less jog.
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  8. adam tried to hook up with our waitress
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  9. She was scary...scary scary scary....
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  10. you know that bar at waffle house...adam was havin trouble sittin under it cause he had such a chubby. who new an obvious product of inbreeding with a third grade vocabulary and absolutely no social skills would make THE ADAM OF POCKETFIVES.COM fall in love?
    Her name was/is Destiny...but whats in a name, would a rose by any other not smell as sweet?
    cheers adam, to you and your Destiny...
    ps. tanksljp stink-fingered bunny cody
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  11. No one even seemed to pay attention to a extended brawl/fight between the two patrons? I hardly believe that. Ill remember to stay away from the Waffle House from now on.
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  12. I gotta say, I really wasn't that bothered by it either. I was perfectly willing to sit and watch, but Adam, the "voice of reason", suggested we move. Destiny was pretty smoking hot, too. I especially liked her buzz cut.
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  13. Okay Adam,
    Finally decided to post on the site. Waffle house ROCKS!!!! Nice first post to have i think. lol.
    How very considerate of you to move for the guys to keep on fighting. lol.
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  14. what the fuck are grits. on my way to panama city this spring break, we stopped at a variety of waffle houses. besides incredible service, the places were absolute dumps, with even worse food. just one more reason i'm so glad i'm not from the south!
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  15. When you grow up, you will learn to appreciate waffle house. ;)
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  16. food couldn't have been that bad if you kept stopping there! Waffle House, like rednecks and Republicans, is one of the things that makes the South great. now, where's my skoal?
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  17. welllll to answer your first question "What the fuck are grits?"
    1. <LI>A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish. <LI>Coarsely ground grain, especially corn.

      Secondly, if the food was so horrible why did you continue to give waffle house your money?? Since Waffle house has die hard customers they dont need your money. LoL. And to end this post I will agree with Adam GOD BLESS WAFFLE HOUSE! =)</LI>
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  18. we kept stopping because we wanted to eat places that we normally could not go to in illinois. maybe i exaggerated a bit with the quality of food, but by no means should they actually make you pay for these so called 'grits'.
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  20. best part about the Waffle House is that there is usually a Christie's Cabaret right next door....we know what you were really doing...

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