See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Boom...my big brother got 2nd in the 300 ftops...menlownage
  2. How many menlos are there and how are you all related?
  3. Mr. Menlo= Isaac Baron...he is real good
    Richie Menlo= that is me...he is okay...not that good
    Guzzinator= My big bro...won 90k in the ftops
    WudaaCooler= kills cash games on tilt and stars... he is a good friend....

    there is a couple of us...we all grew up in the same home town...and learnd poker from one another
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  4. HOW GOOD IS WESTMENLOAA????? Well he rolled me in FTOP and I got second for 92k. So that means he make 45k. LOL MENLO OWNS.
  5. ty
  6. Awesome tourny Guzz....... If only AK coulda hit...... You definitely had the edge heads up.
  7. way to go my big bro...god does menlo own
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  8. such Menlownage
  9. i think westmenloAA has more money than tiger woods now

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