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  1. PocketFives just received a phone call from Absolute Poker confirming the suspicions of the online poker community over the past month. While we need to be vague in this post to respect their wishes, we can say that their systems were compromised, and that they are prepared to provide the details in a statement coming shortly.

    Part of the statement will include a plan to refund players affected by this compromise.

    We are extremely relieved to hear this outcome, as our most important goal in all this is to see justice given to those who were cheated in this process. Pocketfives is extremely proud to have played a part in the process of uncovering the impropriety that has occurred. We would of course like to thank all the other parties who played a key role in this process—specifically the folks that have been posting here and at twoplustwo.com.

    This is great news for everyone. Keep your eyes out for the statement.

    Extremely Relieved,

  3. obv
  4. Just want to be a part of history...

    Statement coming shortly?

    Any time frame?
  5. about time...
  6. Great news, but im still skeptical. Dont forget how many times AP has lied to us in the past
  7. That was fast! Heads must have rolled!
  8. well done internet detectives.
  9. That's great to hear, looking forward to their statement.
  11. CANT wait to hear this..

    Great job to the people involved!

  12. Great news
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    Thanks? U da man!!

    Cajun sends
  14. Awesome! Great work everyone!
  15. Shit gets done when you band together.... nice work everyone.
  17. wow in on the ground floor
  18. Great news. Thanks to everyone for their amazing work and time spent to make sure this could not just get swept under the rug.
  19. wowow, awesome news
  20. believe it when i see it. wont be surpised if the statement is more BS. however it is another step in the right direction.
  21. 500 is over /under for this thread.

    I like the over.

  22. hay guys, what's going on
  23. This looks so good for us in our battle to play online with our govt. grace. The fact that our poker forums uncovered and blew the lid off this case to the point of admission is amazing. Shows the integrity of our communities.
  24. &lt;3 adanthar &lt;3
  25. did they already get done with the gaming associate audit? or did they just finally realize that they are idiots for not seeing what hundreds of online poker players saw?
  26. Awesome.
  27. Seems like the big question now is whether they will explain how their first "investigation" didn't find anything.
  28. i don't believe it i read AP's repeated denials over and over again...lol
  29. Great work everyone who was involved in the investigation
  30. I worked in corporate america for 20+ years... this is very rare.

    Amazing job all around (including us mere posters) for maintaining

    the attention, momentum and pressure. very gratifying.

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