See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. I hear there is a series coming March 15 through March 25 and haven't seen any advertising on this. Does anyone know of what the schedule is? I am trying to plan accordingly where this is like almost a month and a half away and Horseshoe already has their schedule up and isn't until April.
  2. http://www.hollywoodindiana.com/Casino/Poker

    Says the schedule will be posted soon. They usually have it up about a month in advance. I would guess the series kicks off with a $375 re-entry 150k, lol. I used to play there pretty often when I lived in the states.
  3. Thanks man. good luck. It pretty good tourney?
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  4. yea usually get over 1k entrants. anywhere from 70-100k to first and plenty of fish in the sea
  5. But it's Hollywood so they will chop it 20 ways....lol.

    I'm in China now so I won't be playing it. I'll be back for the Fall Classic 2012 though.
  6. ship it... hollywood poker is the nutzzz. so many old ass exploitable fish.
  7. did a google search and couldnt find the schedule.

    also looks like the past couple years it's been held in May...
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  9. Event 1 is a three day event. Seems to have a lot of runners. over 1500 players. I am going but was wondering if the reg is still long wait or not? I haven't played at Hollywood. How early should I arrive?
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  10. in the past you could pre-register for all events, thats what ill usually do now.
    usually day1a is not as busy as1b for event #1, ive shown up for similar events in the past and had an hour or so wait in line on day1b as opposed to 5-10min on 1a. the line seems to really grow about 45min before start time
  11. You can reg any time. If you show up the night before or w/e, you can just reg that night. I've regged 30 mins before some tourneys @ Hollywood though and the line moves fairly quick.

  12. The schedule is now on their site. http://www.hollywoodindiana.com/Casi...ent%20Schedule They also have 10 seat satties into the main. http://www.hollywoodindiana.com/Casino/Poker/Promotions
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  13. Are these all 2 day events or one day?
  14. Only the first event is a 2 day event to my knowledge.