I just had to share this with someone. That...AND someone has gotta kick off this off topic thread.

I just got into Seoul, South Korea, where I live a lot of the time with my girlfriend.

One of the things people do here is buy a lot of cheap clothes, and as long as there is English on them they think it is trendy and cool. Kind of like how some white people in the states will buy anything with Chinese on it because they think it's pretty (not realizing it really says "eat urinal cakes" or something).

Since most people here only have a vague idea what they are wearing you see the most insane shit written on their T-shirts. Some of the phrases are hilarious, some are weird, some are stupid, and some are just plain scary.

Today I had two experiences with Konglish (see...I mashed "Korean" and "English" together...fuck I'm clever) that kind of floored me.

The first came when my girlfriend picked me up at the airport. Walking through the airport I had to battle from checking out the other hot Korean girls all around me (my girlfriend gets mad jealous), but since I'm a guy I lost this battle in about 2.8 seconds. Then I saw this girl in a skirt.

Apparently a clothing label here thought it would be fitting to brand a skirt, right where a woman's ass is, with big bold yellow letters saying:


After I got over that one I went and got some dinner, and then got back to our place and turned on the TV. There, right on prime time network television, was a talk show, featuring a young woman wearing a, "I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE" T-shirt.

I mean, this a fucking talk show like "The View" in the states. They were discussing a woman's role in traditional Korean society.

Anyways, that is it for now, I will update everyone later on my perpetual culture shock in this strange country.