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  1. I already know for a fact some dude was using the "bfactor" screen name on JustinTV, that wasn't me, and typing all sorts of weird shit in the chat boxes, both cuz of people trying to continue conversations with me on here that I supposedly had with them on there that I blatantly never had, as well as one time actually straight up seeing a dude in the chat there who had my sn.

    Also saw one or two random other sites where this was happening, but it was just obscure shit so I never thought much of it.

    Today I found out though that the person was apparently even pretending to be me when playing some online zombie video game with other OTers, with like actual chat and shit, and they thought it was me. Kinda creeped me out when I found out just now that this has been going on.

    Anyway, so no clue who is doing it, and don't really care, other than, just wanted you guys to be aware, in case the person tries to ask for money or scam you guys or any crazy shit, please just understand that on any site/online video game/chat/whatever, if someone has my screen name and is saying they are me, there is a good chance it's not actually me, so don't trust their shit, and def don't give them any money or anything like that. The only sites where "bfactor" is really me is this site, and 2+2. On anywhere else, be aware that it isn't me, and is some random dude who is apparently impersonating me all over the place.
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  3. You officially made it.

  4. Sounds like your creepy ass did something you regret.
  5. someone stole your name to type "weird shit" on other sites...

    how do we differentiate their weird shit from your weird shit?
  6. OT, if you find cameras in your shower or are missing hair from your hairbrush that's totally not the real bf either...
  7. shortest OP ever
  8. "Uh... I don't know anything about missing prostitutes, but there's this one dude on the internet..."
    Originally Posted by ScottBrewr99 View Post

    someone stole your name to type "weird shit" on other sites...

    how do we differentiate their weird shit from your weird shit?

    Lol, honestly this is why I don't really care much about the fact that this has been going on, cuz I figured, I already post super fucked up shit on here, so I wasn't really concerned about them "making me look bad/evil/whatever" on other sites, since I mean, what kind of rep do I even have to lose anyway, lol. But then today I saw stackinsideways make a post in the ecugirl mental image thread about something on "playing zombies" with me, and it struck me as odd, so I PM'd him about it, and he was like "Yea remember we used to play COD etc etc and chat a long time ago", so I was like wow, since I've never played online games with any OTers or anything ever, and realized he must've been having like actual chats and shit with this dude who keeps impersonating me.

    Basically, don't really care, not gonna try to do much about it, just want OT to be aware in the off chance the dude ever tries to ask anyone for money or who knows what, cuz that would be fucked up.
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  10. I usually sign up for fetish porn sites as TheWacoKidd
  11. lol
  12. How do we know this is not the fake bfactor?
  13. It's not me.

    This is funny, but kinda what I hate about the internets. People are stupid and pieces of garbage. How many good OT'rs have been bothered irl by scumbag fucks who hide behind the screens making shit up.

    Sorry bfactor, keep on entertaining us here though. Don't let the piss-ants win.
  14. This is such a brag-whine
  15. No clue, lol. I would think Blonde or one of the admins or something could probly see my I.P. address or something.

    The only proof I have is one time a while back I think Bamablonde or her boyfriend posted one of those threads that they used to make in OT telling everyone to go watch them on JTV and a link to their JTV channel, and I went to it (my sn's on there are "GoBruins123" and "Billz123456". Not "bfactor".), and was chatting in there and was like "Oh, this is bfactor btw" and everyone got angry and was asking me why I had apparently banned everyone from the chatroom the previous night after having been made a moderator in the chat. SO I was like Waait.... whaaat??? cuz I hadn't been on JTV the previous night at all, and bfactor wasn't my sn on there anyway, and had never been made a mod in any chat ever for that matter, so I was like "Dude, I dunno who that was, but it wasn't me", and then p00py was like "Oh shiiiit, this all makes sense now, no wonder that dude seemed clueless/like it wasn't really you, and he didn't understand my "bernard" reference when I was joking about the "bernard" nickname I gave you a while back on p5s. So, I guess at least there is that one time of p00py having noticed it happening. Other than that, I guess all I can say is, I'm being honest, not really sure what else I can do. Just thought it would be irresponsible at this point not to tell you guys that this is apparently going on, cuz not really sure what this dude is up to with it, or how many sites/games/chats/etc this guy is doing it on, but now that I'm starting to realize how much it was apparently happening, it's kinda freaking me out a lil and just wanted to warn everyone so at least if he tries to do it in the future you guys know not to trust the person just cuz they have my sn, if it's not on this site.
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  16. I think I was playing with Railbot. Im terrible with names. point and laugh
  17. Dude lol, this would've been good to know 37 minutes ago. Sigh, it's okay tho, tbh I already kinda halfway thought I should probly make this thread even before the PM you sent about having chatted with me on COD in the past, when I've never chatted with anyone on COD ever irl. That was just "the last straw" that made me think I better post this. But, even if that shit was actually just railbot and you just confused his sn with mine, I still know of at least 3 different times where someone was using my sn pretending to be me on other sites, all of them were a long ass time ago tho, last I saw it happening anyway. And JustinTv seems like the only one where they did anything fucked up like trying to ban a bunch of OTers from chatrooms and shit like that while using my sn. Oh well, best that people be aware of this for future reference tho anyway. Sigh. Fucking internets.
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  19. hey bfactor, did your settlement come in yet? I kinda need that money back
  20. Brb, I'm grilling up some dinner, can't really talk right now. I'll get back to you about that in a few mins
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  21. whatever happend to railbot? is that dude still around?
  22. I've seen him post pretty recently. He had a post about those nutless dudes who go up to their wives at costco being all like "honey which one?" holding multiple different types of milk in their hands and people who put their shopping carts in your way when you are trying to exit an aisle.
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    Originally Posted by stackinsideways View Post

    whatever happend to railbot? is that dude still around?

    shhhh, if you say his name, he appears...

  24. railbot... railbot... rail

    fuck I cant do it. too scared