See Where You Rank in Washington

  1. Guys make sure you come out the Winter Poker Classic at Nick's Shark Tank from the 22nd through the 26th, capped off by the Main Event 350$ + $20 featuring 20k starting stack and half hour levels (45 minute at final table!). Hope to see you all there!
  2. Never heard of this place. I have heard of The Bicycle Club but I've never went. Where is the place?

    Found the website but don't see a schedule for this series.

    I think you posting this on P5's caused the site to go down, maybe a spike in traffic lol. I tried to show it to a friend and can't now.
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  3. The website is incredibly bad and not very updated lol, gonna try to get the official sched from Jeff and I'll post it here.
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  4. Cool thanks.

    Do you play there often? How are turnouts normally?
  5. Club is GREAT, guys are real cool, cash games are tons of fun and there's usually massive amounts of money on the tables (only 1/2 games). Couple very very strong regulars (P5ers and 2+2ers) but theres always a bunch of soft old guys.

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  6. Structures look alright. I should make it out for some of these.
  7. I'll be at almost all of these. Pretty excited.
  8. what other p5ers there?
  9. hit me up if you are going to be there
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  10. I can't make many with school and the Mid-West Veterinary Conference on Friday, but I'll def be in the main on Saturday. Look for the skinny kid in the pokerstars t-shirt lol
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  11. Only been there a few times, I plan on coming for their main with a few buddies. Hopefully it will get a good turn out!
  12. Anyone ever played at the Gemini? They are having a $500 40K on the 19th.
  13. Sounds awesome too bad I have a huge exam that Tuesday, damn.
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  14. Any chance whatsoever that they make exceptions for under 21 players?
  15. So you're asking will they break the law for you? Answer will probably be no, since I think they enjoy staying in business and not being shut down. Call me crazy idk.
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  16. I have heard that it is up to the club to run it 18 or 21 as long as there is no alcohol served, but I may be wrong. I know that some other clubs in the past have run as 18+, but they are no longer around....maybe that's why.

    Regardless, the tone of your answer makes you seem like a dick.
  17. This weekend! Get excited!
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    Originally Posted by Acanthopis View Post

    This weekend! Get excited!

    Thought it started Wednesday?

    Also, do you know why is there a 300 15K but the ME doesn't have a guarantee?
  19. Yeah, I'm talking ME since its the only one i can play and idk, I reamed out the dealers about it myself lol.
    I been on a HUGE downswing in cash this month so I could really use the win, I'm thinking about 120-150 players for this thing, making it between 6k and 7k to first. Should be fun!
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  20. Anyone play any events so far? I can't wait til Saturday.
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    Originally Posted by Acanthopis View Post

    Anyone play any events so far? I can't wait til Saturday.

    played event 1 yesterday. got 58 runners, 1st was like 3.1k. structure was ridic. 4 hours before antes even kicked in and that was 300/600 25 lol. really dont understand why there isn't a guarantee on the ME tho.
  22. Ridiculously good or ridiculously bad lol? it was 15 min levels right? Howd u finish? I'm sure they'll get at least 70 for the ME
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    Originally Posted by Acanthopis View Post

    Ridiculously good or ridiculously bad lol? it was 15 min levels right? Howd u finish? I'm sure they'll get at least 70 for the ME

    good. i busted 4 hours in, shortly after ante's came into play.
  24. Goodluck in the main bro, I can't find my pokerstars shirt, so I'm going to wear an argyle sweatshirt. See u there!
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  25. I took 11th, absolutely crushing. How'd you do?
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  26. How do you guys feel about the safety in these places, specifically during these big events with all the cash on hand? With all the bullshit going on around here I think it's only a matter of time til one of these places gets robbed.

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