See Where You Rank in New Jersey

  1. I watched rmppmsrp play last night in a 22 dollar 4k last night and it was deff not a bot from what I could see. He was wrecklace and crazy.
  2. ^^^ he could be tryna cover his ass...
  3. played HU against slaw, and ghetto, def bot material. IMO why would u post about it, exploit the bots actions, easy money IMO, if you notice there are a ton of them on merge HU, and all are from united kingdom
  4. cash games not sng
  5. people who act like this guy "should stay out of it" and not inform the community of this situation, are complete imbeciles.
  6. cant believe ppl are turning on him.. wonder wat they'd do if their money was being had..
  7. ANy of those fools play above $50? The Skill of HU poker is adjusting to your opponnents style and countering it, these bots should be easy to beat.
  8. Hi guys, a statement from the Merge Fraud department:"We are currently reviewing all accounts in question along with those that exhibited similar play patterns. The accounts have since been suspended from play and are subject to a full review of credentials and play history. Should we find evidence that suggests prohibited software was used in conjunction with the poker client, the account will be permanently closed and any remaining funds will be confiscated. Confiscated funds will then be subject to redistribution where other players were adversely affected and will be distributed in due course. Your patience is appreciated."Regards,David

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